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Change log entry 76454
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-02 21:57:05 GMT)
Comment: format - use semicolons
- 想法 想法 [xiang3 fa3] /way of thinking/opinion/notion/to think of a way (to do sth)/CL:個|个[ge4]/
+ 想法 想法 [xiang3 fa3] /way of thinking; opinion; notion/to think of a way (to do sth)/CL:個|个[ge4]/

Change log entry 76453
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-02 21:55:23 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72362 - submitted by 'ch_learner21' >>

Editor: I have previously published feedback on your submissions.
I have also directly emailed you.

I asked you to
- follow the advice in our feedback.
- stop submitting until we have processed your pending submissions.

However, you have
- not replied.
- not followed the advice in my feedback.
- continued to send submissions after being asked to pause.

Therefore, I am now giving you a warning:
Pay attention to my comments, or your submissions will all be deleted.

* * *

As for this submission, you are doing the same thing again: proposing to make the definition longer, even though the meaning is already clear enough. In other words, making the definition less succinct.

You are not
- identifying a missing sense
- correcting a mistake
- adding a Chinese term we don't already have

* * *

For comments on your previous submissions, click the following link:

If you want to email me, click on the envelope icon next to my username, "richwarm".
# - 想法 想法 [xiang3 fa3] /way of thinking/opinion/notion/to think of a way (to do sth)/CL:個|个[ge4]/
# + 想法 想法 [xiang3 fa3] /way of thinking/idea/thought/opinion/notion/to think of a way (to do sth)/CL:個|个[ge4]/

Change log entry 76452
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-12-02 07:45:33 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72335 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
It's a verb.

"It's because the scenes are shot separately and spliced together!"

it was cast in sections, a complex technique totally different from that employed by the Shang culture

For example, the new curriculum divides social studies into nine thematic units, including "people and space," "people and time," "change and permanence" and "meaning and value,"

the modularization of work can reduce costs and increase quality,

Tsai has seven years of magic practice under his belt, but explains that this was acquired “in stages.”
- 分段 分段 [fen1 duan4] /segment/
+ 分段 分段 [fen1 duan4] /to divide (sth) into sections; to segment/

Change log entry 76451
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-12-02 07:45:30 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72334 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
My take:
"stores" is what you have in storage; they are not necessarily moved around, whereas 补给品 are, by definition, *transported* to where they are needed.

"Because all supplies have to be carried up the mountain one step at a time, ..."

PLC K say "supplies" but not "stores".
Similarly, GR's two glosses translate to "supplies", I believe: "approvisionnement; ravitaillement"
- 補給品 补给品 [bu3 ji3 pin3] /supplies/stores/
+ 補給品 补给品 [bu3 ji3 pin3] /supplies/

Change log entry 76450
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-12-02 07:45:07 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72350 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

"seal" seems to be wrong.
- 印證 印证 [yin4 zheng4] /to seal/to confirm/to corroborate/to verify/
+ 印證 印证 [yin4 zheng4] /to confirm; to corroborate; to verify/proof; evidence/

Change log entry 76449
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-01 22:20:08 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72343 - submitted by 'hanxue' >>
Place of negotiation, usually metaphorically. Common ground for discussion.

hanxue (2022-11-30 16:45:47):
Is it possible to update the submission? Makes more sense to use 談判地位, with the definition of "Bargaining position"

- 以色列耶路撒冷可以成为乌俄的谈判地。
- 伊朗首席核谈判代表卡尼临时离开谈判地返回伊朗,
- 乌方提议华沙为谈判地,此后便失去了联系。
- 谈判地是尼布楚城外的一座帐篷里。

- 谈判要深入分析彼此两方谈判地位的强弱
- 据媒体报道说,香港爆发大规模示威,抗议港府修订逃犯条例,印证了特朗普对中国提出的批评,有助于提升美国对中国的谈判地位。
# 談判地 谈判地 [tan2 pan4 di4] /Negotiation ground (place)/
# Editor:
+ 談判地 谈判地 [tan2 pan4 di4] /place for negotiations/
+ 談判地位 谈判地位 [tan2 pan4 di4 wei4] /bargaining position/

