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Change log entry 74869
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-19 13:47:18 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70905 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
took part in a training program for promotion to the rank of major,

He has risen steadily through the ranks and now holds the post of section chief.

It was only in 1958, two years after the revolutionary parity study was published, that Wu received her professorship at the age of 46, nine years older than did Hu at 37.

A semester later, as per convention, he should have been promoted to trainee brigade commander,


Mrs. Chang of Taipei has been worried about her son's safety at school ever since last summer, when he entered the third grade under a strict new teacher.

Since she began her third year of junior high (ninth grade), she has been studying until the wee hours of the morning.

After moving on to high school,

First-year university students who fail to score 600 or more on the TOEFL exam will not be admitted to second year.

Eight students from Zhang's own class even went on to get master's degrees.
+ 升上 升上 [sheng1 shang4] /(of an employee) to be promoted to (a higher rank)/(of a student) to enter (a higher grade at school)/

Change log entry 74868
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-19 07:31:40 GMT)
Comment: format
- 一把手 一把手 [yi1 ba3 shou3] /working hand/member of a work team/participant/(short form of 第一把手[di4 yi1 ba3 shou3]) the boss/
+ 一把手 一把手 [yi1 ba3 shou3] /working hand; member of a work team; participant/the boss (short form of 第一把手[di4 yi1 ba3 shou3])/

Change log entry 74867
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-19 06:33:29 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70903 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
1) /to transfer (duties to sb else)/
I'm passing the baton to my colleagues

2) /to give instructions; to tell (sb to do sth)/
LA ~ 囑咐;叮嚀。例 「老師再三交代他不可魯莽行事」。

"Ask them to go clean out the spiders in the corner, and when you come back you'll find the spiders have gone but the cobwebs are still hanging there!"

Our feet got really dirty when we went into the attic, so we were always being told to make sure to wear the sandals we use to go out onto the veranda, but I was too impatient to fetch them. I just took off my socks before stepping into the darkness.

Would you like to give them some instructions?

3) /to explain; to give an account; to brief/
解釋;說明。例 「我向父母交代晚歸的原因」。

In so doing, they hoped to give a full explanation to the audience members not so familiar with the complete version of the old drama.

But neither on the jacket nor in the CD liner notes was the origin of the human voices explained clearly.

Otherwise, if they lose money speculating, how will they explain that to their investors?

4) /to confess; to account for oneself/
[This sense is a special case of sense #3, I'd say. In LA, for example, it's included in sense #3.]
So you admit it? No wonder you've been so hard to find lately! I had no idea you would put your love life so far ahead of your friends. Come on, give me the straight dope. Who's the Prince Charming who swept you off your feet?

5) /(jocular) to come to a bad end/
See GF.
Our present def "(coll.) to finish" doesn't seem to convey the meaning well.
This sense is in other dicts, but they say it's written 交待 rather than 交代.
- 交代 交代 [jiao1 dai4] /to hand over/to explain/to make clear/to brief (sb)/to account for/to justify oneself/to confess/(coll.) to finish/
+ 交代 交代 [jiao1 dai4] /to transfer (duties to sb else)/to give instructions; to tell (sb to do sth)/to explain; to give an account; to brief/to confess; to account for oneself/(jocular) to come to a bad end/

Change log entry 74866
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-19 06:33:27 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70901 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
"manage well" isn't a great definition.
For one thing, 辦好 is transitive, whereas "manage well" is often intransitive and means "get along satisfactorily".
E.g. "He has an ongoing low skill job and is managing well but is anxious about the future."

辦好 examples
Yeah. I'm applying as a technological immigrant. I just got my Canadian visa last week. I had no idea that I'd be able to get it taken care of so quickly. Suddenly, part of me can't really stand to leave!

Lady Rong is clever. She should be able to take her humble slave's advice. You just need to take care of one thing, and I guarantee you won't have any problems at all. But it doesn't look like my lady has much room to maneuver.

If we can provide adequate day-care facilities, we can allow them to get out of their houses, giving them chances to participate in community activities or go to a university for the elderly.

Three years ago, amidst doubts about whether Taipei could really handle a major international conference,

Crisis brings opportunity. After the earthquake, our school felt the warmth and concern of the community. After everything that people have done for us, we're all the more obligated to do the best possible job of educating the children.

Wait for me here, I will finish my errand, and then I will take you to see a vet!

Taiwanese are very happy to see reform move forward in China and to see China rise up in a stable fashion. Taiwanese also wish the PRC success in holding the 2008 Beijing Olympics, hoping that it will be a successful event conducted in accordance with the Olympic spirit of peace and equality.

"And in fact, these children have sacrificed a lot for their parents' careers. Creating a good school for them is the least we can do."

