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Change log entry 69516
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-09 06:46:58 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65979 - submitted by 'kevinmaynard' >>

◎ 竟日 jìngrì [all day long] 终日;从早到晚

竟日默默在此。——明· 归有光《项脊轩志》
# 竟日 竟日 [jing4 ri4] /all day long/
+ 竟日 竟日 [jing4 ri4] /(literary) all day long/

Change log entry 69515
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-09 06:45:35 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65981 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

J ~ Recently, the founder of Crazy English Li Yang, in his blog, the one with "all students kneel to the teachers kowtow" photographs, caused many users to reply, mixed.

回帖(reply/reply a topic/reply to a post),又稱為回貼、回post及回覆,論壇術語,是指在論壇發表回覆主題文章的動作。
+ 回帖 回帖 [hui2 tie3] /to reply to an invitation/(Internet) to post a comment on a forum topic/

Change log entry 69514
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-08 04:05:00 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65977 - submitted by 'haton' >>
# 中國商用飛機有限責任公司 中国商用飞机有限责任公司 [Zhong1 guo2 shang1 yong4 fei1 ji1 you3 xian4 ze2 ren4 gong1 si1] /COMAC (Chinese aeronautics company)/

Change log entry 69513
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-08 04:04:26 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65978 - submitted by 'haton' >>
# 中國商飛 中国商飞 [Zhong1 guo2 shang1 fei1] /COMAC (Chinese aeronautics company)/abbr. of 中國商用飛機|中国商用飞机/
+ 中國商飛 中国商飞 [Zhong1 guo2 Shang1 fei1] /COMAC, Chinese aeronautics company (abbr. for 中國商用飛機|中国商用飞机[Zhong1 guo2 Shang1 yong4 Fei1 ji1])/

Change log entry 69512
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-08 04:01:35 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65976 - submitted by 'haton' >>
COMAC (Chinese aeronautics company)
# 中國商用飛機 中国商用飞机 [Zhong1 guo2 shang1 yong4 fei1 ji1] /COMAC (Chinese aeronautics company)/
+ 中國商用飛機 中国商用飞机 [Zhong1 guo2 Shang1 yong4 Fei1 ji1] /COMAC (Chinese aeronautics company)/

Change log entry 69511
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-08 01:58:45 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65161 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
您有聽過「待用餐」(suspended meal)嗎?「待用餐」的概念是由「待用咖啡」衍生而來,「待用咖啡」的文化起源於義大利的咖啡廳,善心人士會先在店家預付一杯咖啡的錢,讓其他有需要但付不出錢的人免費喝咖啡。在臺灣也有越來越多店家提供「愛心待用餐」,給需要的民眾取用。那麼大家最高願意捐助多少金額作為「待用餐點」提供給有需要的人呢?

-台湾“待用餐”:坚守“暖胃暖心” 你吃饭我买单

+ 待用餐 待用餐 [dai4 yong4 can1] /suspended meal (Tw)/

Change log entry 69510
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-08 01:52:19 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 63024 - submitted by 'monigeria' >>
The next incarnation of bear people.


Not sure if this really merits an entry or not. We do already have 熊孩子.

Other ex:
有这样的熊亲戚 真想给他一巴掌!|亲戚|孩子_新浪育儿_新浪网
你讨厌的不是熊亲戚 是在世俗面前无力捍卫自尊心_凤凰资讯

Editor: I'm going with Matic's "coll." and Mo's "busybody relative".
# 熊親戚 熊亲戚 [xiong2 qin1 qi5] /mean relative/
+ 熊親戚 熊亲戚 [xiong2 qin1 qi5] /(coll.) busybody relative/

Change log entry 69509
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-07 21:53:42 GMT)
Comment: format
- 燈塔水母 灯塔水母 [deng1 ta3 shui3 mu3] /immortal jellyfish/Turritopsis dohrnii/
+ 燈塔水母 灯塔水母 [deng1 ta3 shui3 mu3] /immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii)/

Change log entry 69508
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-06 08:28:38 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64585 - submitted by 'polaris' >>
From 汉语大词典|http://www.guoxuedashi.com/hydcd/135673z.html

From 萌典|国语辞典|https://www.moedict.tw/%E5%AF%93%E7%9B%AE

3、〈书〉 look over
From PLC/New Century/ABC
# 寓目 寓目 [yu4 mu4] /(Literary) look over/
+ 寓目 寓目 [yu4 mu4] /(literary) to look over/to view/

Change log entry 69507
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-06 08:16:49 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65193 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
cf. 吃惊

* Maybe adding “/same as 吃驚|吃惊[chi1 jing1]/” would be appropriate, 出惊 seems to be essentially a rare variant of 吃惊, a very common word.
* Using the definition from 吃惊 since it seems a perfect synonym/variant.

| 鲁迅《故乡》:我看时, 不由的非常出惊, 慌忙站起身, 迎着走去。

But when, a moment later, a hand brushed against her breasts, she jumped; a little shriek escaped her.