Change log entry 76448
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-12-01 22:03:58 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72346 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

The wrist is examined for tenderness, swelling, warmth, and discoloration.
+ 壓痛 压痛 [ya1 tong4] /(medicine) tenderness; pain experienced when touched or palpated/

Change log entry 76447
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-01 19:59:16 GMT)
Comment: "cease fire" - verb
"ceasefire" - noun
- 停戰 停战 [ting2 zhan4] /armistice/cease fire/
+ 停戰 停战 [ting2 zhan4] /to cease fire; to stop fighting/armistice; truce/

Change log entry 76446
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-01 19:47:49 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72347 >>
寻找以下产品出口中国: 葡萄酒杯、木塞起子、瓶盖/塞、 防滴环、温度计以及其他所有和品酒有关的配套产品。
[...] glasses, corkscrews, bottle caps, drip rings, [...]

激光脉冲在几分之一秒的时间内就能马上作用于瓶盖大 小 的部位上的多处毛囊。
[...] the size of a bottle cap targeting [...]
+ 瓶蓋 瓶盖 [ping2 gai4] /bottle cap/

Change log entry 76445
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-01 19:46:38 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72349 >>
更正 product > container
# 開封 开封 [kai1 feng1] /to open (a sealed container)/

Change log entry 76444
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-01 19:46:15 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72348 >>
Use as soon as possible after opening. Please avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Check shipping container for any damage before opening.

我们销售的每一款 Fossil 珠宝均为正品和未开封新品,采用 Fossil 原包装,另提供两年的无忧保修服务。
All our Fossil jewelry are authentic and brand new in the original Fossil packaging and comes along with our two year worry free warranty.
# 開封 开封 [kai1 feng1] /to open (a sealed product)/
+ 開封 开封 [kai1 feng1] /to open (sth that has been sealed)/

Change log entry 76443
Processed by: richwarm (2022-12-01 19:06:03 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 支出 支出 [zhi1 chu1] /to spend/to pay out/expense/
+ 支出 支出 [zhi1 chu1] /to spend; to pay out/expenses; expenditure/

Change log entry 76442
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-12-01 06:28:31 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72337 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
0. Almost always a verb -- that sense should come first.

1. "sum" and "total" are the same sense, so why is a different sense ("addition") inserted between them?

2. "aggregation" would be a better word than "addition", but anyway, that sense follows from the verb definition "to aggregate", so it's superfluous.

3. "to aggregate" matches the meaning of 加总 much better than "to accumulate".

4. It appears to be a common term in Tw, but not nearly so common in PRC.
"加总" - 728,000 results
"加總" - 2,370,000 results

5. Ex.
The money in the Tax Redistribution Fund actually comes from tax revenues collected by local governments in the first place. These governments take taxes that they collect and forward a fixed percentage of certain categories to the central government. The latter then turns around and redistributes these funds to the various local governments. So why is all this rigmarole necessary?


The total investment for all that machinery must been NT$10 million.

In fact, for various geographical and seasonal reasons, the water actually available for other users is only the irrigation water coming from the Shihmen, Tsengwen and Wushantou reservoirs. This comprises only about 11 MCM per year.

When you add up the site's leading 100 songs, they only account for 20% of consumption. Everything else accounts for 80%. And 90% of the music on the website has been listened to "at least once."

Wu feels strongly positive about the group's style. He says that each member has his own favorite type of music, and Sodagreen is the natural sum of all of its parts.

The total workforce of Known-You is no greater than 300, including its headquarters and overseas branches.

The area near the famous Zhiben Hot Springs in Taitung is sparsely populated, and the whole area only has a total of 1007 students at all levels.





They proceed to add up the totals with calculators,

Tsai has seven years of magic practice under his belt, but explains that this was acquired “in stages.”
- 加總 加总 [jia1 zong3] /sum (result of addition)/addition/total/to add up a number of items/to accumulate/
+ 加總 加总 [jia1 zong3] /to aggregate; to calculate the total/aggregate; total/

Change log entry 76441
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 23:18:16 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 71454 >>
Then you will know how much safety margin you have and when you need to ramp up capacity for your super-popular applications.

How to expand the EFSF again is at the heart of the troubles vexing European leaders.

