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Change log entry 72709
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-17 12:53:39 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68531 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
1. It's to do with insurance: "(finance)" suggests "deductible" might be related to tax deductions.

2. It's "excess", not "excess fee".
E.g. ‘By agreeing to pay a greater excess on each claim you can reduce your car insurance premiums.’
- 墊底費 垫底费 [dian4 di3 fei4] /(finance) deductible/excess fee/
+ 墊底費 垫底费 [dian4 di3 fei4] /deductible (the part of an insurance claim paid by the insured)/(UK English) excess/

Change log entry 72708
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-17 12:53:03 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68532 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
No, it's not a list of who takes holidays and when.

轮休 is a *verb*.

Government employees engaged in providing direct services to citizens now take their "weekends" in turns, thus maintaining seven-days-a-week service while working a five-day week.

一直到現在,軍隊管理模式還一直保留在警政架構中,像由上到下「一條鞭」式的指揮權,「一輪休兩外宿(每周只有一天休假,只准許外宿兩晚)」等休假制度的訂定等,與其他行 業比起來,「警察還真是比較封閉的族群,」一位基層警員說。
Even to the present, the police retain the military model. Aspects include the hierarchical command authority, and the system of giving officers only one day off a week and allowing them to sleep outside the station house only two days per week. Compared to other professions, says one officer, "police are still a relatively closed group."

In order to keep the land well-rested and fertile without the use of chemical fertilizers, ten hectares of the farm’s 60 hectares are left fallow at any given time, in rotation.
- 輪休 轮休 [lun2 xiu1] /holiday roster/
+ 輪休 轮休 [lun2 xiu1] /to take holidays in rotation/to stagger employees' days off/(agriculture) to lie fallow in rotation/

Change log entry 72707
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 11:50:53 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68068 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 7-9 #862
# 墊底 垫底 [dian4 di3] /to put at the bottom/to have something to eat while waiting for one’s meal/to lay the foundation/to be the bottom (of a class, a competition, etc)/
+ 墊底 垫底 [dian4 di3] /to put sth on the bottom/to eat sth to tide oneself over until mealtime/to lay the foundation/to come last in the rankings/
- 墊底兒 垫底儿 [dian4 di3 r5] /foundation layer/underlay/fig. to lay foundations/to snack/
+ 墊底兒 垫底儿 [dian4 di3 r5] /erhua variant of 墊底|垫底[dian4 di3]/

Change log entry 72706
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 10:29:50 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 67992 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 2 #507

Editor: I'm not sure that a dictionary needs to have an entry for 送到 as well as 送 and 到.
# 送到 送到 [song4 dao4] /to send to (somewhere)/

Change log entry 72705
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 09:45:36 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 67945 - submitted by 'polaris' >>
1、梵文Naraka 的意譯,意爲“苦的世界”。處於地下,有八寒、八熱、無間等名目。古印度傳說人在生前做了壞事,死后要墮入地獄,受種種苦。佛教也采用此說。
From 汉语大词典

From (丁福保)佛学大辞典 https://zh.m.wikisource.org/wiki/%E4%BD%9B%E5%AD%B8%E5%A4%A7%E8%BE%AD%E5%85%B8/%E5%9C%B0%E7%8D%84
- 地獄 地狱 [di4 yu4] /hell/infernal/underworld/
+ 地獄 地狱 [di4 yu4] /hell/infernal/underworld/(Buddhism) Naraka/
# extra:
+ 泥犁 泥犁 [ni2 li2] /(Buddhism) Naraka/

Change log entry 72704
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 09:35:48 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68124 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 7-9 #3570
# 上期 上期 [shang4 qi1] /previous period, previous episode, previous issue/
+ 上期 上期 [shang4 qi1] /previous period (week, month or quarter etc)/
- 下期 下期 [xia4 qi1] /next time (used in referring to a regular event: episode of a show, issue of a magazine, stocktake etc)/
+ 下期 下期 [xia4 qi1] /next period (week, month or quarter etc)/

Change log entry 72703
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 06:15:46 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68489 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
Note that unlike 伴随 or 跟随 “相随” is not directly transitive.

v. follow

go or come with; follow; accompany
| 有保镖相随
| escorted by a bodyguard; with bodyguard escort
| 他与父母相随进了商场。
| He went to the department store with his parents.

| 有仆人~
| ~到湖边
| ~度蜜月
| 群鸟~飞翔。

| 《文選.阮籍.詠懷詩一七首之一二》:「走獸交橫馳,飛鳥相隨翔。」
| 《三國演義.第一三回》:「帝曰:『朕不可捨百官而去。』眾皆號泣相隨。」

动 跟随
| 我在他后面紧紧相随。

No matter how our day goes, when we're in the company of a jovial character, it never fails to make us happy.

The amount of waste that countries produce tends to grow in tandem with their economies, and especially with the rate of urbanisation.

The innovative hair protector always accompanies those ladies who pay attention to their appearance.

Finally, Ying Tai and Shan Bo could be together for all of eternity.

Spite is never lonely; envy always tags along

For most people, reality may not be perfect, but it's still passable. But for the Siamese twins Chung-jen and Chung-yi, a host of torments profound beyond their comprehension follow at their heels.

1. I like "to tag along" (used in the 2nd last example) because, like 相随, it doesn't have a direct object.

2. I'm adding a figurative sense, illustrated by the waste/urbanisation example and the spite/envy example.
Two other examples:

Much research shows that negative aspects of tribal tourism--pressures from crowding, environmental destruction, restlessness stirred by rising land prices, disputes about how to distribute profits--are to some degree part and parcel of the development process.

Ever in the public eye, Bo Yang's days were a mix of personal misfortune and creative endeavor. Though his life has now come to a close, his legend and his work remain indelibly printed on Taiwan's history.
# 相隨 相随 [xiang1 sui2] /to accompany/to go with sb/
+ 相隨 相随 [xiang1 sui2] /to tag along (with sb)/(in combination with 與|与[yu3] or 和[he2]) to accompany (sb)/(fig.) (of one situation) to go hand in hand (with another)/

Change log entry 72702
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-17 05:35:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68530 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
Oops -- we failed to mention the big one: oceans!