吴少奶奶出惊地一跳,脸色也变了。 两件东西从她身旁滚落到沙发前的地毯上:一本破烂的《少年维特之烦恼》和一朵枯萎的白玫瑰花。
At this Mrs. Wu Sun-fu started with surprise, and a couple of things she had in her lap tumbled on to the floor: a tattered copy of The Sorrows of Young Werther and a faded white rose.

When I turned around to look I couldn't help but start with surprise. I scrambled to my feet and rushed over to welcome him. (Lyell)
At the first glance I gave an involuntary start, and hastily stood up and went over to welcome him. (Yangs)
I jumped to my feet and rushed over to greet him. (Lovell)
# 出驚 出惊 [chu1 jing1] /to be startled/to be shocked/to be amazed/
+ 出驚 出惊 [chu1 jing1] /see 吃驚|吃惊[chi1 jing1]/

Change log entry 69506
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-06 08:09:52 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64236 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
s.v./v.o. value high talent

| ~若渴
| ~好士
| ~如命。

| 《文明小史.第二三回》:「其实我只爱才的意思,但你所说要改回中国打扮,岂是容易的?」

动 爱慕人才; 爱惜人才。

Leading officials should have the insight to identify the talents, the resolve to use them, the passion to love them and the ways to get them together and should know how to judge and use people and pool the talents together.

You are lucky to have met a teacher who appreciates you.
+ 愛才 爱才 [ai4 cai2] /to admire talented people/to value talent/

Change log entry 69505
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-06 08:06:43 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65200 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
r[esultative].v[erb]. gush; gush/pour out

| 泉水不断~
| ~一大批人才。


The lady fainted at(the)sight of blood pouring from her wound.

Oil poured out of the wreck of the ship .

The people poured out of their building when they heard the fire alarm.

> She was quite full of herself and the words flowed out in a torrent: she spoke of Lianshu's illness, of how it had been with him when he was alive, and even supplied some criticism of her own. (Lyell)
> She rattled on her words pouring out like a flood. She spoke of Wei's illness, incidents during his life, and even voiced certain criticisms. (Yangs)
> The words gushed out of her in a merry torrent, prattle about his illness, about his last few months and about her own views on both subjects. (Lovell)

> He writes only when inspired, and his works are like the rays of the sun, welling up out of an infinite source of light-not fleeting sparks struck from a stone. (Lyell)
> …One writes simply as one feels: such a work is like sunlight, radiating from a source of infinite brightness, not like a spark from a flint struck on iron or stone. This alone is true art. (Yangs)
> ... whatever he writes - or chooses not to write - is an expression of the self; a shaft of sunlight blazing out from an infinite light source, not the occasional spark struck from a flint. (Lovell)

Editor: wrong trad.
# 涌出 涌出 [yong3 chu1] /to gush/to gush out/to pour out/
+ 湧出 涌出 [yong3 chu1] /to gush/to gush out/to pour out/

Change log entry 69504
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-04 22:15:30 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65223 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>

LA: (不論是非)​死命效忠。例 「他甫出道,就有一群死忠歌迷支持他」。

- 只是這對於死忠的「韓粉」而言,依舊不改支持韓國瑜的心。
+ 死忠 死忠 [si3 zhong1] /die-hard (fan etc)/

Change log entry 69503
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-03 21:01:50 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65973 - submitted by 'danielt998' >>
missing bracket
- 波弗特海 波弗特海 [Bo1 fu2 te4 Hai3] /Beaufort Sea (off Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territory/
+ 波弗特海 波弗特海 [Bo1 fu2 te4 Hai3] /Beaufort Sea (off Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territory)/

Change log entry 69502
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-03 20:56:26 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65972 - submitted by 'gregboothe' >>

Editor: A proposal for a word not found in any other dictionary needs to be supported with some evidence.

If 片片面包 means "sliced bread" why are there virtually no results for "买片片面包" or "没有片片面包"?

And yet it's easy to Google up examples for "买切片面包" and "没有切片面包".
1) 请问面包屑哪里有得卖? 如果不嫌麻烦可以自己做。方法是:买切片面包,用微波炉稍烤...
2) 可是如果没有切片面包,你就需要找到面包刀和叉子,费力地从长棍面包上切下三片面包。

With the verbatim setting, Google finds "about 5,310 results" for "买切片面包" but only one result for "买片片面包".
# 片片麵包 片片面包 [pian4 pian4 mian4 bao1] /sliced bread/

Change log entry 69501
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-03 07:52:59 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65132 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
B: 机加酒是一个旅游专有名词,源自台湾,即机票加酒店打包预订,也是现在流行的一种旅游方式。在一站式旅游网站打包预订机票和酒店,其余的行程由游客自由安排,没有随行导游,饮食也是游客自行安排。这种旅游方式给旅客提供了很大的自由性,游客可根据时间、兴趣和经济情况自由选择希望游览的景点、住宿酒店以及出行的日期。在价格上一般高于旅行社的团队旅游产品,但却比分别预订机票和酒店价格要优惠许多。
# 機加酒 机加酒 [ji1 jia1 jiu3] /flight and hotel (travel package)/
+ 機加酒 机加酒 [ji1 jia1 jiu3] /flight and hotel (travel package) (abbr. for 機票加酒店|机票加酒店[ji1 piao4 jia1 jiu3 dian4])/

Change log entry 69500
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-02 12:31:16 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65971 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
I don't think that "quality" is correct.
I imagine it was added because of the following sort of example from LA.