Chengdu is one of the eight key nodes of broadband Internet with an exit bandwidth of 20G, still under expansion.


❶ 扩大通信设备等的容量:电信~工程。
❷ 泛指扩大规模、范围、数量等:去年股市~较快。
# 擴容 扩容 [kuo4 rong2] /to ramp up capacity; to expand/expansion/
+ 擴容 扩容 [kuo4 rong2] /to ramp up capacity/to expand in scale/

Change log entry 76440
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 23:11:05 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 71472 >>


❶ 渗析。
❷ 医学上指利用渗析技术把体液中的毒素和代谢产物排出体外。


... 以薄膜透析方式,...
[To get the pure cane sugar it wanted, Sunny­Hills had to sign Yu­jing farmers to sugar-cane production contracts, then partner with a biotech firm to extract the sugar] using a membrane filtration process.

From sun-drying to electrodialysis
- 透析 透析 [tou4 xi1] /dialysis (separation of crystalloids by osmosis)/
# + 透析 透析 [tou4 xi1] /to dissect; to deconstruct/(medicine) dialysis/
+ 透析 透析 [tou4 xi1] /to analyze in depth/dialysis; (chemistry) to dialyze; (medicine) to undergo dialysis treatment/

Change log entry 76439
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 22:40:17 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70366 - submitted by 'tubbums32' >>
New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC

one can find everything from the spider brake fern (Pteris multifida) and parsley fern (Sphenomeris chusana), which are often seen in cities,

such as the peacock-tail spread of the spider brake fern,

fewer than 50 of the Taipei-area fern Pteris wulaiensis are left.


* * *

蓬萊竹(學名:Bambusa multiplex),又名鳳尾竹、...
# 鳳尾 凤尾 [feng4 wei3] /Phoenix tail/
# Editor:
# 鳳尾魚 凤尾鱼 [feng4 wei3 yu2] /anchovy/
+ 鳳尾蕨 凤尾蕨 [feng4 wei3 jue2] /brake (fern of genus Pteris)/(esp.) spider fern (Pteris multifida)/
+ 鳳尾竹 凤尾竹 [feng4 wei3 zhu2] /fernleaf bamboo (Bambusa multiplex), species of bamboo native to China, suited to hedging and screening/

Change log entry 76438
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 22:03:33 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72225 >>

Hand-painted murals at locations around [...]

Editor: ...一格格手繪出一整個鋼琴鍵盤,...
"Lacking a piano on which to practice sight reading or analyze chord structures, he laid out a large sheet of paper on a chest and on it drew a complete keyboard with which he painstakingly practiced sight reading, playing notes and composing in his imagination."
# 手繪 手绘 [shou3 hui4] /hand-painted/
+ 手繪 手绘 [shou3 hui4] /to paint by hand; to draw by hand/hand-painted; hand-drawn/

Change log entry 76437
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 20:55:47 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72126 >>
Riemann hypothesis
- 猜想 猜想 [cai1 xiang3] /to guess/to conjecture/to suppose/to suspect/
+ 猜想 猜想 [cai1 xiang3] /to guess; to conjecture; to suppose/(math.) hypothesis/

Change log entry 76436
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 20:01:56 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72342 - submitted by 'hanxue' >>
Example: when your friend is taking out a cigarette, you extend a hand to ask for one. When your friend eats from a popcorn bucket, you extend your hand to grab some. Freeloading, taking extra without paying.

Editor: In your comments, please focus on the Chinese word rather than explaining what its English definition means.
For example, content such as the following would be helpful.