They allow people hurrying through their day to shop, take care of errands, and go,
- 辦好 办好 [ban4 hao3] /to manage well/
+ 辦好 办好 [ban4 hao3] /to take care of (a matter); to get (a task) done; to handle (a project) expeditiously/

Change log entry 74865
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-19 06:33:12 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70900 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
I don't think "nonsense" is much good in the definition.

In the film Tropical Fish, Lin plays the dull-witted kidnapper of a boy who is preparing to take the joint entrance exams for high school admission.

Perhaps there was some naive obstinacy involved, as well. During her divorce, her husband offered her a large sum of money if she would leave their child with him. But she couldn't bear to, and instead took their child with her when she left.

the first impression most get of the band is one of mischief, youthful exuberance, and almost foolish innocence.

In Taiwan, we don't get to see the lovable little ducklings scurrying hither and thither in a group all bumping into each other.

To check out his theory, Lin drove his car one sunny August day to a salt flat near the coastal town of Putai and set out on foot in search of the halophila ovalis. An hour or more later he found what he was looking for, but the day took an unexpected turn when he came across two other rare plants. He started photographing them and forgot about everything else, including the heat and his lack of protection from the searing tropical sun. By the time he realized something was wrong, he was already in trouble. All alone and far off the beaten path, Lin suffered sunstroke. "My head felt like it was going to split open, and I had to crawl the last part of the way back to the car. Pretty stupid, huh?"

I'm tired of their foolishness.

Excuse a father's foolishness,

But sometimes, you can be really thick.

He sounded so foolish that I could hardly keep a straight face.
- 傻氣 傻气 [sha3 qi4] /foolishness/nonsense/foolish/
+ 傻氣 傻气 [sha3 qi4] /foolish/foolishness/

Change log entry 74864
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-19 06:32:40 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70904 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
例 「早出晚歸」、「為人子女若需晚歸,應告知家人」、「晚歸的遊子」。

never stayed out this late

When they first started, he would often come home late, and I couldn't help being unhappy.

At the end of the evening he helps by seeing guests home, and returns very late.
+ 晚歸 晚归 [wan3 gui1] /to return late; to come home late/

Change log entry 74863
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-19 04:35:26 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70338 - submitted by 'tubbums32' >>
New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC

骷髅头、 十字架 、 棺材等等是心理战术,用来吓贼
The skulls are to scare us. The crosses, the coffin, all of it.

如果你慢慢退后从远处看的话你能看到这是梵高的一幅作品 名叫"叼香烟的骷髅头"
And, as you slowly step back, you see that it's a painting by Van Gogh, called "Skull with Cigarette."

made a treasure chest with skull and crossbones painted on it

She even drew a warning skull on the container, placing it on the piano as a reminder.

News stories can also increase collecting value. Chen has found in her research that the most popular and highest valued figures in Europe and North America are those depicting skulls, fierce expressions or villains. For instance, toy building block company Lego once sold toy figures based on Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush, Kim Jong Il, and Mu­am­mar Gaddafi. The political satire is palpable.
# 骷髏頭 骷髅头 [[ku1 lou2 tou2]] /Skull(s)/
+ 骷髏頭 骷髅头 [ku1 lou2 tou2] /a death's-head; depiction of a dead person's skull/

Change log entry 74862
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-19 04:17:11 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70897 - submitted by 'vincentbaey' >>

单单是知道它就可能会 给你带来杀身之祸。
Just knowing that can get you killed.

So, do you think his generosity got him killed?

不要主动联系我 否则会为我们招致杀身之祸
Never contact me. You will get us both killed.

[the elephant] has grown a pair of ivory tusks which are admired by everyone, and so must constantly be on his guard against being killed.

Puppet theater is China's earliest form of performance using effigies. Some people maintain that puppets were originally tomb figurines but there are also early records of them being used for performances. The Lieh-tzu, for example, records how a puppet master used wooden idols to ogle the concubine of King Mu of Chou, for which he narrowly avoided death
# 殺身之禍 杀身之祸 [sha1 shen1 zhi1 huo4] /fatal disaster; lethal misfortune/
+ 殺身之禍 杀身之祸 [sha1 shen1 zhi1 huo4] /(idiom) getting killed/

Change log entry 74861
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-19 03:39:12 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70902 >>

Editor: Thanks. "almost all" seems to be very wrong.
"almost; nearly" isn't all that bad, though.
1) 已經快要忘了 "I had almost forgotten about it".
2) 已經快要找不到乾淨的水源。Clean water resources are already nearly impossible to find.

快要 often occurs after 已經... or 當..., and in such cases in particular, it's better to think of it as "about to" rather than "soon".