The LA definition is 產生的結果.
That's not "quality" (degree of excellence); literally, it's the 'result achieved'.
I think we could call it "efficacy" but "quality" is off the mark.

Note also that M defines 效果 as 功效, which means "efficacy".

The theatrical sense is mentioned in various dicts.
- 效果 效果 [xiao4 guo3] /result/effect/quality/CL:個|个[ge4]/
+ 效果 效果 [xiao4 guo3] /result/effect/efficacy/(theater) sound or visual effects/

Change log entry 69499
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-02 09:01:49 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65960 - submitted by 'monigeria' >>

据负责法国医学研究的法国国家健康与医学研究院inserm的新闻稿,这一大规模测试的四种治疗方法将包括以下药物组成:瑞德西韦(remdesivir),洛匹那韦(lopinavir) 组合利托那韦(ritonavir),这两种是用于艾滋病病毒的抑制组合药物,以及羟氯喹(hyroxychloroquine)。
# 羥氯喹 羟氯喹 [qiang3 lu:4 kui2] /hydroxychloroquine/
+ 羥氯喹 羟氯喹 [qiang3 lu:4 kui2] /hydroxychloroquine (medication)/

Change log entry 69498
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-04-02 08:59:59 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64633 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
M ~ 接受、承擔。如:「他接下艱鉅的使命。」

- 看中了這個產業與 市場的潛力,願意接下工作,
- 接下任重而道遠的內政部長一職,
- 丁松筠接下社長職務,
- 何勝雄自告奮勇接下了這個工作。
- 剛接下飯店時,
- 沒想到六年後再回到門諾,卻是接下院長的重擔。
- 接下 接下 [jie1 xia4] /continuing on/
+ 接下 接下 [jie1 xia4] /to take on (a responsibility)/

Change log entry 69497
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-02 02:12:01 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65249 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
LA: 應放假而未放假,日後再補給假日。也作「補假」。

1) Wrong simp (補)

2) We have an entry for this now:
補休 补休 [bu3 xiu1] /to take deferred time off (to make up for working during the weekend or holidays)/

3) TP example:
The Kao­hsiung City Government was the first to consider working via LINE as overtime following the Kao­hsiung gas explosions in 2014. Because huge amounts of information needed to be processed and conveyed via LINE, staff in the Information Bureau were preparing and releasing news from their homes often till midnight. So the city government decided to compensate employees: one press release counted as one hour’s overtime.
# 補休 補休 [bu3 xiu1] /compensatory leave/
# Editor:
- 補休 补休 [bu3 xiu1] /to take deferred time off (to make up for working during the weekend or holidays)/
+ 補休 补休 [bu3 xiu1] /to take deferred time off (to make up for working during the weekend or holidays)/compensatory leave/

Change log entry 69496
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-01 23:33:13 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65968 - submitted by 'haton' >>

iciba: 克罗地亚不甘人后,提出了他们自己的维和方案
Not to be outdone, the Croats came up with a peacekeeping proposal of their own.

Editor: Your submission is for 不甘后人 but your example is for a different – though synonymous – expression: 不甘人后.

An example for 不甘后人:
# 不甘後人 不甘后人 [bu4 gan1 hou4 ren2] /not want to be outdone/
+ 不甘後人 不甘后人 [bu4 gan1 hou4 ren2] /(idiom) not want to be outdone/not content to lag behind/
+ 不甘人後 不甘人后 [bu4 gan1 ren2 hou4] /(idiom) not want to be outdone/not content to lag behind/

Change log entry 69495
Processed by: richwarm (2020-04-01 22:00:16 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65103 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
Wp: 台湾日治时代因为来台以西部人较多,故音译为“甜不辣”。

actually in taiwan 甜不辣 seems to be different from classic japanese tempura...