伸手牌(shēn shǒu pái)

* * *

伸手派 : 指自己不努力,專向他人、團體或國家伸手索取利益的一群人。


# 伸手牌 伸手牌 [shen1 shou3 pai2] /Freeloader/
+ 伸手牌 伸手牌 [shen1 shou3 pai2] /freeloader; moocher; sponger/
+ 伸手派 伸手派 [shen1 shou3 pai4] /freeloader; moocher; sponger/

Change log entry 76435
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 19:30:35 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72344 - submitted by 'hanxue' >>
Example: 先來看看平權措施支持者對於為何應該將種族與族裔因素納入考量提出的理由。

Editor: Would appreciate it if you would take the trouble to use lowercase for the first letter in your definitions.
# 平權措施 平权措施 [ping2 quan2 cuo4 shi1] /Affirmative action/
+ 平權措施 平权措施 [ping2 quan2 cuo4 shi1] /affirmative action/

Change log entry 76434
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 19:23:51 GMT)
- 阿是穴 阿是穴 [a1 shi4 xue2] /painful point (in acupuncture)/ashi point/tender spot/
+ 阿是穴 阿是穴 [a1 shi4 xue2] /(TCM) ashi point: a tender spot that is not a standard acupuncture point/

Change log entry 76433
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 18:57:32 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72210 >>
名 指让人痛苦的问题:解决民生~。

解决 Android 手机的另一个痛点
addressing another pain point for Android smartphones

The decision of the Edison and Eden theaters to open on Shabbat afternoons was another sore point.



- 新政府、新政團都是台灣追求民主過程中,打造公義社會的努力與嘗試,族群則為各方都極力避免的痛點。
- 正因印順長老剖析佛學問題不以宗派立場出發,因此往往誤觸各宗派的痛點而不自知。

* * *

- 即使和婆家相處愉快,過年必然的家族聚會,也可能成為「被戳痛點」的難堪時刻。
- 戳中消费痛点
- 肯定会戳中那群网络喷子的痛点
- 我可真是戳到痛点了 "I've clearly touched a nerve."
+ 痛點 痛点 [tong4 dian3] /pain point; sore point/
# Editor:
+ 戳痛點 戳痛点 [chuo1 tong4 dian3] /to touch a nerve/

Change log entry 76432
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 10:16:42 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72340 - submitted by 'hanxue' >>
Literally large dye vat. When you are in a dye vat, you will become the color of the dye.


连年卖血,积弱难返,辽宁足球再次掉级主要源于自身的堕落,但在“假赌黑”传言四起的中国足球大染缸里,江湖险恶也成了加速辽足死亡的帮凶。[...] “假赌黑”等传言已经伴随中国足球多年了,尽管多数都因没有真凭实据而最终定性为“传言”,但它确实像吃饭、睡觉一样时时刻刻影响着中超联赛,辽宁队就生活在这个险恶的大染缸里。


# 大染缸 大染缸 [da4 ran3 gang1] /Influenced by the environment you are in/
+ 大染缸 大染缸 [da4 ran3 gang1] /big dyeing vat/(fig.) corrupting environment/

Change log entry 76431
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 09:43:27 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72341 >>

- 江澤民 江泽民 [Jiang1 Ze2 min2] /Jiang Zemin (1926-), politician, president of PRC 1993-2003/
+ 江澤民 江泽民 [Jiang1 Ze2 min2] /Jiang Zemin (1926-2022), politician, president of PRC 1993-2003/

Change log entry 76430
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 04:17:08 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 71481 >>
断供的第一个意思:贷款者停止支付月供。名词常翻译为 foreclosure。

Helping the unemployed meet house payments reduces foreclosures, addressing one of the underlying causes of the crisis.



Editor: "foreclosure" is wrong.
断供 is something the *borrower* does (停止支付月供), whereas "foreclosure" is something the *lender* does (in response to the borrower defaulting).

# 斷供 断供 [duan4 gong1] /to default on a mortgage/foreclosure/to stop supply/
+ 斷供 断供 [duan4 gong1] /to default on a mortgage/to stop supplying sth/

Change log entry 76429
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 03:48:57 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72339 - submitted by 'ch_learner21' >>

Editor: "beneficial" is not wrong, but we are *not* trying to provide the best word for every possible context.
Rather, we are trying to be concise.

Other potential glosses include "helpful", "conducive" and "opportune" etc., but from our point of view, they are superfluous because they make the definition longer without changing the basic meaning.

