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Change log entry 68519
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-23 23:40:45 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64747 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
(medicine, chess etc) - see various dicts

The weightlifting practice area, located in the National College of Physical Education and Sports (CPES), is where national team members congregate to work out.

Chiang Yi-hsuan, a second-grader, often rubs her little hands raw on the gymnastics bars, but she remains undeterred. According to her father, she often says: "I want to make the national team by sixth grade."

Though most stores' shutters are still firmly closed, retired international cyclist Sean Huang's small bicycle shop is a hive of activity.

目前除大陸外,推動象棋步上專業化的國家就是越南了,在經濟拮据的情形下,越南政府仍每個月給「 國手」足以生活的費用。
In addition to mainland China, Vietnam is a key supporter of efforts to internationalize Chinese chess. In spite of the country's difficult economic situation, the government still provides the members of the national Chinese chess team with a stipend that is sufficient to live on.

to help train the Chinese Taipei Olympic karate team.

Though the school has only about 350 students, it has produced several famous professional baseball players, including Chen Yi-hsin, Wang Kuang-hwei and Wang Kuang-hsi.

is the first Olympic athlete to hold this position.

With vocal support from Stan Shih the project has attracted sponsorship from sports and business notables like Fubon Group chairman Daniel Tsai, UMC honorary vice-chairman John Hsuan, and renowned Taiwanese golfer Hsieh Min-nan.

I'm Huang Baile. I'm 36 years old and I've represented Taiwan in international rock climbing competitions for over ten years.
+ 國手 国手 [guo2 shou3] /(sports) member of the national team/national representative/(medicine, chess etc) one of the most highly skilled practitioners in one's country/

Change log entry 68518
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-23 23:39:18 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65123 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
In 2009, I added
穎 颖 [Ying3] /surname Ying/
on the basis of some pretty flimsy evidence.

No other dict, it seems, says that 穎 is a surname.
潁, on the other hand, *is* a surname, according to LA, K, GR & HDC.
- 穎 颖 [Ying3] /surname Ying/
# 潁 颍 [ying3] /grain husk/tip of sth short and slender/
- 潁 颍 [Ying3] /river in Henan and Anhui/
+ 潁 颍 [Ying3] /surname Ying/river in Henan and Anhui/

Change log entry 68517
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-23 23:02:23 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65118 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
* Traditional character is 臺, not 台.
* Historically it as been rendered as taot(')tai, but now will more likely appear as daotai as pinyin is replacing Wade-Giles even in historical terms that have already entered English.
* 道台 has historically been translated as "taotai" so that's a wrong word to use in the definition, but defining 道台 in a one-word gloss "taotai" isn't very useful.
* By separating "taotai" and the explanation of what a taotai is, it becomes unclear whether these two glosses refer to the same sense or not.

n. 〈hist.〉 magistrate of a dào

intendant of a circuit (an administrative division)


A circuit (Chinese: 道; pinyin: dào or Chinese: 路; pinyin: lù) was a historical political division of China and is a historical and modern administrative unit in Japan. The primary level of administrative division of Korea under the Joseon and in modern North and South Korea employs the same Chinese character as the Chinese and Japanese divisions but, because of its relatively greater importance, is usually translated as province instead.
Under the Qing, they were overseen by a circuit intendant or tao-tai (Chinese: 道臺; pinyin: dàotái). The circuit intendant of Shanghai was particularly influential.

The circuit intendant or daotai of Shanghai, also formerly romanized as taotai or tao tai, was an imperial Chinese official who oversaw the circuit of Shanghai, then part of Jiangsu Province, in the Qing Empire.

(historical) Synonym of circuit intendant: a local governor of late imperial China.

Alternative form of daotai

Circuit intendants (daoyuan 道員, daotai 道臺 or guancha 觀察) were supervisors of special administration zones directly subordinated to central government agencies. The territory of their jurisdiction was the circuit (lu 路 or dao 道), which normally included several districts, sometimes overlapping provincial boundaries. Because they organized financial and economical matters, also in the treaty ports, Western merchants had often business with circuit intendants. In Western sources they are called taotai or tao-t‘ai.