M: 一種日式食品。為日語てんぷら的音譯。將麵粉和水攪成泥漿狀,然後把魚、肉、蝦或蔬菜等沾上麵粉漿,再於入油鍋裡炸熟。今日臺灣一般小吃店的甜不辣是把魚漿炸熟後再煮著吃。也稱為「天婦羅」。

"Taiwanese tempura originates from Japanese cuisine. The southern version of Japanese tempura is generally more tasty then the original. The two primary ingredients of Tian-Bu-la are fish paste and coriander. First the fish paste is put into a big bowl and seasonings are added. One tablespoon of ginger wine, one-teaspoon salt, one teaspoon peppers sesame oil and finally one tablespoon of cornstarch. The fish paste is kneaded and tossed forcefully in a bowl the longer the paste is worked the more visited it becomes sticky fish paste makes for a more delicious and crispier result. A wok is heated and filled half full of salad oil when the oil has not quite reached a boil the Tian-Bu-la is ready for deep-frying. Small lumps of fish frying are flattened and tossed into the wok and fried until yellow. They are then removed and then allowed to drain before being placed on a serving dish. Next a dip sauce is prepared by mixing catsup and soy sauce in a separate dish followed by some sesame oil some prefer to add a little vanilla flavoring. "


"Although it often gets confused with the Japanese dish of tempura due to its name, it doesn't really share any similarities. Tianbula is a kind of local fish cake, which vendors will batter and deep fry and then mix with chili powder, depending on how spicy you want it. The ultimate fried snack, it's like the Taiwanese equivalent of French fries and goes perfectly with a bottle of Taiwan beer. (https://skyticket.com/guide/19076)"

"Different from its Japanese roots however, the concept of oden was later developed and fused with “Tempura” and became “Olen/Tianbula” in their own Taiwanese style, which is used to describe a specific type of snack that is made up by fish cakes, rice blood puddings and meatballs, with special sauce dressing on the top. You might notice the more fancy Japanese styled oden, called Guan-dong-zhu/Kanto-daki available in convenience stores - but nothing beats a plate of good old Taiwanese olen on a chilly afternoon!"
- 甜不辣 甜不辣 [tian2 bu4 la4] /see 天婦羅|天妇罗[tian1 fu4 luo2]/
# + 甜不辣 甜不辣 [tian2 bu4 la4] /Taiwanese tempura, made up of battered and fried fish cake (often accompanied by rice blood pudding and meatballs) with sauce on top (loanword from Japanese)/
+ 甜不辣 甜不辣 [tian2 bu4 la4] /deep-fried fish cake popular in Taiwan (loanword from Japanese "tempura")/

Change log entry 69494
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-03-30 14:16:40 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65967 - submitted by 'jimbob' >>
geographic error correction - British Columbia is not bounded by the Beaufort Sea, but the Yukon and the Northwest Territories are.
- 波弗特海 波弗特海 [Bo1 fu2 te4 Hai3] /Beaufort Sea (off Alaska and British Columbia)/
+ 波弗特海 波弗特海 [Bo1 fu2 te4 Hai3] /Beaufort Sea (off Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territory/

Change log entry 69493
Processed by: richwarm (2020-03-30 05:30:45 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65966 - submitted by 'vermillon' >>
http://dict.youdao.com/example/blng/eng/%E4%B8%80%E4%BA%A9%E4%B8%89%E5%88%86%E5%9C%B0 for examples.

GR and ABC have badly lacking defs (other dics don't have an entry for it)
# 一畝三分地 一亩三分地 [yi1 mu3 san1 fen1 di4] /lit. a land of 1.3 mu (idiom)/fig. one's turf/
+ 一畝三分地 一亩三分地 [yi1 mu3 san1 fen1 di4] /a piece of land of 1.3 mu 畝|亩[mu3]/(fig.) one's turf/

Change log entry 69492
Processed by: richwarm (2020-03-29 20:26:38 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65965 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
only in LA, 2m hits, only a couple k hits for site:.cn
+ 魔鬼氈 魔鬼毡 [mo2 gui3 zhan1] /(Tw) Velcro fastener/touch fastener/

Change log entry 69491
Processed by: richwarm (2020-03-29 20:26:32 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65964 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
seems to appear only in LA
site:.cn 5k hits, site:.tw 239k hits
TP x 1
- 魔鬼粘 魔鬼粘 [mo2 gui3 zhan1] /Velcro fastener/touch fastener/
+ 魔鬼粘 魔鬼粘 [mo2 gui3 zhan1] /(Tw) Velcro fastener/touch fastener/

Change log entry 69490
Processed by: richwarm (2020-03-27 02:42:19 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64201 - submitted by 'polaris' >>
From 汉语大词典|http://www.guoxuedashi.com/so.php?sokeytm=%E6%90%85%E5%B1%8E%E6%A3%8D&ka=100&submit=

后来 “搅屎棍” 引申为搬弄是非,喜欢兴风作浪,到处臭搅和,好事搅成坏事的人,比喻一个人拨弄是非,把事情搞的更糟更臭。原意并无褒贬之分,后来成了十足的贬义词。
From 百度百科|https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E6%90%85%E5%B1%8E%E6%A3%8D/4227915

3、(derogatory) troublemaker

4、娱记何东:娱乐圈的 "搅屎棍"
From http://media.people.com.cn/GB/35928/36355/4028222.html
# 攪屎棍 搅屎棍 [jiao3 shi3 gun4] /(derogatory) troublemaker/
+ 攪屎棍 搅屎棍 [jiao3 shi3 gun4] /(derog.) shit-stirrer/troublemaker/

Change log entry 69489
Processed by: richwarm (2020-03-26 22:52:25 GMT)
Comment: verb - K, GF etc

J - 她也刚刚重生了一样!
- 重生 重生 [chong2 sheng1] /rebirth/
+ 重生 重生 [chong2 sheng1] /to be reborn/rebirth/

Change log entry 69488
Processed by: richwarm (2020-03-26 22:49:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65434 - submitted by 'monigeria' >>
This just jumped up to the front of my phone from Weibo.