Note, however, that we do have the following entry
有利于 /to be advantageous to; to be beneficial for/
... which supplements the glosses in the entry for 有利, and matches the phrase in your example (有利于健康).
- 有利 有利 [you3 li4] /advantageous/to have advantages/favorable/
# + 有利 有利 [you3 li4] /advantageous/to have advantages/beneficial/favorable/
+ 有利 有利 [you3 li4] /advantageous; favorable/

Change log entry 76428
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 00:27:23 GMT)
Comment: 1. Spelling: "fascicle"

2. "volume (one of a series)" --> "volume (of a book)"
- 分冊 分册 [fen1 ce4] /volume (one of a series)/fascicule/
+ 分冊 分册 [fen1 ce4] /fascicle; volume (of a book)/

Change log entry 76427
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-30 00:17:42 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72331 - submitted by 'makelan59' >>
(adj.) branch, as in 銀行分行,(e.g.研究)所分所/(adj.) affiliate, as in 分校 (which may be translated in context as Xy Z Campus etc. etc.)

Editor: You are submitting for a change in the entry for 分[fen4].
But 分 in 分行 has *first* tone (fēn), so the relevant entry is 分[fen1].

In the definition of 分[fen1], we have the gloss "part or subdivision", which is intended to cover not only 分行 and 分所 and 分校, but also the likes of 分册 and 分项.

I will rewrite the definition to indicate that for this sense, 分 is a bound morpheme, not a word.
The glosses "branch of" and "sub-" serve to indicate that this bound form is used in the *prefix* position.
# - 分 分 [fen4] /part/share/ingredient/component/
# + 分 分 [fen4] /part/share/ingredient/component/branch (as in 銀行分行)/
# Editor:
- 分 分 [fen1] /to divide/to separate/to distribute/to allocate/to distinguish (good and bad)/part or subdivision/fraction/one tenth (of certain units)/unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm/minute (unit of time)/minute (angular measurement unit)/a point (in sports or games)/0.01 yuan (unit of money)/
+ 分 分 [fen1] /to divide; to separate/to distribute; to allocate/to distinguish (good and bad)/(bound form) branch of (an organization); sub- (as in 分局[fen1 ju2])/fraction/one tenth (of certain units)/unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm/minute (unit of time)/minute (angular measurement unit)/a point (in sports or games)/0.01 yuan (unit of money)/
- 分局 分局 [fen1 ju2] /sub-bureau/
+ 分局 分局 [fen1 ju2] /branch office; sub-bureau/

Change log entry 76426
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-29 22:41:06 GMT)
Comment: "dating from ..." is perhaps ambiguous in this context.
(Could mean "in use starting from 484 BC" or "taking 484 BC as its starting point".)

- 四分曆 四分历 [si4 fen1 li4] /"quarter remainder" calendar, the first calculated Chinese calendar, dating from c. 484 BC/
+ 四分曆 四分历 [si4 fen1 li4] /"quarter remainder" calendar, the first calculated Chinese calendar, in use from the Warring States period until the early years of the Han dynasty/

Change log entry 76425
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-11-29 08:21:32 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72319 >>

+ 群體免疫 群体免疫 [qun2 ti3 mian3 yi4] /herd immunity/

Change log entry 76424
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-29 02:38:09 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72315 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
2013 Top 10 Popular Chinese Words
3. 倒逼 dào bī

Baike earliest edit: 2013-09-10
- 倒逼 倒逼 [dao4 bi1] /(of circumstances) to stimulate (change, esp. innovation, reform etc)/
+ 倒逼 倒逼 [dao4 bi1] /(neologism c. 2013) (of circumstances) to stimulate (change, esp. innovation, reform etc)/

Change log entry 76423
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-29 02:33:52 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72311 >>
The World Health Organization is renaming monkeypox as mpox, citing concerns the original name of the decades-old animal disease could be construed as discriminatory and racist

- 猴痘 猴痘 [hou2 dou4] /monkeypox/
+ 猴痘 猴痘 [hou2 dou4] /monkeypox; mpox/

Change log entry 76422
Processed by: richwarm (2022-11-29 02:28:17 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72061 >>
动 逆向逼迫;反向推动:以生态文明建设~产业转型。