Examples of "daotai" in modern English-language published sources:
To the vice consul's complaint, the daotai responded in two ways. First, he informed the vice consul that the barrier was acting in accordance with new regulations issued by Zeng Guofan, GovernorGeneral of Liangjiang. (Treaty Ports in Modern China: Law, Land and Power, Routledge, 2016)
After the salt merchants discovered the plan to violate the state monopoly, they reported to the daotai (circuit intendant) that a band of "lawbreaking evil people" was pilfering salt. (Tears from Iron: Cultural Responses to Famine in Nineteenth-Century China, University of California Press, 2008)
In the early 1870s the Shanghai daotai was Shen Bingcheng, followed by Feng Junguang; the American consul-general was George F. Seward, nephew of President Abraham Lincoln's secretary of state. (Stepping Forth into the World: The Chinese Educational Mission to the United States, 1872-81; Hong Kong University Press; 2011)
As far back as 1855 obedience to the land regulations had been enjoined by proclamation of the Daotai upon all Chinese resorting to the settlement. (Order and Discipline in China: The Shanghai Mixed Court 1911-1927, University of Washington Press, 2017)

"Come off it. I know you're a big official--a Daotai, they say. (Lyell)
“Oh, come now, you have been made the intendant of a circuit, and do you still say you're not rich? (Yangs)
'What are you talking about? You work for the government - (Lovell)

※ 道
* "Circuit" seems like the universal English translation of 道 in this sense.
* Dao, as an administrative division has had different uses, so maybe it would be preferable not to compare it to Tang provinces, as that comparison may not be appropriate for all its history.
- 道台 道台 [dao4 tai2] /taotai/ancient official title/
+ 道臺 道台 [dao4 tai2] /(Ming and Qing dynasties) daotai (title for an official responsible for supervising a circuit 道|道[dao4]), aka taotai and circuit intendant/
- 道 道 [dao4] /road/path/CL:條|条[tiao2],股[gu3]/principle/truth/morality/reason/skill/method/Dao (of Daoism)/to say/to speak/to talk/classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doors etc), questions (in an exam etc), commands, courses in a meal, steps in a process/(old) administrative division (similar to province in Tang times)/
+ 道 道 [dao4] /road/path/CL:條|条[tiao2],股[gu3]/principle/truth/morality/reason/skill/method/Dao (of Daoism)/to say/to speak/to talk/classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doors etc), questions (in an exam etc), commands, courses in a meal, steps in a process/(old) circuit (administrative division)/

Change log entry 68516
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-23 20:49:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64949 >>
place name

Wrong character.
It's 颍, not 颖.

There are more than forty times as many mentions of 颍上县 on Chinese government websites as there are of 颖上县.
Google ("verbatim" setting):
"颖上县" site:.gov.cn - 364 results
"颍上县" site:.gov.cn - 15,800 results
# 穎上 颖上 [ying3shang4] /Yingshang county in Anhui/
# Editor:
- 穎上縣 颖上县 [Ying3 shang4 xian4] /Yingshang county in Anhui/

Change log entry 68515
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-23 19:40:57 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65120 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
# 丟包 丢包 [diu1 bao1] /packet loss (computing)/
+ 丟包 丢包 [diu1 bao1] /(computing) packet loss/to lose a packet/

Change log entry 68514
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-23 05:15:09 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65116 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
- 巴爾幹 巴尔干 [Ba1 er3 gan1] /Balkan/
+ 巴爾幹 巴尔干 [Ba1 er3 gan4] /Balkan/
- 巴爾幹半島 巴尔干半岛 [Ba1 er3 gan1 Ban4 dao3] /Balkan Peninsula/
+ 巴爾幹半島 巴尔干半岛 [Ba1 er3 gan4 Ban4 dao3] /Balkan Peninsula/

Change log entry 68513
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-23 02:37:03 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65115 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
Came across this sense here:

Also on the Web ~ 许多超龄的天才儿童已能呈现像大人般成熟的技巧

And I found that in TP, this sort of usage is actually more common than the "overage" sense, even though it doesn't seem to be mentioned in dictionaries.

You may be startled to hear such "hoary wisdom" from mere children of ten or so years of age. Whose words are these coming from the mouths of babes?

Moreover, long-term viewing of sex videos can be connected to aberrant behavior. There was a case in the Minsheng Primary School in Taipei City of a sixth grader who pulled up girls' skirts, lay on the ground to peep at their underwear, and even stood close to people to grope and embrace them. Later it was discovered that he routinely watched sex videos and sex programs for entertainment, and learned those things from the videos.

Sent to elementary school two years earlier than other children, Chi Kuo-chang had to force himself to act more mature than his age.

When he was little, Wang was extremely sensitive to art and highly creative. He drew quickly and well. He would often help his classmates do their art homework. Once, he quickly drew more than ten different versions of the same assignment. Worried that his teacher would be able to tell that they all came from the same hand, he used a different style for each.

Yip spent many of his adolescent days roaming the streets in a cheap suit, dressing beyond his age in his impatience to declare that he was not far from joining the "adult world." At the same time he longed with all his heart for a career in some field related to the arts. He was very much influenced in this by his older brother, Alain Yip, who had already made a name for himself as a photographer, and Tim decided to study photography at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has compared drawing and photography to "two powerful door gods" who pointed the way forward for him.