The agency 文旅部 is known as Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China.

But it can also be used like:
文旅产业将是未来30年中国最好的投资- 知乎

Perhaps, Matic knows better?

1) We have an entry for 文旅部 now.

2) examples


Cultural Tourism文旅产业
On September 25, 2014, the China National Tourism Administration issued a list of 135 excellent tourism projects that year. More than 80 percent of projects on the list are related to cultural tourism. In some more developed Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the rate is almost 100 percent. Nowadays, the country's cultural tourism is no longer only about exploring existing cultural resources, but rather creating and producing resources for cultural tourism. Compared to existing cultural resources, the emerging new resources for cultural tourism feature technology, cultural diversity, and more eye-catching appearances.

China Cultural Tourism Global Forum
"For 19 years, initiated by China Hotel Magazine, the annual China Cultural Tourism Global Forum has become one of the most premium windows for discussing hot topics of global hotel and tourism industry, a “place” for perceiving cultural tourism and hotel developing direction, an ideal "ferry" for people to sail for a better life."
# 文旅 文旅 [wen2 lu:3] /cultural tourism/culture and tourism/
+ 文旅 文旅 [wen2 lu:3] /cultural tourism/

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Editor: There's not much point in a definition like "break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly" -- the literal meaning of 破茧成蝶 is obvious.

BB ~ 指肉虫或者毛虫通过痛苦的挣扎和不懈地努力,化为蝴蝶的过程。用来指重获新生,走出困境。

"[Xi] used this 成语 [i.e. 破茧成蝶] to explain that while there might be short-term pain from such reform, the pain would be temporary and result in something more beautiful."

The stream of history will change for her? She could break a cocoon into butterfly, and break the curse of the past for the happiness of this life?

冬天像结茧的虫,为了新生积累能量,过程也许是痛苦的,但能磨练人的意志,最终得到破茧成蝶的喜悦! !
Like worm cocoon in winter, in order to accumulate new energy, the process may be painful, but it can hone the will of the people, eventually get the joy of broken cocoon into a butterfly!

At the risk of ruining the ending, on the final page the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.
# 破繭成蝶 破茧成蝶 [po4 jian3 cheng2 die2] /to break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly/
# Editor:
+ 破繭成蝶 破茧成蝶 [po4 jian3 cheng2 die2] /lit. to break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly (idiom)/fig. to emerge strong after a period of struggle/to get to a better place after going through difficult period/

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Editor: "hoist the sails on a voyage" (great or otherwise) doesn't seem correct idiomatic English for the intended sense. To me, in this context, "on a voyage" implies "during a voyage", whereas 扬帆远航 refers to the *start* of a voyage.
# 揚帆遠航 扬帆远航 [yang2 fan1 yuan3 hang2] /to hoist the sails on a great voyage/to undertake a great mission/
+ 揚帆遠航 扬帆远航 [yang2 fan1 yuan3 hang2] /to set sail on a voyage to a distant place/(fig.) to undertake a great mission/

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Editor: The expression was used in a speech. But doesn't seem to be in dictionaries, nor have you provided citations unrelated to Xi's use of the expression in 2019. For now, I'm just going to add an entry for 天亲, which has an entry in HDC. 骨肉天亲 will be readily understood in terms of our definitions for 骨肉 and 天亲. (They both mean "one's flesh and blood").
# 骨肉天親 骨肉天亲 [gu3 rou4 tian1 qin1] /one’s flesh and blood/
+ 天親 天亲 [tian1 qin1] /one's flesh and blood/

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Comment: simplifying a little
- 滲透 渗透 [shen4 tou4] /(of a liquid) to permeate/(lit. and fig.) to seep into/(of a product or idea) to penetrate (in a population)/(of hostile forces) to infiltrate/(chemistry) osmosis/
+ 滲透 渗透 [shen4 tou4] /(lit. and fig.) to permeate/to seep into/(of a product, idea etc) to penetrate (in a population)/(of hostile forces) to infiltrate/(chemistry) osmosis/

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1、[Verb] sleep peacefully
From 新世纪汉英大词典

2、〈LITERARY〉sleep peacefully; be sound (or fast) sleep
From PLC

From 汉语大词典|http://www.guoxuedashi.com/hydcd/128245q.html

4、 睡覺。

5、to sleep peacefully; to be sound or fast asleep
From https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%AE%89%E5%AF%A2#Chinese
+ 安寢 安寝 [an1 qin3] /to sleep peacefully/