- 互联网技术和应用模式的发展倒逼着出版行业改变原有的服务模式,
- 大家都以开放的心态来推动自由贸易,会使消费者有更多的选择,也会倒逼本国的企业创新升级。
- 面对雾霾肆虐,空气质量变差的严峻局面,加快大气污染治理,促进绿色消费与节能减排已经刻不容缓,而越来越多的汽车尾气污染也倒逼发展新能源汽车产业,提倡消费新能源汽车。
- 美联储宣布再加息75个基点倒逼民众降低家庭开支?
- 数字教育时代逐渐占据教育的大半壁江山,尤其此次我国令人痛心的疫情发生后,急速促使全民进入网课时代,这对尚未步入成熟期的线上教学起到了倒逼的作用。

Further trade liberalization will apply external pressure on China in a similar manner to its admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, and become a driving force for domestic economic structural reform.

The market competition that results would motivate SOEs to improve their corporate governance, productivity, and competitiveness.

Amazon's game rules are in fact forcing publishers to think how to make prices and how to better cooperate with channels.

The growing new business models have also created pressure on the government to enhance its capability, because after all, many of the forms of business are new things.

He pointed out that by increasing the use of third-party agencies and other services to indirectly reduce the amount, forcing consumers to find ways to save money, such as virtual points, such as sesame credit, so that indirect consumers diverted to other services

Opening-up, being one kind of reform itself, will in turn spur reform efforts.

First of all, promote reform and opening-up from a higher starting point with higher goals, and better understand the systematic problems in reform. Reform came from the urge to solve the problem, and has been bolstered in the process of solving the problem.

培育好铸牢中华民族共同体意识“金课”,以“科研+教学+田野”的叠加路径丰富课程内容,突破传统课堂教学中的知识局限,倒逼教学课程在内容和方式上不断创新和改革; Creating a good curriculum of forging a sense of community for the Chinese nation, on the one hand, will help us to follow the all-important path of “scientific research + teaching + field,” enrich course content, smash the knowledge ceiling of traditional classroom teaching, and stimulate continuous innovation and reform in teaching content and methods.
# 倒逼 倒逼 [dao4 bi1] /to bring about a bottom-up revolution/
+ 倒逼 倒逼 [dao4 bi1] /(of circumstances) to stimulate (change, esp. innovation, reform etc)/

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italki ~
"2013 Top 10 Popular Chinese Words
[...] 4. 逆袭 nì xí [...]"

The Wikt entry added the neologism sense in Jan 2014.

But just since April, Taiwan has seen the launch of several new mini-magazines featuring a tight focus on small readership segments. They ignore major news stories and instead zero in on matters of personal interest to individuals. This approach has turned out to be surprisingly successful, for we are now witnessing an eruption of mini-mag popularity in an otherwise anemic market.

Grandpas strike back

Huawei tablet, really counterattack Apple?

Netanyahu's victory was clearly an impressive personal comeback.

It s perhaps the biggest upset in the history of tournament football.

The mighty fell, the meek inherited the earth, and here we are.

中国新闻网 _ 木槿生活MUMUSO十元逆袭新零售市场
MUMUSO, a 10 Yuan Store that counterattacks the new retail market

It's a classic underdog tale: David, a young shepherd armed only with a sling, beats Goliath, the mighty warrior.

Yet is this, finally, when America begins rooting for him? Who doesn't love the improbable comeback?
- 逆襲 逆袭 [ni4 xi2] /counterattack/
+ 逆襲 逆袭 [ni4 xi2] /to counterattack; to strike back/(neologism c. 2013) (of an underdog) to go on the offensive; to make an improbable comeback/

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extra gloss, but shorter overall definition
- 點贊 点赞 [dian3 zan4] /to like (an online post on Weibo, Facebook etc)/
+ 點贊 点赞 [dian3 zan4] /to like; to upvote (on social media)/

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Comment: CD-ROM
- 光盤 光盘 [guang1 pan2] /compact disc/CD or DVD/CD ROM/CL:片[pian4],張|张[zhang1]/
+ 光盤 光盘 [guang1 pan2] /compact disc/CD or DVD/CD-ROM/CL:片[pian4],張|张[zhang1]/