He explained that he was about to lose his job,

When the train nears Shenghsing station,

She's got almost nothing left to read.

meets Hui, a 15-year-old girl who is about to emigrate.
- 快要 快要 [kuai4 yao4] /almost/nearly/almost all/
# + 快要 快要 [kuai4 yao4] /soon/before long/
+ 快要 快要 [kuai4 yao4] /nearly at the point of (doing sth); about to (do sth)/

Change log entry 74860
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-19 01:21:44 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70898 - submitted by 'vincentbaey' >>

For example, the first dish, Wen Tian-xiang Chicken, has the delicious flavors of the popular Taiwanese dish Three Cup Chicken. Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283), one of the three great heroes of the Song dynasty, is enshrined in the east wing of the Confucius Temple in Taipei. According to legend, when he was imprisoned in a dungeon, an old lady often visited him, and through the assistance of prison guards brought him Three Cup Chicken, made with chicken, water, rice wine and cooking oil cooked in a ceramic pot. After Wen was executed, the prison guards cooked the same dish as an offering on the anniversary of his death because of their admiration for his spirit of justice. The story spread and has carried on to this day.
# 殺身成仁 杀身成仁 [shā1 shēn1 chéng2 rén2] /die for a humane or just cause/sacrifice oneself for the sake of righteousness/
+ 殺身成仁 杀身成仁 [sha1 shen1 cheng2 ren2] /(idiom) to die a martyr; to be martyred/

Change log entry 74859
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-18 22:52:55 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70896 - submitted by 'vincentbaey' >>
sources: https://cidian.911cha.com/MjdiZmE=.html; 新世纪汉英大词典(第二版)2016

"傻头傻脑" is an adjective describing the ways a person looks or behaves which are like those of a fool.

Editor: Thanks. Yes, it's used adjectivally.
- 傻頭傻腦 傻头傻脑 [sha3 tou2 sha3 nao3] /a fool/
# + 傻頭傻腦 傻头傻脑 [sha3 tou2 sha3 nao3] /muddle-headed/foolish-looking/
+ 傻頭傻腦 傻头傻脑 [sha3 tou2 sha3 nao3] /moronic/

Change log entry 74858
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 22:12:58 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70160 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
GF: 音译用字,用于“呋喃”(有机化合物,无色液体,供制药用,也是重要的化工原料)等。

Z: 1〔~喃〕有机化合物,无色液体,供制药用,亦是化工的重要原料。
2. 古同“趺”。
- 呋 呋 [fu1] /see 呋喃 furan or 呋喃西林 furacilinum/
+ 呋 呋 [fu1] /used in transliteration, e.g. 呋喃[fu1 nan2], furan or 呋喃西林[fu1 nan2 xi1 lin2], furacilinum/old variant of 趺[fu1]/

Change log entry 74857
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 22:10:20 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70805 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
this one is ok as "see.." as far as i'm concernted.

Z: 牛马等家畜的炭疽病。

Editor: I disagree, because the existing definition is inviting apps like Pleco to substitute the definition of 癀病 into the entry for 癀. So they would display the entry as
癀 {huáng} (dialect) anthrax

What's the problem with that? Well, that definition would imply that 癀 is a word, since only words can be dialectal, not bound morphemes. But dictionaries imply that 癀 is a bound morpheme. So 癀病 is a (dialectal) word, but 癀 on its own is not.

In single-character definitions, the phrase "used in ..." implies (or at least strongly suggests) that the character represents a bound morpheme. That's useful information that we don't want to throw away. I believe we should tell users whether the "headword" of an entry is a *word* or just a *building-block for creating words* (aka "bound morpheme").

# 癀 癀 [huang2] /see 癀病[huang2 bing4]/
- 癀 癀 [huang2] /see 癀病[huang2 bing4]/
+ 癀 癀 [huang2] /used in 癀病[huang2 bing4]/
- 癀病 癀病 [huang2 bing4] /(dialect) anthrax/
+ 癀病 癀病 [huang2 bing4] /(dialect) anthrax in livestock/

Change log entry 74856
Processed by: monigeria (2022-05-17 16:52:05 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70847 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
- 艻 艻 [le4] /see 蘿艻|萝艻[luo2 le4]/
+ 艻 艻 [le4] /used in 蘿艻|萝艻[luo2 le4]/

Change log entry 74855
Processed by: monigeria (2022-05-17 16:51:58 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70846 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
- 茳 茳 [jiang1] /Cyperus malaccensis/
+ 茳 茳 [jiang1] /used in 茳芏[jiang1 du4]/

Change log entry 74854
Processed by: monigeria (2022-05-17 16:51:47 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70845 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
tu3: M, LA, Dr.eye
- 芏 芏 [du4] /see 茳芏[jiang1 du4]/
+ 芏 芏 [du4] /used in 茳芏[jiang1 du4]/Taiwan pr. [tu3]/