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B: 白衣天使即是穿白大褂的护士。意思是说:她们纯洁、善良、富有爱心;她们救死扶伤,童叟无欺。她们被比喻为是奉上帝的差遣到人间来治病救人的天使。 人们都喜欢把护士比喻白衣天使。

M: 護士。如:「她從小就嚮往白衣天使的工作。
+ 白衣天使 白衣天使 [bai2 yi1 tian1 shi3] /"angel in white" (laudatory term for a nurse)/

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v.o. violate a taboo
| 有很多事情在他们家是犯忌的。
| Many things are taboo in their household.

violate a taboo; touch on an unpleasant topic
| 几年前犯忌的话题, 我们现在可以谈论了。
| Now we can discuss topics that would have been taboo a few years ago.

| 入乡随俗,切勿~
| 过年就图个吉利,说话做事都不要~。


动 触犯禁忌。旧时民俗中有许多禁忌, 说了禁忌的话、做了禁忌的事就叫犯忌, 被认为大不吉利。

Any mention of politics is taboo in his house.

What makes certain topics taboo?

> At this point it usually seemed as if those whatchamacallits up there on his head had been transformed into grand and glorious Scars de Scabie, not at all to be confused with the ordinary variety. But as I have said before, our Ah Q was a man of keen insight, and therefore he would realize immediately that he was on the verge of violating his own taboo and would catch himself up in midsentence. (Lyell)
> At this juncture it seemed as if the bald patches on his scalp were noble and honourable, not just ordinary ringworm scars. However, as we said above, Ah Q was a man of the world: he knew at once that he had nearly broken the “taboo” and refrained from saying any more. (Yangs)
> At moments such as these, Ah-Q's ringworm suddenly struck him as a badge of honour for which no sacrifice was too great; far superior to your average, run-of-the-mill dermatological defect. As has been amply demonstrated, however, Ah-Q was a man of exceptional prescience: sensing an imminent breaking of his cherished taboo, he said no more. (Lovell)

The few tribesmen of the village who can still remember the traditional songs are a precious resource, and it was a member of the school's parents association who provided the songs for this performance. Even if the lyrics were in Ami (to avoid breaking taboo), it was at least a step in the right direction.

小千呵呵一笑:“犯忌 呀!破了戒,施法就不灵活了!”
+ 犯忌 犯忌 [fan4 ji4] /to violate a taboo/

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Taiwan's anti-infiltration bill (反渗透法) is making a lot of headlines recently.

反渗透 is in a few dictionaries:

ZMC: reverse osmosis
ADS: antiosmosis
HDD: Umkehrosmose
CF: Osmose inverse
CedPane: reverse osmosis; RO
MOE: 針對敵人滲透我方而行的防制措施。乃以嚴密組織、管制、調查、檢查、偵破,以及運用檢舉、自首為主要方法。以間諜人員組織、陰謀叛亂分子、一切反政府之敵對者為對象。

Originally I was going to add the entire: 反渗透法, but I think the above should suffice.


VoA: Taiwan’s Anti-Infiltration Bill Sends Relations with China to New Low
SCMP: Taiwan’s new anti-infiltration law seeks to curb Chinese communist influence, but it may end up hurting democracy

VoA: 台湾陆委会主委:《反渗透法》是反渗透,不是反交流

Editor: I'm taking out "prevade" in the definition of 渗透 – I think that's off the mark.
(I was responsible for putting it in, back in 2008.)

TP examples of usage of 滲透:
We're No. 1! The Reality Behind Taiwan's Insurance Penetration Ranking

Taiwan's world-leading insurance penetration rate reflects the relative maturity of our insurance market and the fact that our insurance industry contributes far more to our economy than the insurance industries of other nations do to theirs.

The third of the series features the complex components of a reverse osmosis water filter as his performing tool, with an alarm clock on top of the machine and a barrel of cooking oil alongside. As Chiang carefully cuts up the machine's components with a pair of scissors, he looks like an emergency worker dismantling a bomb.

The fact that services are still expanding in this mature market reflects the penetration of convenience stores into daily life

Because cable alleviated reception problems and provided a much greater variety of programming, it quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the island. Even before the passage and promulgation of 1993’s Cable Radio and Television Act, cable TV had a 70% penetration rate in Taiwan. Today, Taiwan has a penetration rate of 80%—high by global standards—and more than 100 cable stations.

The culture of thinking creatively has penetrated all aspects of Wow­prime’s operation.

the new MOC needs to be like a sugar cube in water, dissolving into every ministry and department of the government.

Are you one of those people always glued to their smartphone? Or do you use apps to live a smarter life? Whether for good or ill, cloud technology now permeates almost everything we do. How aware of it are you?

Over the last 20 years Internet technology has seeped into every aspect of human life.