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"Then there was the issue of 萊豬 Ractopamine pork. When Ma was President, there was discussion of importing pork from pigs raised on Ractopamine. The DPP raised the roof, accusing Ma of trying to personally poison everyone in Taiwan."
+ 萊豬 莱猪 [lai2 zhu1] /(Tw) (neologism) pork containing ractopamine 萊克多巴胺|莱克多巴胺[lai2 ke4 duo1 ba1 an4]/
# 萊克多巴胺 莱克多巴胺 [lai2 ke4 duo1 ba1 an4] /(organic chemistry) ractopamine/
+ 萊克多巴胺 莱克多巴胺 [lai2 ke4 duo1 ba1 an4] /(organic chemistry) ractopamine (loanword)/

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verb, according to GF etc
- 春播 春播 [chun1 bo1] /spring sowing/
+ 春播 春播 [chun1 bo1] /(agriculture) to sow in spring/

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1. /(attributive) popular science/
See LA's def:

2. 科普 as a verb:






- 科普 科普 [ke1 pu3] /popular science/popularization of science/abbr. of 科學普及|科学普及/
+ 科普 科普 [ke1 pu3] /(attributive) popular science/(coll.) to explain in layperson's terms/abbr. for 科學普及|科学普及[ke1 xue2 pu3 ji2]/
- 科學普及 科学普及 [ke1 xue2 pu3 ji2] /popular science/popularization of science/
+ 科學普及 科学普及 [ke1 xue2 pu3 ji2] /popularization of science/

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1. /too hot/
- 大陸投資過熱
- 對景氣過熱的危機缺乏警覺心,
- 大陸近兩年經濟過熱,

2. /(fig.) (economics) overheated/
- 一旦鍋爐過熱就會自動降溫;
- 奶瓶會因過熱而破裂,
- 且應把冷氣機設定溫度調高1∼2度,以降低冷氣壓縮機過熱的風險。

3. /(physics) to superheat/
在物理學中,過熱(又稱沸騰延遲,英語: Superheating)是指
- 過熱 过热 [guo4 re4] /to overheat (e.g. an economy)/
+ 過熱 过热 [guo4 re4] /too hot/(fig.) (economics) overheated/(physics) to superheat/

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Most dictionaries don't have a verb sense.
M has one, but it appears to be archaic, and I don't think "view sth from the outside" is what M's def says.
- 外觀 外观 [wai4 guan1] /exterior appearance/to view sth from the outside/exterior condition/
+ 外觀 外观 [wai4 guan1] /outward appearance/

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booby prize:
- "an award for the poorest performance in a game or competition"
- "a prize given as a joke to the person who is last in a race or competition."

That's not what people say 安慰奖 means.
- 安慰奖跟参与奖的性质差不多
- 大概就是:虽然不是最好的,但还是不错的,给个奖,安慰安慰
- 用来看看 毕竟没奖励不好看
- 给面子

No mention of "booby prize" in Wiktionary, ABC, PLC, K or NA.
They all say "consolation prize", which is what you'd expect from the word's composition: 安慰 + 奖.
- 安慰獎 安慰奖 [an1 wei4 jiang3] /consolation prize/booby prize/
+ 安慰獎 安慰奖 [an1 wei4 jiang3] /consolation prize/

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Verb. E.g. 黃桐漸漸走出陰霾,也戒斷已吃了6年的安眠藥。
"Huang has been able to overcome her depression and stop using the sleeping pills she’d been taking for six years."
- 戒斷 戒断 [jie4 duan4] /withdrawal (from drugs)/
+ 戒斷 戒断 [jie4 duan4] /to quit (taking drugs, alcohol etc); withdrawal/

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"transport infrastructure" means railways, bus services, roads etc. whereas 交通建設 is the *construction* of these facilities, not the facilities themselves.