Change log entry 74853
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 08:49:43 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70691 - submitted by 'tubbums32' >>
New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC

Editor: jin1 --> jin4
# 違禁品 违禁品 [wei2 jin1 pin3] /Prohibited items/
+ 違禁品 违禁品 [wei2 jin4 pin3] /prohibited goods; contraband/

Change log entry 74852
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 08:42:02 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70721 - submitted by 'tubbums32' >>
New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC

Editor: 具有網孔的織物即網布.有機織網布和針織網布

棉網布cotton mesh tulle fabric

# 網布 网布 [wang3 bu4] /Fabric netting/mesh fabric/eyelet fabric/
+ 網布 网布 [wang3 bu4] /(textiles) mesh fabric; tulle/

Change log entry 74851
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 08:19:02 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70895 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
added cross-refs
- 舊教 旧教 [jiu4 jiao4] /old teachings/wisdom from the past/old church/the Catholic Church 天主教 as opposed to Protestantism 新教/
+ 舊教 旧教 [jiu4 jiao4] /old teachings/wisdom from the past/old church/Catholicism 天主教[Tian1 zhu3 jiao4] as opposed to Protestantism 新教[Xin1 jiao4]/

Change log entry 74850
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 07:23:15 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70889 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
The environment, the economy, and society are the foundation stones for sustainable development. There is no better indicator to keep your eye on than mountain agriculture.

Childhood is the foundation for a person's whole life.

"I realized that only by building a real spiritual foundation for happiness could I lead a stable, meaningful life,"

laying a solid foundation for his future in business.

thus laying the foundation for his later propagation of Buddhism.

grown into not just the backbone of Taiwan’s economy,

These have since grown into a museum network and become the basis for Yi­lan’s development of the creative and cultural industries.
- 基石 基石 [ji1 shi2] /cornerstone/
+ 基石 基石 [ji1 shi2] /foundation stone; cornerstone/(fig.) basis; foundation/

Change log entry 74849
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 07:23:11 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70890 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
I doubt that it could mean "horizontal". That's based on
1. That sense is not in other dicts
2. I didn't see that usage
3. It doesn't make sense in terms of the characters (基 + 线)

Maybe Miles meant "the baseline of a graph", which is sometimes called "the horizontal".
But if so, it's rather confusing to just say "horizontal", and "baseline" is a better way of expressing that sense.


Typography etc.

cost performance measurement baseline (the formulation of budget costs, measurable goals, for the purposes of comparisons, analysis and forecasting future costs)

cost baseline

The baseline temperature is used to generate initial estimates of parameter values.
- 基線 基线 [ji1 xian4] /base (of a triangle)/base line (in geodetic survey)/horizontal/
+ 基線 基线 [ji1 xian4] /baseline (surveying, budgeting, typography etc)/(math.) base (of a triangle)/

Change log entry 74848
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 07:22:34 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70891 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
As an adjective, "basic" and "fundamental" are more useful glosses than "underlying"..

However, "underlying" is possible in certain cases, and I have added one of them as a separate entry: 基礎病

Wiktionary (Wyang):
基礎病 (medicine) underlying disease; underlying medical history; background disease

Adriana Midori Takara did not suffer from any underlying medical condition and was only diagnosed with Covid-19 on Thursday.

Low Prevalence of Severe Underlying Pathology in Children With Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections

Diabetic or have kidney disease or respiratory illness
[presumably means "patients who have an underlying condition of diabetes, ... (etc)"]
- 基礎 基础 [ji1 chu3] /base/foundation/basis/underlying/CL:個|个[ge4]/
+ 基礎 基础 [ji1 chu3] /base; foundation; basis/basic; fundamental/
+ 基礎病 基础病 [ji1 chu3 bing4] /underlying medical condition/

Change log entry 74847
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 06:14:18 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70892 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
I think it's a noun ("scratch" or, literally, "zero foundations") rather than an adverb ("from scratch").

- Java下载视频后还是学不会,零基础的我改怎么办?
- 素描基础教程(零基础从入门到美院)
- 不要拿零基础当借口
- 英语零基础或基础比较薄弱;
- 我一个零基础自学党,
- 零基礎 零基础 [ling2 ji1 chu3] /from scratch/from basics/
+ 零基礎 零基础 [ling2 ji1 chu3] /no prior study (in an area of learning)/

Change log entry 74846
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 06:12:51 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70875 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
Wp ~ 情緒商數,簡稱情商(英語:Emotional Intelligence或Emotional Intelligence Quotient,縮寫為EI或EQ)...

I think it's much more commonly referred to as "emotional intelligence (quotient)",
and not much as "emotional quotient" or "emotional IQ".


