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Change log entry 78368
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 23:13:44 GMT)
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- 派別 派别 [pai4 bie2] /denomination/group/school/faction/school of thought/
+ 派別 派别 [pai4 bie2] /group; sect; clique; faction; school/

Change log entry 78367
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 22:29:54 GMT)
- 行業 行业 [hang2 ye4] /industry; business/
+ 行業 行业 [hang2 ye4] /trade; profession; industry; business/

Change log entry 78366
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 22:27:40 GMT)
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- 休假 休假 [xiu1 jia4] /to take a vacation/to go on holiday/
+ 休假 休假 [xiu1 jia4] /to go on vacation; to have a holiday; to take leave/

Change log entry 78365
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 22:14:29 GMT)
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- 偏好 偏好 [pian1 hao4] /to prefer/to be partial to sth/preference/
+ 偏好 偏好 [pian1 hao4] /to have a special liking (for sth)/

Change log entry 78364
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 20:08:30 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 72293 >>




Editor: A "sea change" is typically seen as a significant improvement in the situation
- Having mental health as part of the police department is a sea change in law enforcement.
- That is an astounding sea change, after years upon years of many orchestras and opera companies reflexively fearing newer works as box office poison.
- But the invasion of Ukraine has triggered a political sea change, with Berlin now providing artillery and tanks to Kyiv while backing sanctions on Russia’s economy.

A 變天, on the other hand, is not necessarily seen as a good thing:

Liu Kuei-ping, chairman of the Young Sun Frozen Foods Company, recalls that before 1990, mainland China’s share of Japan’s frozen edamame market was less than 2%. He never expected that there would be such a rapid shift in relative status virtually overnight.

But the Hainan government’s more recent plans call for turning the island into an international tourism destination. This is raising the prospect of rapid changes to land policy that could potentially compel Taiwanese to shut down their farms and come home. Should they give up? Many are giving the question careful thought.

An example where the changes are *not* seen in such a negative light:
Starting in 1990, with the great changes in Eastern Europe and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Communist camp collapsed in what seemed to be the twinkling of an eye.
- 變天 变天 [bian4 tian1] /to undergo change in weather/restoration of reactionary rule or the previous regime/
# + 變天 变天 [bian4 tian1] /the weather changes/(fig.) to undergo a sea change/
+ 變天 变天 [bian4 tian1] /to have a change of weather (esp. for the worse)/(fig.) to experience a major upheaval; to undergo sweeping change/

Change log entry 78363
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 19:40:40 GMT)
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- 正確 正确 [zheng4 que4] /correct/proper/
+ 正確 正确 [zheng4 que4] /correct; sound; right; proper/

Change log entry 78362
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 19:20:16 GMT)
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你拿到明信片了吗?Did you get the postcard?
我去要了 不过,广播站那边有点儿乱糟糟的 I requested it, but the radio station's a bit disorganized.
赶快找到它,查查邮戳,指纹和笔迹 Find it quickly. Check the postmark, fingerprints and handwriting.
是,长官!Yes, sir!

He may expect the officer to *start looking* immediately, but he doesn't expect him to "find it* (找到它) immediately.
- 趕快 赶快 [gan3 kuai4] /at once/immediately/
+ 趕快 赶快 [gan3 kuai4] /quickly/

Change log entry 78361
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 18:27:46 GMT)
Comment: "house(idiom)"
- 趁火打劫 趁火打劫 [chen4 huo3 da3 jie2] /lit. to loot a burning house(idiom)/fig. to take advantage of sb's misfortune/
+ 趁火打劫 趁火打劫 [chen4 huo3 da3 jie2] /lit. to loot a burning house (idiom)/fig. to take advantage of sb's misfortune/