1) K ~ rivers, lakes, and oceans

2) GR ~ fleuves, rivières, lacs et mers. [i.e. rivers, streams, lakes and seas]

3) J ~ Some scientists theorize that thousands of meteors fall to the earth during the daytime and the nighttime, but this theory is impossible to prove or to disprove, as most would necessarily land in water, which covers most of the earth's surface.

[Rivers and lakes do not "cover most of the earth's surface."]

4) LA @ 水產品

[海帶 grows in *oceans*.]
- 江河湖海 江河湖海 [jiang1 he2 hu2 hai3] /rivers and lakes/
+ 江河湖海 江河湖海 [jiang1 he2 hu2 hai3] /rivers, lakes and oceans/bodies of water/

Change log entry 72701
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 00:52:46 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68011 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 5 #213

two senses ~

Grand Ricci:
1. produit à bace [sic] de soja
2. produit à base de légumineux
# 豆製品 豆制品 [dou4 zhi4 pin3] /soy products/
+ 豆製品 豆制品 [dou4 zhi4 pin3] /legume-based product/soybean product/

Change log entry 72700
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 00:22:19 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68014 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 5 #716

Editor: Although seafood, like 水產品, includes freshwater creatures*, it doesn't include seaweed, whereas 水產品 does, at least according to LA:
* "Seafood: edible aquatic animals, excluding mammals, but including both freshwater and ocean creatures." [Britannica]
# 水產品 水产品 [shui3 chan3 pin3] /aquatic products, seafood/
+ 水產品 水产品 [shui3 chan3 pin3] /aquatic products (including fish, crabs, seaweed etc)/

Change log entry 72699
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-17 00:04:12 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68529 - submitted by 'samsara' >>
1. "在我们的环境知识方面仍然有巨大的缺口,而且尽管有科学的助攻,但很多预测也只不过是最好的猜测而已。

1. There are still huge gaps in our environmental knowledge, and despite the scientific onslaught, many predictions are no more than best guesses.

2. 比如,假设魔术师约翰逊(Magic Johnson),即当时湖人队的明星球

2. As an example, let's say that Magic Johnson--the Lakers star player at the time had 11 points, 8 rebounds, 12 assists, 2 steals, and 5 turnovers in a game.

Editor: The sports sense of 助攻 is indeed a verb, but in English, the technical sports sense of "assist" is used (and defined in dictionaries) only as a noun.

Examples ~

Zhong says that you have to treat life’s setbacks like driving the lane in basketball. You can try to drive through the defender in front of you, possibly injuring you both, or take a step back, giving yourself more space and more options, and increasing your chance of scoring.

2. FIG.
a) 加速器助攻創業大聯盟
Fostering alliances
Shih adds, “Innovating and starting a business are two different things. The latter has many aspects—legal, financial, accounting—that require study. The training provided by accelerators is essential.”

b) 野草莓學運後,wenli聲名大譟,也成為眾多NGO的求助對象,希望能借助他的創意和網路技術加持來拓展聲勢。「不過我覺得部落客畢竟不是名嘴,並不是任何運動都適合插手,何況我使用的技術並不難,一般人其實也可以做到。」wenli認為,社運團體若想利用網路宣傳,最後還是得靠自己,而非倚靠他們這群因緣際會介入的「外來者」。


wenli's reputation spread quickly in the wake of the Wild Strawberries movement, and many NGOs began coming to him for help. "But I thought that a blogger should not become a partisan commentator, and not every movement is suitable for me to get involved in, not to mention the fact that the technology I use is not difficult, and in fact anybody could do it." wenli feels that if social activists and groups want to use the Internet to spread information, they should ultimately rely on their own efforts, and not depend too much on "outsiders" who just fortuitously get involved.

Despite this, from Lo Sheng to the Wild Strawberries, wenli and other Internet white knights, whether deliberately or serendipitously lending their aid, have opened up new possibilities for linking protest events, organizations, and cybercitizens, and we can expect the future will bring even more.
# 助攻 助攻 [zhu4 gong1] /to assist (sports)/to make a secondary attack (military)/assistance (fig.)/
+ 助攻 助攻 [zhu4 gong1] /(military) to mount a secondary attack/(fig.) to assist in tackling a problem/(sports) to participate in a play in which a teammate scores (i.e. perform an assist)/

Change log entry 72698
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-16 16:27:28 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68523 - submitted by 'samsara' >>

It feels good to watch your investment portfolio grow, the length of your book manuscript.
+ 投資組合 投资组合 [tou2 zi1 zu3 he2] /investment portfolio/

Change log entry 72697
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-16 11:29:57 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68339 - submitted by 'samsara' >>


Besides the construction work, the Group holds no meetings or get-togethers; members only have a nodding acquaintance with each other and rarely ask each other personal questions.

the government naturally has the responsibility to protect the security of its citizens' property as well as the overall national interest.

In July of last year, three candidates for admission to the Central Police University who scored well on their entrance examinations failed the university's background check when it was discovered that their fathers had criminal records.

For security reasons many organizations-including the Investigations Bureau, military intelligence, the judiciary, the police and the military police-run background checks on applicants. Only those with a "clean" personal and family record are hired.

"When a security company (or an individual) wants to hire a guard, shouldn't it check the guard's background?"


When foreign firms in the mainland are confronted with threats to their safety and property,

especially with regard to the river dikes upon which the safety of the residents depends.