M @ 交通建設

"in this century, the construction of the MRT has been a significant symbol of the city’s progress."
["construction of the MRT" — not the MRT itself]
- 交通建設 交通建设 [jiao1 tong1 jian4 she4] /transport infrastructure/

Change log entry 76410
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Regarding 建設:
- NA has "to build; to construct".
- GR's first two glosses are the French words for "to institute" and "to establish".
- "to develop" is suitable for LA's 4th sense ~ (陸) 發展使其完備。例 「教材建設」、「精神文明建設」。
# 建設性 建设性 [jian4 she4 xing4] /constructive/constructiveness/
- 建設 建设 [jian4 she4] /to build/to construct/construction/constructive/
+ 建設 建设 [jian4 she4] /to build; to construct; to establish; to develop; to institute/
# construct
- 建設性的批評 建设性的批评 [jian4 she4 xing4 de5 pi1 ping2] /constructive criticism/
# construct
# Also, "legislation" is wrong and "constructing legal institutions" is a clumsy wording for it.
# LA example for 法治: [例]建設法治國家 (which I take to mean "establish a nation in which rule of law prevails")
- 法治建設 法治建设 [fa3 zhi4 jian4 she4] /legislation/constructing legal institutions/

Change log entry 76409
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Comment: Editor: as per discussion
- 大不列蹀 大不列蹀 [da4 bu5 lie1 die1] /full of oneself; too big for one's boots/
+ 大不列蹀 大不列蹀 [da4 bu5 lie1 die1] /(dialect) full of oneself; too big for one's boots/

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Editor: Oops!
I meant "There are so many words that can be used for 減弱 in different contexts: ..."
# - 減弱 减弱 [jian3 ruo4] /to weaken/to fall off/
# + 減弱 减弱 [jian3 ruo4] /to weaken/to fall off/to die down/

Change log entry 76407
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Comment: << review queue entry 72302 - submitted by 'ch_learner21' >>

1. You seem to be pushing for longer definitions, while I'm trying to make them succinct.
There are so many words that can be used for 火势 in different contexts:
ease off
let up
tail off
If I can convey the meaning of 火势 with just one or two equivalents, I'm not interested in lengthening the definition beyond that.

2. What is the point of your sentence 火势减弱了? Is it supposed to explain the need for your suggestion "to die down"? One might say that a fire "died down". But in your sentence, the subject is 火势, "intensity of the fire" — not "the fire".

3. 減弱 can be either transitive or intransitive, just as "weaken" can be either.
"fall off" and "die down" can only be intransitive, so I'm going to scrap those two.
Instead, I'll add "diminish", which can be either transitive or intransitive.
For such a straightforward word as 减弱, I'd balk at using any more than one or two words in the definition.

Transitive example: 教門中早年發生過不少紛爭,減弱了整體的力量,
"early on there were factional conflicts, diminishing (or weakening) the religion's impact"

4. Please pause your submitting until you have read the feedback on the dozen or so submissions you still have pending.
- 減弱 减弱 [jian3 ruo4] /to weaken/to fall off/
# + 減弱 减弱 [jian3 ruo4] /to weaken/to fall off/to die down/
# Editor:
+ 減弱 减弱 [jian3 ruo4] /to weaken; to diminish/

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Comment: << review queue entry 72228 >>
Sex workers could also consider [...]

[...] receiving free sexual services provided by sex workers.
+ 性工作者 性工作者 [xing4 gong1 zuo4 zhe3] /sex worker/

Change log entry 76405
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Comment: << review queue entry 72292 - submitted by 'ch_learner21' >>

Editor: We generally try to make the definition succinct. The idea is to add to the definition only if the meaning is not yet clear.

Other dictionaries follow a different principle. Here is one dictionary's definition for 送到:
① see sb. off to/toward (a place/destination); accompany sb. (on the way somewhere; part of the way); take sb. somewhere (drop them off, for travel/departure)
②send/deliver sth. (to a destination)
[ABC definition, updated earlier this month, Nov. 2022]

Here is a definition more in keeping with our style:
① to take (sb) to (a place)
② to deliver (sth)

As for 迎接, I think "to welcome; to greet" is adequate to define the usage in your example (迎接客人进来).

Both "meet" and "receive" are less than ideal for a succinct definition because they are ambiguous words that require clarification — by adding "(e.g. guests)", for example.

迎接 does have a figurative sense that can be added, and I may propose that in a separate submission.
- 迎接 迎接 [ying2 jie1] /to meet/to welcome/to greet/
# + 迎接 迎接 [ying2 jie1] /to meet/to welcome/to greet/to receive (e.g. guests)/
+ 迎接 迎接 [ying2 jie1] /to welcome; to greet/

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