Change log entry 78360
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 10:25:28 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73568 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
10 random
- 㑳 㑇 [zhou4] /(old) beautiful/clever/
+ 㑳 㑇 [zhou4] /(old) beautiful; clever/
- 倩裝 倩装 [qian4 zhuang1] /elegant adornment/finely dressed up/
+ 倩裝 倩装 [qian4 zhuang1] /beautiful attire/
- 忙碌 忙碌 [mang2 lu4] /busy/bustling/
+ 忙碌 忙碌 [mang2 lu4] /busy; bustling/
- 腳 脚 [jue2] /variant of 角[jue2]/role/
+ 腳 脚 [jue2] /role (variant of 角[jue2])/
- 論及 论及 [lun4 ji2] /to make reference to/to write about/
+ 論及 论及 [lun4 ji2] /to make reference to; to mention/
- 讀法 读法 [du2 fa3] /reading/pronunciation (of a Chinese character)/
+ 讀法 读法 [du2 fa3] /pronunciation; reading (of a Chinese character)/
- 趁火打劫 趁火打劫 [chen4 huo3 da3 jie2] /to loot a burning house/to profit from sb's misfortune (idiom)/
+ 趁火打劫 趁火打劫 [chen4 huo3 da3 jie2] /lit. to loot a burning house(idiom)/fig. to take advantage of sb's misfortune/
- 造化 造化 [zao4 hua4] /good luck/Nature (as the mother of all things)/
+ 造化 造化 [zao4 hua5] /good luck/
+ 造化 造化 [zao4 hua4] /(literary) Nature; the Creator/
- 重啟 重启 [chong2 qi3] /to reopen/to restart/
+ 重啟 重启 [chong2 qi3] /to restart (a machine etc); to reactivate (a postponed project etc)/
- 步輦 步辇 [bu4 nian3] /(literary) palanquin/sedan chair/to ride in a palanquin/
+ 步輦 步辇 [bu4 nian3] /(literary) palanquin; sedan chair/(literary) to ride in a palanquin/

Change log entry 78359
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 10:25:20 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73569 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
- 古柯鹼 古柯碱 [gu3 ke1 jian3] /cocaine (loanword)/also written 可卡因[ke3 ka3 yin1]/
+ 古柯鹼 古柯碱 [gu3 ke1 jian3] /cocaine (loanword)/

Change log entry 78358
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 09:06:21 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 禮貌 礼貌 [li3 mao4] /courtesy/manners/
+ 禮貌 礼貌 [li3 mao4] /courtesy; politeness; manners/courteous; polite/

Change log entry 78357
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 09:01:46 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73567 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
random 10
# = 債務證券 债务证券 [zhai4 wu4 zheng4 quan4] /debt security/collateralized debt obligation (CDO), type of bond/
- 債務證券 债务证券 [zhai4 wu4 zheng4 quan4] /debt security/collateralized debt obligation (CDO), type of bond/
+ 債務證券 债务证券 [zhai4 wu4 zheng4 quan4] /debt security; bond security/
# the duration of a journey? Possibly Miles's misinterpretation of 一路上 as one of the glosses??
- 沿路 沿路 [yan2 lu4] /along the way/the duration of a journey/
+ 沿路 沿路 [yan2 lu4] /along the way; on the way/area beside a road/
- 礫 砾 [li4] /gravel/small stone/
# + 礫 砾 [li4] /gravel; small stone/
+ 礫 砾 [li4] /(bound form) gravel; small stone/
- 空襲 空袭 [kong1 xi2] /air raid/attack from the air/
# + 空襲 空袭 [kong1 xi2] /air raid; attack from the air/
+ 空襲 空袭 [kong1 xi2] /to make an air raid/
- 老譜 老谱 [lao3 pu3] /old ways/old habit/
+ 老譜 老谱 [lao3 pu3] /old ways; old habit/
= 蒲包 蒲包 [pu2 bao1] /cattail bag/(old) gift of fruit or pastries (traditionally presented in a cattail bag)/
# = 蘇菲 苏菲 [Su1 fei1] /Sophie (name)/Sufi (Muslim mystic)/
- 蘇菲 苏菲 [Su1 fei1] /Sophie (name)/Sufi (Muslim mystic)/
+ 蘇菲 苏菲 [Su1 fei1] /Sophie (name)/Sufi/
# = 鹼性巖 碱性岩 [jian3 xing4 yan2] /basic rock/mafic rock (with less silicon and more magnesium, iron etc)/
# I think it's a construct, and doubt that it means mafic rock.
- 鹼性巖 碱性岩 [jian3 xing4 yan2] /basic rock/mafic rock (with less silicon and more magnesium, iron etc)/
- 正點 正点 [zheng4 dian3] /on time/punctual (of train etc)/awesome (slang)/
# + 正點 正点 [zheng4 dian3] /on time; punctual (of train etc)/(slang) awesome/
+ 正點 正点 [zheng4 dian3] /(of a train etc) on time; punctual/(slang) awesome/(Tw) on the hour/
# = 視 视 [shi4] /to look at/to regard/to inspect/
- 視 视 [shi4] /to look at/to regard/to inspect/
+ 視 视 [shi4] /(bound form) to look at/