Over the last 20 years many new drumming groups have been set up all over mainland China. Activity is most intense in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces, where regular drumming competitions are a great favorite. According to Xi'an drummer An Zhishun, in some localities drumming is not merely a leisure activity, but a symbol of a high quality of life. If you wish to join a group there, they will first look at your "family background": only someone with a spotless personal and family record will be accepted. When someone gets into such a group, their whole village celebrates.
# 身家 身家 [shen1 jia1] /net worth/one's entire assets/
+ 身家 身家 [shen1 jia1] /oneself and one's family/family background/pedigree/one's property/one's total assets/
# extra:
+ 身家調查 身家调查 [shen1 jia1 diao4 cha2] /to do a background check on sb/

Change log entry 72696
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-16 08:09:04 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68016 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 5 #928
# 有利於 有利于 [you3 li4 yu2] /to be advantageous to, to be beneficial for/
+ 有利於 有利于 [you3 li4 yu2] /to be advantageous to/to be beneficial for/

Change log entry 72695
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-16 07:18:17 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68525 - submitted by 'samsara' >>

Even if you are not the kind of person who likes to record your behavior, you will have a lot of unexpected gains after a few weeks of experimenting.

Editor: "try to do sth" suggests that you may or may not be able to do it. With 試做, on the other hand, it's usually not in doubt whether you can do it. Instead, it's a matter of how *well* you can do it.

job candidates were asked to try their hand at various workplace tasks,

She gathered recipes from the Internet and practiced the dishes many times, and with her excellent taste buds and skillful hands, she finally developed a unique formula—a fusion of South and North Vietnamese cuisines.

Not many people are actually good cooks, but those who are willing to try to improve their skills are already ahead of the crowd.

Thinking of lemon as a natural accompaniment to tea, Wang tried using concentrated lemon juice as an ingredient, but after a lot of experimentation, he felt that it lacked the fragrance of a freshly squeezed lemon. So he went to Tai­chung’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market and bought some fresh lemons to try. And with inspiration from his customers, he finally developed emerald lemon tea drink. The blend uses tea as a base, which is mixed with natural cane sugar and fresh lemon juice.

Opting out of traditional methods, Dawncake experimented with indigenous pineapple varieties. After going through some 300–400 kilograms of failed product, they finally found the rather tart and fibrous Kaiying No. 2 pineapple best suited for pineapple cakes.

Responding to the customer’s critique that they had failed to capture the full fragrance of their flowers, Guo began experimenting like mad when they returned home from the show and eventually came up with a formulation that didn’t require any artificial ingredients to preserve the color or flavor.

He also saves up money to splurge at prestigious restaurants. If he likes what he eats, he goes home and tries to put his own spin on it.
# 試做 试做 [shi4 zuo4] /to try to do/to experiment/
+ 試做 试做 [shi4 zuo4] /to try doing (sth) to see how well it turns out/to experiment/

Change log entry 72694
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-16 06:24:37 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68528 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
It's not an intransitive verb like in "The bread dough will expand."

Is it impossible for Taiwan to make progress in both expanding its diplomatic space and in consolidating military security?

[of doctors] ...or even take the initiative to explore new areas in search of more effective treatments.

it will be possible not only to expand the presence of Taiwan's deep-sea fishing industry

while also expanding its export markets, in order to build up foreign exchange funds.

There's "good reading," which uses reading to expand people's ideas about the good life.

In just a few short years, i-Partment has carved out its own space in the online dating world,

make a splash globally.

To expand his client base,

If they can utilize their short stints as volunteer tourists to develop a more international perspective,
- 拓展 拓展 [tuo4 zhan3] /to expand/
+ 拓展 拓展 [tuo4 zhan3] /to expand (one's client base, outlook etc)/

Change log entry 72693
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-16 00:28:55 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68144 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 7-9 #4460
# 下期 下期 [xia4 qi1] /next episode, issue, or period/
+ 下期 下期 [xia4 qi1] /next time (used in referring to a regular event: episode of a show, issue of a magazine, stocktake etc)/

Change log entry 72692
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-15 23:01:58 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68521 - submitted by 'shawkynasr' >>

Editor: Seems to be the same thing as 擴展塢, but it's a rather less commonly used term than 擴展塢 (based on Google results).

# 拓展塢 拓展坞 [tuo4 zhan3 wu4] /hubs, Docks/
+ 拓展塢 拓展坞 [tuo4 zhan3 wu4] /(computing) hub/dock/

Change log entry 72691
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-15 05:33:04 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68516 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
It looks like 农家乐 is usually
- a countable noun
- an establishment providing accommodation
rather than a sector of the tourism industry -- "rural tourism" (an uncountable noun).

And it would seem that "rural tourism" would be more clearly described as 农家乐旅游.

Here's a sentence from the Baike article on 农家乐:

They refer to the environs of a 农家乐 (农家乐周围). Of course, "rural tourism" would not be said to have "environs".

"These type of boutique hotels/ farmer’s homestays known as 农家乐, are appearing in every village with tourism industry, and the business are booming for the owners."
That's the caption for the following photo:


The following are the captions of pictures in the Wikipedia article on 農家樂:
- 甘肅天水的一戶農家樂
- 提供民宿、餐飲、停車看管的農家樂
- 裝潢過的農家樂
(each of these photos is of a *building*)

塔馬爾谷農家樂(Tamar Valley Farm Stay)
Farm Stay in Rural Taoyuan 桃園農村農家樂

欢迎到田园式农家乐 - 傈僳味道
Welcome to LiSu Flavour -an idyllic farm stay

集游山、玩水、休闲、探险、亲近自然、 放松体验、 享受健康纯自然于一体的农家乐;
Farming, mountain, water, leisure, adventure, close to nature, relaxation experience, enjoy healthy and pure nature in one farmhouse;

An Irish Farmstay holiday is the perfect way to get back to a tour of the farm, enjoy farmhouse style home cooking, feed the chickens and meet the farm animals.

Prev:Lishui fishing village farmhouse

Girolda农家乐位于奥泰娜地区,距离San Benedetto di Lugana仅几公里远,这里可以一如既往慷慨的为您提供其之所有,满足您之所需。
Agriturismo Girolda, located in Ottella District, a few kilometres from San Benedetto di Lugana, offers everything you could ask of such a generous land as Lugana.