/to ask a special favor of (sb) (Tw)/
LA etc.

This was originally planned as a small class of just 15 people, but over 120 applied, so the organizers had no choice but to ask the teacher to accept more,

he negotiated a reduction in his teaching hours

Hence, he arranged for a dragon dance master from the Changshankung Temple in Changhua to come and provide instruction.

He turned first to family members, asking them to put aside a patch of their rice paddy for the cultivation of rare water plant species.

Seeing he still had a few hours before his flight was due to leave, Wei Te-wen pulled out the remaining Yen he had on him, worth about NT$70-80,000. But it wasn't enough. He then had a personal talk with the owner of the bookshop, hoping he would be able to first take the book home with him and then send the remainder of the cost once he got home. The bookshop owner was moved by Wei's sincerity and generously agreed to his proposal.
- 情商 情商 [qing2 shang1] /emotional quotient (EQ)/emotional IQ/abbr. for 情緒商數|情绪商数[qing2 xu4 shang1 shu4]/
+ 情商 情商 [qing2 shang1] /emotional intelligence; emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) (abbr. for 情緒商數|情绪商数[qing2 xu4 shang1 shu4])/(Tw) to ask a special favor of (sb)/
- 情緒商數 情绪商数 [qing2 xu4 shang1 shu4] /emotional quotient (EQ)/emotional IQ/
+ 情緒商數 情绪商数 [qing2 xu4 shang1 shu4] /emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)/

Change log entry 74845
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 06:11:25 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70888 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
Doesn't mean "Protestant church".
- 新教 新教 [Xin1 jiao4] /Protestant church/Protestantism/
+ 新教 新教 [Xin1 jiao4] /Protestantism/

Change log entry 74844
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2022-05-17 06:11:12 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70887 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
1. py caps

2. 新教(Protestantism),亦称基督新教,与天主教、东正教并称为基督教三大流派。[BB]
- 基督新教 基督新教 [Ji1 du1 xin1 jiao4] /Protestant church/
+ 基督新教 基督新教 [Ji1 du1 Xin1 jiao4] /Protestantism/

Change log entry 74843
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 06:06:25 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 70893 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
trad. 餵

LA: 餵
2. 拿食物給動物吃;飼養。[例]~養牲畜|~雞吃飼料。

餵奶 TP x16
喂奶 TP x0
- 喂奶 喂奶 [wei4 nai3] /to breast-feed/
+ 餵奶 喂奶 [wei4 nai3] /to breast-feed/

Change log entry 74842
Processed by: richwarm (2022-05-17 06:04:09 GMT)
Comment: 1) Changed 'jocularly' to 'jocular'.
2) Replaced slashes with semicolons where appropriate.
- 不亦樂乎 不亦乐乎 [bu4 yi4 le4 hu1] /lit. isn't that a joy? (quote from Confucius)/fig. (jocularly) extremely/awfully/
+ 不亦樂乎 不亦乐乎 [bu4 yi4 le4 hu1] /lit. isn't that a joy? (quote from Confucius)/fig. (jocular) extremely; awfully/
- 唱空城計 唱空城计 [chang4 kong1 cheng2 ji4] /lit. to sing “The Empty City Stratagem” (idiom)/fig. to put up a bluff to conceal one's weakness/(jocularly) (of a place etc) to be empty/(of one's stomach) to be rumbling/
+ 唱空城計 唱空城计 [chang4 kong1 cheng2 ji4] /lit. to sing “The Empty City Stratagem” (idiom)/fig. to put up a bluff to conceal one's weakness/(jocular) (of a place etc) to be empty/(of one's stomach) to be rumbling/
- 剁手節 剁手节 [Duo4 shou3 jie2] /(jocularly) a day of frenetic online spending, such as Singles' Day/
+ 剁手節 剁手节 [Duo4 shou3 jie2] /(jocular) a day of frenetic online spending, such as Singles' Day/
- 管家婆 管家婆 [guan3 jia1 po2] /housewife (jocularly)/female housekeeper of a higher rank (old)/busybody/
+ 管家婆 管家婆 [guan3 jia1 po2] /housewife (jocular)/female housekeeper of a higher rank (old)/busybody/
- 機靈鬼 机灵鬼 [ji1 ling2 gui3] /(jocularly) clever and quick-witted person/
+ 機靈鬼 机灵鬼 [ji1 ling2 gui3] /(jocular) clever and quick-witted person/
- 夾心餅乾 夹心饼干 [jia1 xin1 bing3 gan1] /sandwich cookie/(jocularly) sb who is caught between two opposing parties/sb who is between the hammer and the anvil/
+ 夾心餅乾 夹心饼干 [jia1 xin1 bing3 gan1] /sandwich cookie/(jocular) sb who is caught between two opposing parties; sb who is between the hammer and the anvil/
- 救生圈 救生圈 [jiu4 sheng1 quan1] /life buoy/life belt/(jocularly) flab/spare tire/
+ 救生圈 救生圈 [jiu4 sheng1 quan1] /life buoy; life belt/(jocular) flab; spare tire/
- 排骨精 排骨精 [pai2 gu3 jing1] /(jocularly) anorexic girl/a bag of bones/
+ 排骨精 排骨精 [pai2 gu3 jing1] /(jocular) anorexic girl; a bag of bones/
- 擒人節 擒人节 [Qin2 ren2 jie2] /(jocularly) Valentine's Day, referring to the rising number of extramarrital affairs being discovered on that day/
...[click view changes to see the full diff]...