Films are like fireworks, but a series can penetrate the culture more thoroughly

All of this is testament to the massive cultural power of television.
# 反滲透 反渗透 [fan3 shen4 tou4] /anti-infiltration/reverse osmosis/
# Editor:
- 滲透 渗透 [shen4 tou4] /to permeate/to infiltrate/to pervade/osmosis/
+ 滲透 渗透 [shen4 tou4] /(of a liquid) to permeate/(lit. and fig.) to seep into/(of a product or idea) to penetrate (in a population)/(of hostile forces) to infiltrate/(chemistry) osmosis/
+ 逆滲透 逆渗透 [ni4 shen4 tou4] /reverse osmosis/
+ 反滲透法 反渗透法 [Fan3 shen4 tou4 fa3] /(Tw) Anti-infiltration Act (2020), which regulates the influence of entities deemed foreign hostile forces/
+ 反滲透 反渗透 [fan3 shen4 tou4] /anti-infiltration (measures taken against subversive external forces)/(chemistry) reverse osmosis/

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## segment 10 / 16
+ 宗祠 宗祠 [zong1 ci2] /ancestral temple/clan hall/

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Baidu Baike:
中文名 阿西吧(或“西吧”)
外文名 아!씨발!
来源语言 韩语/朝鲜语
来源方式 音译
+ 阿西吧 阿西吧 [a1 xi1 ba5] /aw, fuck! (loanword from Korean 아! 씨발!)/

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- The English name is "the Louvre". Le Louvre is the French name.

- There's no museum in Paris called "Paris Museum" as far as I can see.
- 盧浮宮 卢浮宫 [Lu2 fu2 gong1] /Le Louvre, Paris Museum/more common trad. form 羅浮宮|罗浮宫/
+ 盧浮宮 卢浮宫 [Lu2 fu2 gong1] /the Louvre, museum in Paris/
- 羅浮宮 罗浮宫 [Luo2 fu2 gong1] /Le Louvre, Paris Museum/more common simp. form 盧浮宮|卢浮宫/
+ 羅浮宮 罗浮宫 [Luo2 fu2 gong1] /the Louvre, museum in Paris (Tw)/

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wrong trad: 衝


It's 沖 in the sense LA defines as follows:
(3) (收支)​相互抵消。例 「沖銷」、「沖帳」。

and K defines as
"(5) {accounting} offset; cancel out"
- 對衝 对冲 [dui4 chong1] /hedging (finance)/
+ 對沖 对冲 [dui4 chong1] /hedging (finance)/
- 對衝基金 对冲基金 [dui4 chong1 ji1 jin1] /hedge fund/
+ 對沖基金 对冲基金 [dui4 chong1 ji1 jin1] /hedge fund/

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NC LA etc
+ 沖銷 冲销 [chong1 xiao1] /(accounting) to charge against/to write off/

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It's in lots of dictionaries.
+ 沖賬 冲账 [chong1 zhang4] /(accounting) to strike a balance/to reverse an entry/to write off/

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/on hand/at hand/

Once she has finished shooting the film now at hand,



/one's financial situation/

they have plenty of money in their pockets, so they can spend as they wish

had many friends, and was easy-going about spending

But SMEs have limited resources, and thus a correspondingly lower ability to withstand shocks.

It was only at Chinese New Year, when the grown-ups loosened the purse-strings a little,

But no matter how tight money gets,
# 手頭緊 手头紧 [shou3 tou2 jin3] /short of money/hard up/
# 手頭現金 手头现金 [shou3 tou2 xian4 jin1] /cash in hand/
- 手頭 手头 [shou3 tou2] /in hand (e.g. cash)/
+ 手頭 手头 [shou3 tou2] /on hand/at hand/one's financial situation/

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1、第十三届中国城镇水务发展国际研讨会与新技术设备博览会在渝举行 - - 专家把脉城镇水务未来发展趋势
From http://cq.people.com.cn/n2/2018/1130/c367698-32349598.html

From http://www.mwr.gov.cn/xw/dfss/201907/t20190711_1349043.html

From https://www.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_3790608

From www.gz.xinhuanet.com/2019-03/19/c_1124254350.htm
# 水務 水务 [shui3 wu4] /water matters/water affairs/
+ 水務 水务 [shui3 wu4] /water supply/

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"Adding the label (initiative) doesn't make it entirely clear either, I feel." -->
"Adding the label (military) doesn't make it entirely clear either, I feel."
# 主動權 主动权 [zhu3 dong4 quan2] /(military) initiative/

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Comment: << review queue entry 64084 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
* It seems universally translated as “initiative”, except (sometimes) when not used in a military context — examples below.

n. right to take the initiative

名 使事情能按照自己的意图进行的有利形势
| 掌握主动权

| 一切战争的敌我双方, 都力争在战场、战地、战区以至整个战争中的主动权。(毛泽东《抗日游击战争的战略问题》)

【Military Mandarin Lexicon】
initiative; freedom of initiative.
| 夺取和保持主动权 (seize and maintain the initiative).