Option: we also have rooms in nongjiale, 50 yuan additional cost per person.

农家乐 (15)
Holiday homes (15)

About 40 village households now offer small bed and breakfast services for tourists.

Qingcheng Mountain hotel/ hotel/ farmhouse

卢克波农场假日农家乐, 英国
Luccombe Farm Holiday Cottages, United Kingdom

Next:Daoxiang bridge farmhouse

Hotels, B&Bs, agritourist

An Italian breakfast is available daily at the property.

Farmhouse Le Rose - Gioiella - Italy

Luccombe Farm Holiday Cottages Milton Abbas offers sports activities including horse riding, cycling and tennis.

科伦拜奥芭芭拉迪农家乐 - 羅西亞 - 義大利
Farm House B&B Accomodation Charming Romantic Siena Tuscany

Breakfast ingredients are available on request.

Guests at the accommodation are welcome to enjoy cycling nearby, or make the most of the garden.

The last chapter puts forward the sustainable development ideas and countermeasures of peasant-household tourism in Quzhou.
- 農家樂 农家乐 [nong2 jia1 le4] /rural tourism/agritourism/
+ 農家樂 农家乐 [nong2 jia1 le4] /a property providing rural accommodation (farm stay, boutique hotel etc)/

Change log entry 72690
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2021-05-15 05:07:08 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68519 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
Sources all seem to be agreed -- 血栓 is a blood clot (more technically, a thrombus), not thrombosis, which is 血栓形成.

As Wp says:
"Thrombus - Not to be confused with Embolism or Thrombosis."
# 血栓形成 血栓形成 [xue4 shuan1 xing2 cheng2] /thrombosis/
- 血栓 血栓 [xue4 shuan1] /blood clot/thrombosis/
+ 血栓 血栓 [xue4 shuan1] /blood clot/thrombus/

Change log entry 72689
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-15 04:39:34 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68126 - submitted by 'longjiang' >>
New HSK 7-9 #3668

the United States has indicated that it will welcome the outcome of the election no matter who wins,

It is impossible right now to say who might win,

Whoever can find the most appropriate technology in the shortest time to create a new product that meets market needs will be the winner. Given the diversification of industries and R&D fields here, there is a good chance Taiwan will come out ahead.

Throughout any year various art awards serve as evidence of self-affirmation for artists and as stepping stones into the ranks of respected seniority and major exhibitions. However, behind many of these awards one sees the hand of political authority or the economic power of financial and business groups. This begs the question whether the selection process really results in the best works being chosen; or does familiarity with the way such awards operate and producing mainstream work or pieces that reflect the tastes of the jury make it easier to win?

The bluefin tuna banquet is the hallmark of the festival, and in the first year the county government ran a contest in which restaurants were asked to design a ten-course menu for NT$6,000 per table. The winner would gain the privilege of preparing meals for packaged tours coming into town.

But Shen admits that competition is intense, running a guesthouse involves ever-growing investments, and everyone is doing whatever it takes to succeed.

seeking to outdo others

was recognized as one of the keys of the company's success.

The success of Ethernet at the time led to its gradual rise as the lead element in local area network technology for telecommunications and industry.

In addition, dating back to a little earlier than the Kungyi Road phenomenon, along both sides of Art Boulevard are small restaurants that make their mark with the refined quality of their culinary arts.

To succeed in Taiwan, you must first excel on the international stage.

Different [incense] makers use different formulas. They may vary the proportions of ingredients or mix and match differently to create unique winning combinations.

But Yang also owed his victory to a Fu-Hsin teacher named Hu Qie.
# 勝出 胜出 [sheng4 chu1] /defeat one’s rival, win (in a game), be victorious/
+ 勝出 胜出 [sheng4 chu1] /to come out on top/to win (in an election, contest etc)/success/victory/

Change log entry 72688
Processed by: richwarm (2021-05-15 02:08:09 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68429 - submitted by 'samsara' >>

The deposits newly absorbed by banking financial institutions in the county are mainly used for local loans.
# 縣域 县域 [xian4 yu4] /county area/county/
+ 縣域 县域 [xian4 yu4] /county/

Change log entry 72687
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Comment: << review queue entry 68506 - submitted by 'samsara' >>

My wife walks in the door from work and either we change into our workout clothes and head to the gym or we crash onto the couch and watch The Office.

1. Not the best translation. What about 点份印度菜外卖?

2. I don't see justification for including "to crash":

a) "crash" an imprecise term, likely to mislead.
It can mean
- "to go to bed or fall asleep" (Merriam-Webster)
- "to fall asleep from exhaustion" (American Heritage)
- "go to sleep, especially suddenly or in an improvised setting" (Oxford)
None of those senses is right for 躺倒在沙发上看美剧《办公室》 since they don't "go to bed" or "fall asleep".
And 躺倒 doesn't imply falling asleep, which "crash" often does imply.

b) "crash" is slang, whereas 躺倒 isn't.
# 躺倒 躺倒 [tang3 dao3] /to lie down/to crash/
+ 躺倒 躺倒 [tang3 dao3] /to lie down/

Change log entry 72686
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1) "ice formed in freezing weather"

a) 在過完年正冷的紅目鰱魚季,海風打在臉上宛如冰霜一般。

b) 由於天氣冷,難免想喝點酒,葉宏賢記得,一位原住民工人晚上可能酒喝多了,回到帳棚倒頭就睡,一隻腳露在帳棚外也渾然未覺。隔天一早,葉宏賢起來巡視工地,看到帳棚外露出結滿冰霜的腳,嚇得他以為這位原住民凍僵了,急忙將他喚醒,原住民瞇著宿醉雙眼呆看著一臉驚惶的葉宏賢,還不知道自己昨晚忘了「縮入」帳棚的腳,已變成「冷凍人腳」了。

c) 寒氣逼人的極低溫,會讓相機和鏡頭結成冰霜;

2) "often used as a metaphor for ..."