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LA: 喜帖的戲稱。因喜帖多為紅色,收到的人如同收到炸彈般,代表要送禮破費,故稱。
# 紅色炸彈 红色炸弹 [hong2 se4 zha4 dan4] /(jocularly) wedding invitation/
+ 紅色炸彈 红色炸弹 [hong2 se4 zha4 dan4] /(jocular) wedding invitation (lit. "red bomb", because wedding invitations use red paper, and invitees are expected to give a substantial sum of money as a wedding gift)/

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Feeding the offending seagulls and pigeons.

Do not bring pets to the area. In order to protect the animals in the park, do not bring their own food and feed the animals at will.

Meet our happy stingrays as you hand-feed these gentle creatures in knee-deep water.

Editor: trad. 餵
# 投喂 投喂 [tou2 wei4] /to feed (an animal)/
+ 投餵 投喂 [tou2 wei4] /to feed (an animal)/

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Short for "目数".




"U.S. Mesh Size (or U.S. Sieve Size) is defined as the number of openings in one square inch of a screen."

目 (计量单位)

目数 (物理学术语)
- 目 目 [mu4] /eye/item/section/list/catalogue/table of contents/order (taxonomy)/goal/name/title/
# + 目 目 [mu4] /eye/item/section/list/catalogue/table of contents/order (taxonomy)/goal/name/title/grit (sharpening scale for sandpaper, whetstones, etc.)/
+ 目 目 [mu4] /eye/(literary) to look; to regard/eye (of a net); mesh/mesh size; grit size (abbr. for 目數|目数[mu4 shu4])/item; section/list; catalogue/(taxonomy) order/name; title/
+ 目數 目数 [mu4 shu4] /(sieve) mesh size; (sandpaper) grit size/

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Comment: format
- 奠基石 奠基石 [dian4 ji1 shi2] /a foundation stone/a cornerstone/
+ 奠基石 奠基石 [dian4 ji1 shi2] /foundation stone; cornerstone/

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- 朓 朓 [tiao4] /scorch/western moon before sunrise/
+ 朓 朓 [tiao3] /(literary) the appearance of the moon in the west at the end of a lunar month/

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哏絕 : 狠絕。兇惡至極。

(哏 is a variant of 狠.)

This made him expose his ruthless side.

and the feminine features of Jing Liu Sheng's words are ruthless.



+ 狠絕 狠绝 [hen3 jue2] /ruthless/

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+ 鐵菱角 铁菱角 [tie3 ling2 jiao3] /see 鐵菱|铁菱[tie3 ling2]/
+ 鐵菱 铁菱 [tie3 ling2] /(military) caltrop (spiky metal device laid on the ground to create a hazard for enemy horses or troops in ancient times)/

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Duplicate entry

Editor: We have the following two entries
一目了然 一目了然 [yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2] /obvious at a glance (idiom)/
一目瞭然 一目了然 [yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2] /obvious at a glance (idiom)/
But they aren't duplicates since they differ at the 3rd character.
Both 一目了然 and 一目瞭然 are valid ways of writing the expression in traditional characters.
See https://www.moedict.tw/%E4%B8%80%E7%9B%AE%E7%9E%AD%E7%84%B6
# - 一目了然 一目了然 [yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2] /obvious at a glance (idiom)/

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The 2.5-hectare, very tall structure that is the Taoyuan stadium doesn't really fit into that environment.

In a high-ceilinged modern theater, the seats are packed with people.

the building's tall entryway,

When you enter the main hall, with a ceiling 21 meters high,

Inside the store's bright, high-ceilinged ground floor,

the high-ceilinged main room

Next to the office is a high-ceilinged rehearsal space,

its ceiling 20 meters high.

