Editors wanted!

CC-CEDICT is a collaborative project relying mainly on volunteer effort. For more information about CC-CEDICT see the CC-CEDICT wiki.

What would I do as an editor?

You would review additions and corrections submitted by any users of CC-CEDICT (such as the MDBG dictionary). You should use multiple reference works to verify whether the submissions are correct or not. In case of doubt, you can ask other editors on the team for help. Depending on your skills and interests you can decide if you want to work on only the simple cases or also on the complex cases.

What's the reward?

The excitement of working on a dynamic team of people committed to improving tools for Chinese and English learners. And of course a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you're doing great things to help people all over the world.

What type of requirements do I need to meet?

How can I become an editor?

  1. Register an account if you haven't already.
  2. Start contributing additions and corrections to the dictionary as you use it. The contributor's manual will help you to get started. Make sure you're logged-in when making your contributions so we can check out your work later on.
  3. Once you feel comfortable enough with the submission process, send us a message explaining that you want to apply to become an editor and include a little background on yourself and your language skills.

We look forward to having you on the team!

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Help wanted: the CC-CEDICT project is looking for new volunteer editors!