If governance is like frost [i.e. incorruptible and strict], evildoers will disappear.
- 冰霜 冰霜 [bing1 shuang1] /moral integrity/austerity/
# + 冰霜 冰霜 [bing1 shuang1] ice and frost/moral integrity/austerity/
+ 冰霜 冰霜 [bing1 shuang1] /(literary) ice formed in freezing weather as frost or icicles etc (often used as a metaphor for moral uprightness, strictness, sternness or aloofness)/

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The first sense is in M:

The second sense is in GR and Wp:
+ 對合 对合 [dui4 he2] /a profit equal to the amount one invested/(math.) involution/

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it does not mean stupid

Editor: I guess you have some more learning to do.
# - 二 二 [er4] /two/2/(Beijing dialect) stupid/
# + 二 二 [er4] /two/2/(Beijing dialect)/

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At least Canadian seals have the luxury of being stunned before they die.

The purpose of stunning is to render the animal unconscious so that its throat can be cut.

Kojima said players are rewarded for cooperating and encouraged to stun and capture — not kill — enemy soldiers they encounter in order to put them to work.

The birds are stunned prior to bleeding and then passed through either scalding water or a steam tunnel and through rotating devices with rubber scrubbers to remove feathers.

手榴弹爆炸掀起的烂泥糊满了他的全身,炸开的手榴弹木柄碎片差点儿把他击晕 了

余锦柱按往常的习惯,首先想到通信工具——电话机,于是,翻身扯断电话线,迅速将电话机塞进暖暖的被窝里,说时迟,那时快,一个闪电击进瞭望台,他一下子就被击晕 过去。

不一会儿,草丛中传来了的声响,出现了至少十条以上的斑纹毒蛇,宇文浩将一块石子捏成了无数块小石头,纷纷击向毒蛇;他的手劲恰到好处,仅是将毒蛇击晕 ,并没有将它们击毙。
+ 擊暈 击晕 [ji1 yun1] /to stun/to render unconscious (with a blow)/

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r[esultative].v[erb]. lure away
| 小偷把警察引开了。
| The thief misled the police.

A main goal is to deflect attention from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is notoriously difficult to shift a country's investors away from their established exchanges.

They headed him off the topic, because they were afraid he'd reveal confidential information.

I would have had that smile to wake up to and those arms to snuggle in, and he would have had that support and person there to drag him away from the computer to take a few minutes for himself, to put his toes in the sand, and to enjoy a sunset.

When a person approaches the nest, the parent bird utters sharp cries and imitates an injury to distract the intruder's line of sight and protect the nest.

The day she was to meet up with her cosplayer friends in costume, she planned to sneak out the door while her father took his afternoon nap. That day, however, he didn't budge from the living room. Nyssa had to get her sister to call their father away so she could slip away.
+ 引開 引开 [yin3 kai1] /to lure away/to divert/

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She switched to a brand with a stronger mint flavor, which proved to be more satisfying.

Audiences can appreciate the content and can have a lasting and pleasant impression.

After each course we are served tea, fruit vinegar-juice, and alcoholic drinks to wash away any aftertaste before we move on to the next course.

The compositions disclose a strong Western influence, the elements crisply balanced to form powerful geometric shapes that linger afterwards in the subconscious.

# 餘味 余味 [yu2 wei4] /aftertaste/
+ 餘味 余味 [yu2 wei4] /aftertaste/lingering impression/

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1. 操盘
a) I don't think people talk about "operating" stocks (or futures).
b) It's not just "to trade", but to do so on a big scale -- see definitions in GF and LA (一般用於大型基金經理人或主力身上).
LA ~ 股票術語。利用買賣操控盤勢。一般用於大型基金經理人或主力身上。因其資金龐大,具有影響股價走勢的能力。

2. Examples from TP


He works in the financial industry, where the pace is always frenetic and the pressure always immense. Yet Jeff Chang, the president of Cathay Securities, remains perpetually calm and energetic. His secret? He has been practicing t’ai chi for 20 years. T’ai chi has helped him to strike a good balance in his work, life, and interpersonal relations; to maintain a healthy mind and body; and to keep his cool as he wheels and deals in the markets. It has also offered the side benefit of friendship with many fellow practitioners, and in particular with Stephen Chow, Hong Kong’s king of comedy.

Although he currently no longer manages funds, he still is responsible for the operational efficiency of Cathay Securities.

In the high-pressure world of investment management, fund managers spend every day studying markets and buying and selling.

Vincent Lin, chairman of Trans­Asia, who single-handedly directed the purchasing plan, points out that the A330 is a powerful weapon to use in seeking to gain new routes.

To prepare for this enormous selling pressure, when share prices first start falling the fund managers doing the actual trading have to sell more shares than they would otherwise have done, and hold cash instead.

Experts specially remind investors to leave their money in a fund for three to five years in order to increase return and minimize risk. You shouldn't invest based on a fund's performance in a month or a quarter, but should look at its performance over at least the last year or so. You should particularly avoid those funds that fluctuate wildly, or which frequently change fund managers.


A friend introduced them to Julie Chou, the director of a local PR firm. "There are high barriers to entry into the fashion pages of the Taiwanese media," says Chou. "In those days, we were too unknown to get even an invite to the Council for Cultural Affairs' 'Taiwan Clothing Party,' and fashion reporters just don't cover people they've never heard of." She recommended that before Chien and Pan put on their first Taiwanese show, they spend four months gradually introducing themselves to the media and building a name for themselves in the local market. Chou believed that journalists would be intrigued by their Paris story, and, with her guidance, they made their way onto the front pages of the fashion sections of many papers. When they finally debuted their work at the Taipei Regent in April 2004, 200 journalists attended.

Although Cape lacked a big cast, an upbeat film on a music-related theme hadn't been released in a long time. Wei figured that as long as promotion of the film was handled well, it would have a good shot at reaching NT$30 million at the Taiwan box office. After the film won the Taipei Award Grand Prize in July 2008, the American company Buena Vista became very interested. Believing the film was well suited to all age groups, the company was confident that it could be marketed like a Western film. In one go, Buena Vista made 50 copies of the film (at a cost of NT$60,000 per copy). It hoped the film would create a sensation in theaters throughout the island.