Change log entry 78356
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 08:37:29 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 出色 出色 [chu1 se4] /remarkable/outstanding/
+ 出色 出色 [chu1 se4] /remarkable; outstanding/

Change log entry 78355
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 07:40:34 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73554 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
/(eat sth) with (sth else)/
George Preston's having a beer with his fast food.
Surprisingly, it tastes good if you eat it with watermelon.

/taking advantage of; using/
Then the Pharisees went and had a meeting to see how they might make use of his words to take him.
You know you're not supposed to drink from the container!
By the faint morning sunlight outside the window, Hsi Sung unrolled a scroll of paper and, grasping a brush, began to transcribe the Heart Sutra.
He followed the example of the workers, drinking tea directly from the spout of the teapot,
The two unemployed young people now used their savings to get married and buy a place to live.

/regarding; concerning/
While we're on the subject, we need to talk about the overhead on this place.
- 就著 就着 [jiu4 zhe5] /to be next to (colloquial)/
+ 就著 就着 [jiu4 zhe5] /(eat sth) with (sth else)/taking advantage of; using/

Change log entry 78354
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 06:31:31 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73565 - submitted by 'encn' >>
一粒西瓜籽 ✓
一粒西瓜 ×
- 西瓜 西瓜 [xi1 gua1] /watermelon/CL:顆|颗[ke1],粒[li4],個|个[ge5]/
+ 西瓜 西瓜 [xi1 gua1] /watermelon/CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge5]/

Change log entry 78353
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 06:30:32 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73566 - submitted by 'pascalius' >>
"freediving" is more common than "free diving"
- 自由潛水 自由潜水 [zi4 you2 qian2 shui3] /free diving; skin diving/
# + 自由潛水 自由潜水 [zi4 you2 qian2 shui3] /freediving;free diving; skin diving/
+ 自由潛水 自由潜水 [zi4 you2 qian2 shui3] /freediving; skin diving/

Change log entry 78352
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:41:49 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73551 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

There are various other usages of 洗 in bound forms.
E.g. 洗冤, 洗劫, 受洗 ...

But if one reads the definition I have proposed, it doesn't take much imagination to see how 洗 comes to be used in these words.
洗冤 - lit. to *wash away* (or *erase*) an injustice
受洗 - lit. to be *bathed* (immersed in water for baptism)

And of course, users can note these particular senses if they peruse our 洗 compounds.
Therefore, I would argue that in general we don't need to go into too much detail regarding specialized senses that occur in bound forms.

Other dictionaries (especially larger ones) adopt a different approach and list *all* the bound form senses.
E.g. For 洗, they may include a sense defined as "to redress".
- 洗 洗 [xi3] /to wash/to bathe/to develop (photo)/
+ 洗 洗 [xi3] /to wash; to bathe/to develop (photographs)/to shuffle (cards etc)/to erase (a recording)/

Change log entry 78351
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:41:37 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73556 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
[Xi3 yuan1 Ji2 lu4], I guess.
- 洗冤集錄 洗冤集录 [Xi3 yuan1 ji2 lu4] /"Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified" (1247) by Song Ci 宋慈[Song4 Ci2], said to be the world's first forensic science text/
+ 洗冤集錄 洗冤集录 [Xi3 yuan1 Ji2 lu4] /"Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified" (1247) by Song Ci 宋慈[Song4 Ci2], said to be the world's first forensic science text/

Change log entry 78350
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:41:24 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73557 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
+ 集錄 集录 [ji2 lu4] /to compile (various texts) into book form/a compilation/

Change log entry 78349
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:41:13 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73558 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

- 惡意毀謗或攻擊他人。例 「言語中傷」、「惡意中傷」。
- 受傷。例 「那次槍戰中,他不幸中傷」。
- 中傷 中伤 [zhong4 shang1] /to slander/to smear/
+ 中傷 中伤 [zhong4 shang1] /to slander; to defame/to get hit (by a bullet); to be wounded/