[hang from] the ceiling of the 21-meter-high main hall

The dining hall on the first floor, with a six-meter-high atrium in the middle,
+ 挑高 挑高 [tiao3 gao1] /(architecture) high-ceilinged/to raise (a ceiling) to a height of/

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"... or water chestnut" is likely to mislead because "water chestnut" can also refer (or usually refers?) to a different plant.


"The water caltrop is any of three extant species of the genus Trapa: Trapa natans, Trapa bicornis and the endangered Trapa rossica."

"This plant should not be confused with the unrelated Eleocharis dulcis, also called a water chestnut. Eleocharis is also an aquatic plant raised for food since ancient times in China. E. dulcis is a sedge, whose round, crisp-fleshed corms are common in Chinese food."
- 菱 菱 [ling2] /Trapa natans/water caltrop/
+ 菱 菱 [ling2] /water caltrop (Trapa species)/
- 菱角 菱角 [ling2 jiao3] /water caltrop or water chestnut (genus Trapa)/
+ 菱角 菱角 [ling2 jiao5] /water caltrop (Trapa species), aquatic plant with edible seeds/

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Take the elevator down to Basement Level one and it's right there.

银行 招商银行ATM、中国建设银行ATM 保利世界贸易中心博览馆负一层
Banks China Merchants Bank ATM, China Construction Bank ATM Floor B1, Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall

Located at Basement level 1 to 5; an area of 3,800sqm with more than 1,200 parking bays.
+ 負一層 负一层 [fu4 yi1 ceng2] /(architecture) basement level 1; floor B1/

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In 2016, in the eyes of many people, the company then called 今日头条 Toutiao was just an information platform that started with low-quality content, crawling third-party information and algorithmic feeding. What's worse, the news apps had long been the most competitive of the competitive markets.

+ 紅海 红海 [hong2 hai3] /(neologism) highly competitive market (contrasted with 藍海|蓝海[lan2 hai3])/
+ 藍海 蓝海 [lan2 hai3] /(neologism) an unexplored, as yet uncontested market (contrasted with 紅海|红海[hong2 hai3])/

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and also the works of some new talents.

and support new creative artists

New faces, new strengths

inviting newly emerging designers to take up residence

in hopes of nurturing new talent

responsible for providing guidance to these rising stars of IT,
+ 新秀 新秀 [xin1 xiu4] /rising star; new talent/

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New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC
# 餘生 余生 [yu2 sheng1] /The rest of (one’s) life/
+ 餘生 余生 [yu2 sheng1] /the remaining years of one's life/survival (after a disaster)/
- 虎口餘生 虎口余生 [hu3 kou3 yu2 sheng1] /to escape from the tiger's mouth (idiom)/to have a narrow escape/
+ 虎口餘生 虎口余生 [hu3 kou3 yu2 sheng1] /lit. to escape from the tiger's mouth (idiom)/fig. to narrowly escape death/
- 劫後餘生 劫后余生 [jie2 hou4 yu2 sheng1] /after the calamity, renewed life (idiom); new lease of life/
+ 劫後餘生 劫后余生 [jie2 hou4 yu2 sheng1] /(idiom) to be a survivor of a calamity/

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New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC
# 成與敗 成与败 [cheng2 yu3 bai4] /Success or failure/

Change log entry 74826
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New word not in the system; obtained via Youtube CC
# 碎石路 碎石路 [sui4 shi2 lu4] /Gravel road/
- 碎石 碎石 [sui4 shi2] /crushed or broken rock, stone etc/
+ 碎石 碎石 [sui4 shi2] /gravel; crushed rock; rock debris/

Change log entry 74825
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Used in several Wikipedia artiles: https://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?search=%E6%AD%A4%E6%B6%88%E5%BD%BC%E9%95%BF&title=Special:%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2&go=Go&ns0=1&searchToken=4r501hm2bckeontm01zqanxrk
Reddit posts: https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=%E6%AD%A4%E6%B6%88%E5%BD%BC%E9%95%BF

Editor: I don't think "wane and wax" is correct. That phrase describes what *one* thing does over time, whereas 此消彼长 refers to what *two* things do at the *same* time.

Usage ~
Hsueh warns that if the current trend toward economic decline in Taiwan and economic boom in the PRC continues indefinitely, it's not inconceivable that men from mainland China could be taking mistresses in Taiwan ten or 20 years from now.

The number of Chinese studying in the US has continued to grow rapidly over the last decade and reached 62,000 in 2005. China's huge contingent of students in other nations have become a force to be reckoned with, one of the drivers supporting the mainland's economic development. In contrast, the number of Taiwanese studying abroad has been shrinking. In 2005, there were only 25,000 Taiwanese attending school in the US, a decrease of more than 10,000 over ten years. These numbers are allowing the mainland to establish beachheads at major US universities, corporations and research institutions, while Taiwan's reservoir of international resources is drying up.