All filmmaking involves risk, and one successful outing hardly guarantees the success of the next.

The current generation of artists enjoys the affirmation brought by numerous prizes, the benefits of staying at international artists’ villages, and veteran agents who steer them masterfully through the marketplace. They have never worked a nine-to-five day in their lives,
- 操盤 操盘 [cao1 pan2] /to operate (stocks, futures etc)/to trade/
+ 操盤 操盘 [cao1 pan2] /(finance) (of a fund manager, high-wealth individual etc) to make large trades (in stocks, futures etc)/(fashion, movies etc) (of an industry heavyweight) to make a play in the market/
- 操盤手 操盘手 [cao1 pan2 shou3] /trader or dealer (of stocks and shares etc)/
+ 操盤手 操盘手 [cao1 pan2 shou3] /heavyweight operator in a market/

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New HSK 7-9 #217

Forget about how beautifully some reporters write. If you go to the scene of the news, you'll see just how shameless they really are.

When the organization holds activities, among those who participate are construction workers, truck drivers, and other working-class people. But when it comes to tea, there is no chewing of betelnut and no swearing-they assume elegant postures and everything is done according to the Way.

「別看他們在公眾場合,有時穿日本軍服、帶日本軍帽,唱日本軍歌等,儼然親日模樣,但一喝起酒來,大罵日本人不仁不義、日本帝國主義的行徑不難看見,」"Don't be distracted by their seemingly pro-Japanese public appearance, sometimes dressed in Japanese uniforms, with Japanese caps, and singing Japanese army songs. As soon as they had a drink it was not at all unknown for them to start cursing the Japanese for being heartless and immoral, and damning Japanese imperialism."

"Even though the handover is a splendid thing now, in the future, the government of Macau will face a great many problems. Going back to China isn't necessarily better,"

He may look like an angel now, but if we disagree about something he'll turn instantly into an irritating little devil.

Chang tells his wife that one should not compare oneself to others. Their success may be temporary or even illusory.

Huang points out that while everyone describes the present as the digital era, in the high frequency world, analog circuits are still the only technological option.

SARS may be frightful, but the fact is that some people are unaffected by a virus no matter how ferocious it may be, and will not become seriously ill.

During the daytime sunlight reflecting off the snow is dazzlingly bright, yet working in the snow is cold enough to make hands and feet go numb and stiff,
# 別看 别看 [bie2 kan4] /in spite of/despite/for all that/
+ 別看 别看 [bie2 kan4] /don't be fooled by the fact that/

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New HSK 6 #953

/(fig.) the whole time/

Chang Erh-lien and Chou Yueh-hua have been foster parents for more than four years. The experience has been both trying and rewarding. The two have relied on each other for support, learning a little bit each day.

After high school, Pan came to Taipei to work and tested into university. When his father fell ill, he took a leave of absence from school to return to Taichung, where he took a job as a car salesman. Whatever his economic circumstances, he remained an avid shutterbug, and headed out to take pictures at every opportunity.

But the fact is, as someone who dropped out of school after eighth grade, he constantly had to overcome obstacles and had to be very aggressive in seeking opportunities.
# 一路上 一路上 [yi1 lu4 shang4] /along the (whole) way/
+ 一路上 一路上 [yi1 lu4 shang4] /along the way/the whole way/(fig.) the whole time/

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- 迎來 迎来 [ying2 lai2] /to welcome (a visitor)/(fig.) to usher in/
+ 迎來 迎来 [ying2 lai2] /to welcome (a visitor or newcomer)/(fig.) to usher in/

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New HSK 6 #69
# 不僅僅 不仅仅 [bu4 jin3 jin3] /not only, not just/
+ 不僅僅 不仅仅 [bu4 jin3 jin3] /not only/not just/

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Hello. I brought you your staff.

Editor: The first character is 法, so I doubt that it could refer to a regular (non-magical) scepter.
# 法杖 法杖 [fa3 zhang4] /magical staff/scepter/
+ 法杖 法杖 [fa3 zhang4] /magic staff/

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New HSK 6 #957

Editor: This is in the new HSK level 6. That's upper-intermediate level, so by now these folks would be pretty familiar with the idea of combining the character "一" with a classifier (such as 番). I think they would be better off learning "一番" by reading our entry for 番*, than by reading a simplified definition like "one time, once; a type of, a kind of". And even better off by reading lots of usage examples, like these:

* 番 [fan1]
1. foreign (non-Chinese), barbarian
2. classifier for occurrences (of an event, action or speech utterance)
3. classifier for iterations: times, -fold (as in twofold etc)
4. classifier for situations: kind, sort
# 一番 一番 [yi1 fan1] /one time, once/a type of, a kind of/

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New HSK 6 #978


- 今年7月,一向平靜的橋頭糖廠迎來了幾位稀客。
- 於2月14日迎來了新竹的陸豐、南和、北平、清水等4所國小的學童,
- 時序由夏入秋,大學校園送走了畢業生,也迎來了新鮮人。

usher in
- 迎來巨大轉變
- 台北書展迎來出版春天?
- 遲來的青春期之後,終於迎來遲來的「40」而立,
- 原來這天正是外灘整建工程峻工的日子,上海人忍受了近3年粉塵飛揚、噪音貫腦、日日塞車的等待,終於迎來這一日。
# 迎來 迎来 [ying2 lai2] /to usher in, to welcome in/
+ 迎來 迎来 [ying2 lai2] /to welcome (a visitor)/(fig.) to usher in/

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New HSK 6 #1054
# 這就是說 这就是说 [zhe4 jiu4 shi4 shuo1] /this means that, that is to say/
+ 這就是說 这就是说 [zhe4 jiu4 shi4 shuo1] /in other words/that is to say/

Change log entry 72671
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- 看得出 看得出 [kan4 de2 chu1] /can see/can tell/
+ 看得出 看得出 [kan4 de5 chu1] /can see/can tell/

Change log entry 72670
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New HSK 7-9 #2357
# 看得出 看得出 [kan4 de2 chu1] /can see, visible/it’s evident that/
+ 看得出 看得出 [kan4 de2 chu1] /can see/can tell/

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cf. 笑脸相迎, already in the dictionary.

v. welcome sb.