Change log entry 78348
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:40:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73559 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
- 嫉妒 嫉妒 [ji2 du4] /to be jealous/to envy/to hate/
+ 嫉妒 嫉妒 [ji2 du4] /to be jealous of; to envy/
- 忌妒 忌妒 [ji4 du5] /to be jealous of/to envy/jealousy/envy/
+ 忌妒 忌妒 [ji4 du5] /to be jealous of; to envy/

Change log entry 78347
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:40:12 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73560 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

- 惡意中傷 恶意中伤 [e4 yi4 zhong4 shang1] /malicious libel/slander/
+ 惡意中傷 恶意中伤 [e4 yi4 zhong4 shang1] /to slander maliciously/
- 惡語中傷 恶语中伤 [e4 yu3 zhong4 shang1] /vicious slander/to calumny maliciously/
+ 惡語中傷 恶语中伤 [e4 yu3 zhong4 shang1] /to slander viciously/

Change log entry 78346
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:39:57 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73561 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
- 得中 得中 [de2 zhong4] /to succeed in an imperial examination/successful/to hit the target/to win (the lottery)/suitable/proper/just right/
+ 得中 得中 [de2 zhong4] /(as in an imperial examination) to be a successful candidate/to draw a winning ticket (in a lottery)/
+ 得中 得中 [de2 zhong1] /moderate; appropriate; suitable/

Change log entry 78345
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:39:44 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73562 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

Not "successful bidder" afaics.
- 中標 中标 [zhong4 biao1] /to win a tender/successful bidder/
+ 中標 中标 [zhong4 biao1] /to win a tender; to win a bid/

Change log entry 78344
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:39:30 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73563 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
A "bell canopy" is the decorative fabric cover that hangs from the ceiling over a bed.

* * *

Since summer, the tree-lined boulevard of Taipei's Tunhwa Road has been home to nine striking new works of public art. "Droning Scenery," an installation by artist Ku Shih-yung, features six bell shapes made of resin and mounted high above the ground. Walk underneath and you hear a droning sound which blankets out the roar of the traffic.

vertical bell-type furnace ==> 立式钟罩炉
vacuum bell jar ==> 真空钟罩

dome (used to enclose or protect sth); bell jar

Cantonese Wp ~ 鐘形罩(英文:bell jar)係物理學上有陣時喺實驗嗰陣會用到嘅架生

(includes pic)
- 鐘罩 钟罩 [zhong1 zhao4] /bell canopy/
+ 鐘罩 钟罩 [zhong1 zhao4] /bell jar; dome (used to enclose or protect sth)/

Change log entry 78343
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2023-03-27 05:39:16 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 73564 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
This was a sub of mine.
I now think "aril" is probably wrong, based on just one translated sentence.
I think it could refer to the seed PLUS the casing around the seed (种+实), ie seed+aril, or pod (containing seeds).
Anyway, I'm not sure, and I'd like to delete the entry for now.
- 種實 种实 [zhong3 shi2] /seed/seedpod/aril/

Change log entry 78342
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 05:32:58 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 真誠 真诚 [zhen1 cheng2] /true/sincere/genuine/
+ 真誠 真诚 [zhen1 cheng2] /sincere; genuine; true/

Change log entry 78341
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 00:48:24 GMT)
Comment: ;

- 鐘室 钟室 [zhong1 shi4] /belfry/clock room/
+ 鐘室 钟室 [zhong1 shi4] /bell chamber (at the top of a bell tower)/

Change log entry 78340
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 00:31:22 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 重視 重视 [zhong4 shi4] /to attach importance to sth/to value/
+ 重視 重视 [zhong4 shi4] /to attach importance to sth; to value/

Change log entry 78338
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 00:24:51 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中意 中意 [zhong4 yi4] /to take one's fancy/to be to one's liking/
+ 中意 中意 [zhong4 yi4] /to take one's fancy; to be to one's liking/

Change log entry 78337
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 00:22:42 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中選 中选 [zhong4 xuan3] /to win an election/to get a position by passing the imperial exam/
+ 中選 中选 [zhong4 xuan3] /to be chosen; to be selected/