But even in the early 1990s, because the mainland’s processing industry had not yet gotten its feet on the ground, Taiwan still took top honors, and in fact exports hit their second highest figure ever in 1991, at 41,000 tons. But it was all downhill after that, as Japanese orders began to shift over to mainland China, and by 1995 exports to Japan had fallen to 27,000 tons. In 1996, the struggle seemed to reach a turning point when mainland exports surpassed those of Taiwan, which fell to only 25,000 tons. It had been taken for granted for 30 years in Japan that Taiwan was its number-one source of eda­mame, and no one expected that the day would come when the title would change hands.

TVE has been evolving in tandem with economic transition, and today Taiwan has a fully developed TVE system comprising 156 vocational high schools, 15 junior colleges, and 77 tech colleges. The ratio of TVE versus general senior high school enrollment now stands at roughly 1:1.

After garnering attention and awards at European film festivals for several years, Taiwanese films went into a slump in 1995. The malaise was evident at the Golden Horses as well, where Taiwanese films went five years without a best picture prize. The number of releases, and their box-office receipts, also declined. Films from Hong Kong and mainland China surged into the void. They began to dominate the major awards categories, where Taiwanese movies had once been able to hold their own. The Golden Horses of this period catapulted a number of Hong Kong actors and directors to the top of the industry, providing them with not just honor, but also greater fame and prestige.

From dinosaurs to elephants to people, animals have disappeared and animals have arisen.

We tend not to view these things as zero-sum games.

Is there a trade-off between the time spent on studying and that on TV or video games?

We remain convinced that effective counter-terrorism and the promotion and protection of human rights are mutually reinforcing, not competing, goals.
# 此消彼長 此消彼长 [ci3 xiao1 bi3 zhang3] /When one is falling, the other is rising (idiom)/Wane and wax/
+ 此消彼長 此消彼长 [ci3 xiao1 bi3 zhang3] /(idiom) one declines while the other flourishes; one loses out when the other one gains (as in a trade-off or a zero-sum game)/

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# 分(產|産)主義 分产主义 [fen1 chan3 zhu3 yi4] /Distributism/
+ 分產主義 分产主义 [fen1 chan3 zhu3 yi4] /(economics) distributism/

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Kind of a modern chengyu, don't you think?

Editor: 平庸之恶 is a type of evil ("banal evil"), not an *attribute* of evil ("banality").

As the Baike article says, it's one of two kinds of evil distinguished by Arendt:

"The banality of evil" corresponds to “恶的平庸性”, as in the following quote, rather than to 平庸之恶.

Web snippets:
1) "Banal evil is can only be understood by contrast with radical evil, because radical evil was the predominant concept when Hannah Arendt wrote about the banality of evil. Radical evil means that one has decided to do evil, that in their heart they are set upon doing something that they know is wrong, and prior to Arendt philosophers believed that all evil acts were of this sort. Banal evil is characterized by a belief that what one is doing is not evil, rather, what they are engaging in is a behavior that is, or has been, normalized by the society in which they reside."

2) "Banal Evil is characterized by a belief that what one is doing is not evil, rather, what they are engaging in is a behavior that is, or has been, normalized by the society in which they reside."
# 平庸之惡 平庸之恶 [ping2 yong1 zhi1 e4] /The banality of evil/
+ 平庸之惡 平庸之恶 [ping2 yong1 zhi1 e4] /(philosophy) banal evil/
# extra:
+ 極端之惡 极端之恶 [ji2 duan1 zhi1 e4] /(philosophy) radical evil/

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Editor: 认知战 seeks to change the narratives that hold sway in the minds of a populace.
That is specifically *cognitive* warfare.

I think the references you quoted are discussing the same concept as the following English-language articles.

# 認知戰 认知战 [ren4 zhi1 zhan4] /Psychological warfare; psyops/
+ 認知戰 认知战 [ren4 zhi1 zhan4] /cognitive warfare/

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- 民主進步黨 民主进步党 [Min2 zhu3 jin4 bu4 dang3] /DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan)/abbr. to 民進黨|民进党/
+ 民主進步黨 民主进步党 [Min2 zhu3 Jin4 bu4 dang3] /DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan)/abbr. to 民進黨|民进党/

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Starting in 2016, employees and managers alike moved to this short building with only two floors and a creamy white facade.

She was dressed in white jeans and a buttoned red silk shirt.

Embrace EARTHY TONES this season. A palette of brown, off-white and beige will add warmth to any space.

a creamy white matt emulsion.

TP: 水牛皮乍看之下是灰黑色,但去掉牛毛和表皮後,卻呈現相當柔和的米白色,
+ 米白色 米白色 [mi3 bai2 se4] /off-white; creamy white/

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