VERB welcome sb.
| 笑脸相迎
| give sb. a cheerful welcome; a smiling welcome

| 倒屣~
| 笑脸~。

动 迎接
| 以礼相迎。

John: This is my first Burns Night Supper. I really enjoyed the piper welcoming guests as we arrived.

As we approached it two eunuchs came out to meet us.

She greeted us with a smile when we arrived

When Liu Bei arrived in Longzhong for the third time, Zhuge Liang himself came out of his cottage to greet him.

A sturdy old monk with snowy white eyebrows came up to greet him saying, "It just happens that my assistants are all away at the moment. Could you possibly send your Servant down to the nearby market to buy me some salt and vinegar?"

The procession moves through Dong­gang, driving out malevolent spirits and disease. Households welcome ­Wangye with offerings, incense and fireworks, and with prayers for favorable weather and wellbeing.
+ 相迎 相迎 [xiang1 ying2] /to welcome sb/to greet sb/

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From 汉语大词典

① 魚和肉為刀宰割的物品,比喻無力抵抗,任人宰割。◇《史記・卷七・項羽本紀》:「如今人方為刀俎,我為魚肉。」
② 把人當為魚、肉,比喻欺凌踐踏。◇《後漢書・卷四九・仲長統傳》:「魚肉百姓,以盈其欲。」
From 国语词典|萌典 https://www.moedict.tw/%E9%AD%9A%E8%82%89

3、《史记·项羽本纪》:‘人为刀俎,我为鱼肉。’(刀俎指宰割的器具,鱼肉指受宰割者)后来比喻用暴力欺凌,残害 fish and flesh;‘be meat on sb.'s chopping block’(Records of the Historian·Official Records of Xiang Yu); be at sb.'s mercy; (fig.) ruthlessly persecute; cruelly oppress:
例:土豪横行乡里,~百姓。The local tyrants rode roughshod and savagely oppressed the people in the countryside.
From 现代汉语词典(汉英双语)

Editor: 受侵害、欺壓者 is a noun phrase, not a verb.
# 魚肉 鱼肉 [yu2 rou4] /flesh of fish/fish and meat/(fig.) to be at sb's mercy /(fig.) to cruelly oppress/
+ 魚肉 鱼肉 [yu2 rou4] /flesh of fish/fish and meat/(fig.) victims of oppression/(fig.) to cruelly oppress (i.e. to treat like flesh to be carved up)/

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v. inquire politely

VERB LITERARY make inquiries

| 张鸾正待~,报道县令回来(《三遂平妖传‧第十七回》)。

| 郭沫若《洪波曲》:途中见一衣履整饬的老人, 叩问之, 颇能详道往事。

| 宋.魏了翁〈跋楊司理德輔之父紀問辯曆〉:「後生初學,哆然自是,恥於扣問者,視此亦可以少警矣。」

| 郭沫若《创造十年续篇》:偶尔在朋友间扣问, 都说难懂。

Ask yourself "What gives me energy even when I'm tired?"

When Hongkongers ask: "Why isn't there a Kuo Pao Kun in Hongkong?" Singaporeans are wondering: "Will Singapore have another Kuo Pao Kun?"

And I ask my heart if its blood carries the wisdom of the unseen way.

This is a most lovely story about life and a tough process to question people's soul.

Unfortunately I have to say that, since receiving your enquiries on the subject, our view has not changed

Although one can say that at first glance this project is full of childlike fun and warmly takes viewers back to those memories, in fact it raises questions about the core of photography: What in the end is memory? What is ­reality?

With extremely refined language, it fashions questions one character at a time, which reverberate amid the empty spaces of the page.

In 1961 Jane Jacobs, an American magazine editor with no college degree or professional background, offered up a major inquiry into what makes a "great city."

"What is your desired home?" is the moving question that Yang's musical drama Finding Home asks time and again.
+ 叩問 叩问 [kou4 wen4] /(literary) to inquire/to ask/question/
+ 扣問 扣问 [kou4 wen4] /(literary) to inquire/to ask/question/

Change log entry 72666
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Comment: << review queue entry 68508 - submitted by 'haton' >>

Editor: duplicate submission
# 意思意思 意思意思 [yi4 si1 yi4 si1] /(of a gift) as a token gesture/

Change log entry 72665
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Comment: << review queue entry 68500 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
/to lie down on a bed/


"From the day of implantation of the embryo, the mandators (the owners of the sperm and ovum) are the parents."

Yet the difficulties and dangers of giving birth at that late age were far beyond what Shuhui had imagined. Although she quickly and naturally became pregnant, her joy didn't last more than two months, as she had a miscarriage. "The doctor said that the egg that had become impregnated wasn't of high quality, so that there was no chance it could grow into a child."

Summer is the mating season for bats, and the Taiwanese Pipistrelle family of bats mates in September. This often does not result in pregnancy, however, because the female can store sperm in her ovaries until winter has passed. This is especially the case with bats in temperate zones, where methods such as delayed sperm reception, ovulation or slow fetal growth enable the females to hibernate. Researchers say that such prolonged pregnancies ensure that the young are born in spring, when there is plenty of food about. With every country striving to establish animal gene banks, this ability of the bat to control the source of life has become the object of research second only to its sonar system.

/(of an oyster larva) to attach to a substrate/

Apart from this, in recent years production of elvers and anchovies, previously important foreign exchange earners for Taiwan, has fallen, seed oysters have set late, and the shoals of mackerel and jack that formerly provided the largest catches in inshore waters have disappeared. Fishermen have connected all these phenomena with warm winters.