国际部队的合作下,我们已开始在我国的 一些关键地区从塔利班手中夺回主动权。
In partnership with the international forces, we have begun to take back the initiative from the Taliban in some key parts of the country.

The initiative was wrested from him by the Hungarian General Staff.

The aggressive campaign gave Roosevelt the initiative that he had seemingly lost.

Any army which, losing the initiative, is forced into a passive position and ceases to have freedom of action, faces the danger of defeat or extermination.

When the enemy is making a converging attack from several directions, a guerrilla unit can exercise initiative only with difficulty and can lose it all too easily.

* Non-military usage:

Without more creative thinking and deft action, Bangkok risks losing the initiative.

该计划不是等待捐资者提出项目建议,而是掌 握 主动权 , 正 在制定一份 以后向捐资者建议的高度优先项目清单。
Rather than waiting for donors to suggest projects, this programme seizes the initiative, and develops a list of high priority projects that are then suggested to donors.

传统上,孩子们都将教师和家长视为学习的源泉;Marvell SMILE Plug等互联性设备使学生能掌握学习的 主动权 , ” 加州桑尼维尔市Ellis小学五年级老师Claudia Olaciregui说。
Children have traditionally looked to teachers and parents as sources for learning; connected devices like the Marvell SMILE Plug empower students to take their education into their own hands,” said Claudia Olaciregui, a fifth-grade teacher at Ellis Elementary School in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Enterprises should have the right to make their own decisions and act independently.For instance, they should have the right to decide how many people they will employ and what should be increased or reduced.

As a definition, "initiative" is problematic. First, it can mean several things. Second, the specific sense that's relevant here isn't even defined in some English dictionaries, such as

[One dictionary that *does* define this specific sense is Encarta (sense #4): "favorable position that allows somebody to take preemptive action or control events". ]

Adding the label (initiative) doesn't make it entirely clear either, I feel.

More examples (TP) ~
"To date Taiwan has always been a price taker in international politics, not a price leader with the power to call the shots. Whatever price others set, we generally just have to take it or leave it, and we have paid a great deal in terms of political, human and economic resources to get where we are today."

Bianco president Coco Fang concurs with this opinion and says: "The only chance we have in mainland China is with own brand products." It may seem on the surface that the way to go is as agents for well known foreign products, but managing someone else's brand is not particularly profitable and firms have little freedom of action, having to make do with little more than paving the way for others.

Taking back control

Hence Ho sees the downloading craze that has swept the world in recent years as a cultural movement by users to reclaim autonomy from record companies.

“It’s always better to be a leader than a follower. Only the leader can take the initiative. Otherwise you’re forced to respond to others’ actions,” says Chen. Innovation is like surfing: if you don’t keep on top of the wave, you’ll go under.

Xue Miao­zhen, the teacher responsible for planning the activity, pointed out that giving students the opportunity to stand at the front of the classroom and teach while teachers misbehaved at students’ desks intentionally upended conceptions about the classroom, offering students both a multi­layered learning experience and a better understanding of the challenges that teachers face.
# 主動權 主动权 [zhu3 dong4 quan2] /(military) initiative/
+ 主動權 主动权 [zhu3 dong4 quan2] /initiative (as in "seize the initiative")/advantageous position that allows one to call the shots/

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B: 例汤一般是指在中式餐厅每天都有提供的汤水。在西餐厅所提供的汤则称为“餐汤”。

What is the soup of the day?

Would you like some salad or soup?The soup of the day is on sale now.

The 78 rmb set is a main course plus soup of the day, which happened to be tom yang soup on the day of my visit, but unfortunately it was too salty to be finished.
+ 例湯 例汤 [li4 tang1] /soup of the day/

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cf. 放羊

v.o. herd sheep

| 陈沂《奔袭刘黑七》:这黑小子, 施展起赶羊的本领来了。

Take my word for it that driving sheep is like pushing a loaded supermarket trolley.

Benny was faster than us, but we greatly outnumbered him and we were able to strategically "herd" him into a clearing where we surrounded him and went in for the kill.

While driving in the country she spotted this farmer herding sheep and asked him "If I guess how many sheep you have will you let me have one?"

Nowadays, the shepherds of Inner Mongolia don't ride horses, they ride electric motorcycles.
+ 趕羊 赶羊 [gan3 yang2] /to drive sheep/to herd sheep/

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Comment: << review queue entry 65954 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
"clasp hands in greeting" is much too abbreviated and could give the mistaken impression that it's a handshake.

4:55 – 5:20

NC ~ make a deep bow with clasped hands out in front of one and moving in an action down to one's knees
K, LA etc.
PLC seems to be wrong: "hands clasped to one's chest" -- the hands are actually as far from the chest as possible during most of the bow.
- 長揖 长揖 [chang2 yi1] /to clasp hands in greeting/
+ 長揖 长揖 [chang2 yi1] /to bow deeply, starting upright with arms straight out in front, one hand cupped in the other, then moving the hands down to one's knees as one bows, keeping the arms straight (a form of greeting)/

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