Change log entry 78336
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-27 00:07:07 GMT)
- 中試 中试 [zhong1 shi4] /pilot-scale/
+ 中試 中试 [zhong1 shi4] /pilot test (in product development etc)/
+ 中試 中试 [zhong4 shi4] /to pass a test/

Change log entry 78335
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:56:30 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 完成 完成 [wan2 cheng2] /to complete/to accomplish/
+ 完成 完成 [wan2 cheng2] /to complete; to accomplish/

Change log entry 78334
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:55:29 GMT)
Comment: format
- 中時 中时 [Zhong1 Shi2] /China Times (newspaper), abbr. for 中國時報|中国时报[Zhong1 guo2 Shi2 bao4]/
+ 中時 中时 [Zhong1 Shi2] /China Times (newspaper) (abbr. for 中國時報|中国时报[Zhong1 guo2 Shi2 bao4])/

Change log entry 78333
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:54:42 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中式 中式 [zhong4 shi4] /to pass an exam (or the imperial exam)/to qualify/
+ 中式 中式 [zhong4 shi4] /to pass the imperial examinations/

Change log entry 78332
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:49:19 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中簽 中签 [zhong4 qian1] /to win a ballot/to draw a lucky number/
+ 中簽 中签 [zhong4 qian1] /to win a ballot; to draw a lucky number/

Change log entry 78331
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:48:39 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中魔 中魔 [zhong4 mo2] /to be possessed/to be bewitched/
+ 中魔 中魔 [zhong4 mo2] /to be possessed; to be bewitched/

Change log entry 78330
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:48:05 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中肯 中肯 [zhong4 ken3] /pertinent/apropos/
+ 中肯 中肯 [zhong4 ken3] /pertinent; apropos/

Change log entry 78329
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:45:45 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中獎 中奖 [zhong4 jiang3] /to win a prize/a successful gamble/
+ 中獎 中奖 [zhong4 jiang3] /to win a prize (in a lottery etc)/

Change log entry 78328
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:44:25 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中將 中将 [zhong1 jiang4] /lieutenant general/vice admiral/air marshal/
+ 中將 中将 [zhong1 jiang4] /lieutenant general; vice admiral; air marshal/

Change log entry 78327
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:40:59 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中計 中计 [zhong4 ji4] /to fall into a trap/taken in by a stratagem/cheated/ripped off/
+ 中計 中计 [zhong4 ji4] /to fall into a trap; to be taken in/

Change log entry 78326
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:37:16 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中毒 中毒 [zhong4 du2] /to be poisoned/poisoning/
+ 中毒 中毒 [zhong4 du2] /to be poisoned/

Change log entry 78325
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:34:50 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 重地 重地 [zhong4 di4] /important place/strategic location/
+ 重地 重地 [zhong4 di4] /location of political, economic, military, or cultural importance (usu. not open to the general public); sensitive area/

Change log entry 78324
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:27:33 GMT)
- 種地 种地 [zhong4 di4] /to farm/to work the land/
+ 種地 种地 [zhong4 di4] /to farm; to work the land/

Change log entry 78323
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:26:46 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中的 中的 [zhong4 di4] /to hit the target/to hit the nail on the head/
+ 中的 中的 [zhong4 di4] /to hit the target/(fig.) to hit the nail on the head/

Change log entry 78322
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:25:27 GMT)
Comment: ;
- 中彈 中弹 [zhong4 dan4] /hit by a bullet/shot/
+ 中彈 中弹 [zhong4 dan4] /to get hit by a bullet; to get shot/

Change log entry 78321
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 23:24:06 GMT)
- 中彩 中彩 [zhong4 cai3] /to win a lottery/
+ 中彩 中彩 [zhong4 cai3] /to win a prize at a lottery/

Change log entry 78320
Processed by: richwarm (2023-03-26 22:43:25 GMT)
- 電影院 电影院 [dian4 ying3 yuan4] /cinema/movie theater/CL:家[jia1],座[zuo4]/
+ 電影院 电影院 [dian4 ying3 yuan4] /cinema; movie theater/CL:家[jia1],座[zuo4]/

Change log entry 78319
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# 𦀇 经 [jing1] /variant of 经/

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- 送 送 [song4] /to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send/
+ 送 送 [song4] /to send; to deliver; to transmit/to give (as a present)/to see (sb) off/to accompany; to go along with/

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