"When oysters reproduce, they spawn tiny larvae that freely navigate the water column until they find an appropriate habitat with a structure to settle on. Once the larvae permanently attach to a surface, they are known as spat."

"If the larva is unhappy with the location, it starts swimming again until it finds a suitable place to settle. The second stage in the process involves the larva attaching itself definitively to its chosen substrate, where it will grow into a spat and, ultimately, an oyster."

/(fig.) to take root/to become established/

TP ~ 很可惜,現在的孩子由於生長環境不斷搬遷,加上和老一輩的語言隔閡,使得對土地的愛在童年時期無法著床。
Unfortunately, today's children are constantly moving while they are growing up and speak a different language than their elders. As a result, they don't have a chance to develop a love of their birthplace during their childhood.

But urban Taipei is seeing a different kind of cultural movement take shape in urban spaces undergoing transformation. Participants are using derelict buildings in areas slated for renewal to express their immense creativity and to link the making of art to urban development.
- 著床 着床 [zhuo2 chuang2] /implantation (e.g. of ovum in uterus)/
+ 著床 着床 [zhuo2 chuang2] /to lie down on a bed/(physiology) implantation (attachment of a blastocyst to the lining of the uterus)/(of an oyster larva) to attach to a substrate/(fig.) to take root/to become established/

Change log entry 72664
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Comment: << review queue entry 68501 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
Adding a couple of shades of meaning.
In particular, there seems to be a sense not found in dictionaries: "be in full swing"

All bing shops are hoping, during this economic downturn, to make hay while the sun shines. But no matter how hot the battle for market share gets, consumers with a bing in hand can just chill out, and the summer heat will pass by unnoticed.

In the early 1970s a folk music wave was rolling through Taiwan's university campuses and students made calls to "sing your own songs." Meanwhile, fueled by literary realism, nativism, and growing ethnic consciousness, there was growing debate about what constituted "native literature" in a movement led by such writers as Wang Tuoh, Yu Kuang-chung, and Chen Ying-zhen.

A: Though I'm a waishengren, I grew up with Taiwanese kids and don't have any problem identifying with Taiwan. My family moved from Hua-lien to Tai-chung when I was in the 11th grade. The Vietnam War in full swing, and Tai-chung's Qing-quan-gang Airport was serving as a supply and R&R base for the US military.


Now Reuters reported a highly critical speech by Jobert in the National Assembly attacking the United States for fraternizing with that man.

Be very thick with each other

We see the union leaders cheek by jowl with the capitalists.

Or because the French are not happy with Britain's close links with the US.

Well, within six months she's having it off with Fatty Wang.

Cruise also got hitched to United Artists, becoming MGM's new head honcho along with producing partner Paula Wagner.

Erdoğan certainly put on a show with Putin, promising friendship and cooperation.

You'll get on like a house on fire.

Now, you are in love with her, right?

他们听说你每天晚上 都去跟那个寡妇打得火热 那样会惹人注意你
They hear you're out there banging the widow... it tends to call attention to you.

你看 他们俩在客厅打得火热 我... 我想你能不能让我在这呆会
Listen, they're kind of getting busy in the living room and I was wondering if I could hang out in here for a while.
- 打得火熱 打得火热 [da3 de5 huo3 re4] /to carry on intimately with (idiom); ardent relationship (esp. between lovers)/billing and cooing/
+ 打得火熱 打得火热 [da3 de5 huo3 re4] /(idiom) to be on very good terms with each other/to hit it off with sb/to be passionately in love with each other/to carry on intimately with/(of trading, conflict etc) to be in full swing/

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explanation of an otherwise obscure metaphor
- 相濡以沫 相濡以沫 [xiang1 ru2 yi3 mo4] /to moisten with spittle (idiom); sharing meager resources/mutual help in humble circumstances/
# + 相濡以沫 相濡以沫 [xiang1 ru2 yi3 mo4] /(fish) moisten each other with spittle (when water is drying up) (idiom)/to share meager resources/mutual help in humble circumstances/
+ 相濡以沫 相濡以沫 [xiang1 ru2 yi3 mo4] /lit. (of fish) to moisten each other with spittle (when water is drying up) (idiom)/fig. to share meager resources/mutual help in humble circumstances/

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K & GR have "blastula", but in mammals, the blastula is called a "blastocyst".
+ 囊胚 囊胚 [nang2 pei1] /(zoology) blastula/(mammology) blastocyst/

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1. 上天主宰的命運。
- 天數難逃
- 天數已定。
2. 以天計算的期限。
- 工作的天數
- 休息的天數。


"At a deeper level, the core viewpoints underlying such things as zeri and geomancy are that people should conform to the calculus of Heaven, and remain in harmony with the universe (both spatially and temporally)."


number of days:
- 原來他是上過幼稚園的,只是天數少得可憐。
- 也不得不一度將每星期工作天數減為三天。
- 使服務天數不至於縮水。
- 衛生署統計的愛滋病患住院次數、天數都明顯降低。
# 天數 天数 [tian1 shu4] /number of days/
+ 天數 天数 [tian1 shu4] /number of days/fate/destiny/

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New HSK 7-9 #5269

I couldn't recall much about Gao Yang at all, let alone his behavior at the table that day, even though we'd been thick as thieves.

Unfortunately, unlike primary school teachers, middle school teachers do not spend all day with the same children, so there are less opportunities to undertake aphorism instruction.

He spent all his time with the old man, and witnessed his perseverance and insistence on upholding Amis culture.

Another factor is that when he was in prison, he came into daily contact with gangsters, opium addicts, and prostitutes, after which he showed even greater sympathy for the weak and disadvantaged.

if barren deserts have such miraculous creatures, there must be an even more surprising side to the insects around me in everyday life.
# 朝夕相處 朝夕相处 [zhao1 xi1 xiang1 chu3] /be together day and night/
+ 朝夕相處 朝夕相处 [zhao1 xi1 xiang1 chu3] /to spend all one's time together (idiom)/

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