This sense of maturity is reflected in their music too.
- 超齡 超龄 [chao1 ling2] /too old/overage/
+ 超齡 超龄 [chao1 ling2] /too old/overage/(of attributes such as wisdom, sensitivity etc) characteristic of a person some years older than oneself/

Change log entry 68512
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-23 02:36:09 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65114 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
B: 餐食,是一个汉语词汇,拼音cān shí,释义为饭食。

Are there any special requirement for school meals?

Perhaps these mollusks are considered guilty by association, since they often appear in decadent restaurant meals that are overloaded with calories.

Yes, with my meal, please.

Editor: found some TP examples such as the following

but the airline was unable to rustle up meals for seven or eight hundred.

Taiwan's public elementary and second- ary schools get the food for their school lunch programs through different supply channels. Different supply channels lead to different problems.

When receiving outside visitors, he invites fellow Rukai to prepare food and perform traditional songs and dances, and he shares his proceeds with them.
+ 餐食 餐食 [can1 shi2] /food/meal/

Change log entry 68511
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-22 20:07:45 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65113 >>
The measure word for 本子 is 个 and not 本.

Some counterexamples ~
- 我这三本本子,大概能卖多少钱
- 這本本子所記就是「五七一工程紀要」
- 我到底应该要用这本本子来记录什么呢,好苦恼!
- 学生练习本子60页8本装每色两本
- 如果买了两本一样的本子用来做笔记,你会如何分辨它?
- 我要買的本子太受歡迎了所以攤主都規定一人限購一本要買兩本以上的話就只能靠隊友支援啦!
# 本子 本子 [ben3 zi5] /book • notebook • edition • CL: 个 (gè) <CC>/

Change log entry 68510
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-22 01:37:54 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65109 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
Further details on the deadlines and requirements of the course are given below.

我真实相信所有的截止期限都是不合理的, 不管它给你多少时间。
I truly believe that all deadlines are unreasonable regardless of the amount of time given.

领袖问, 会人对截止期限压力产生反应, 和如何会团队工作一起完成一个力大无比的任务?。
How, the leaders asked, would people react to the deadline pressure, and how would the teams work together to accomplish a Herculean mission?
+ 截止期限 截止期限 [jie2 zhi3 qi1 xian4] /deadline/

Change log entry 68509
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-22 01:35:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65108 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>

Editor: another link ~ https://thedinernews.com/saving-your-shop-3-discount/
# 翻桌率 翻桌率 [fan1 zhuo1 lu:4] /table turnover (in a restaurant etc)/
+ 翻桌率 翻桌率 [fan1 zhuo1 lu:4] /table turnover rate (in a restaurant)/

Change log entry 68508
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-22 01:23:53 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65107 - submitted by 'pzelchenko' >>
Perhaps you should check all entries that have either cosy (e.g., 暖烘烘/暖融融) or cozy (e.g., this) and include both spellings to facilitate searches.

If you want to look up the Chinese for an English expression, using cc-cedict should be a last resort.
It's optimized as a Chinese-to-English dictionary, not the reverse.
We don't clutter the definitions of Chinese words with multiple spellings of the same word, or include superfluous synonyms, etc.

That's why cc-cedict's format guidelines specify that we use American English:
"American English should be used for the English definitions."

(It's not because we are Americans, btw. Most of the people currently volunteering on cc-cedict aren't American.)

If you want to go from English to Chinese, use an English-Chinese dictionary instead, such as Cambridge.
There, you can look up either "cosy" or "cozy", and the results are much better than what you get from a Chinese-English dictionary like ours.

If you have trouble reading the Chinese definition, there are tools that can help, such as Zhongwen for Chrome.
Or you can paste the Chinese into MDBG's text box ~ https://www.mdbg.net/chinese/dictionary#text
You can also paste a Chinese definition into Google Translate, and the pinyin for each word will be displayed.

Anyway, "cozy" appears to be the usual American spelling, so I'm changing 'cosy' to 'cozy' in our entries.
# - 舒適 舒适 [shu1 shi4] /cozy/snug/
# + 舒適 舒适 [shu1 shi4] /cosy (cozy)/snug/
- 暖烘烘 暖烘烘 [nuan3 hong1 hong1] /nice and warm/cosy/heartwarming/
+ 暖烘烘 暖烘烘 [nuan3 hong1 hong1] /nice and warm/cozy/heartwarming/
- 暖融融 暖融融 [nuan3 rong2 rong2] /comfortably warm/cosy/
+ 暖融融 暖融融 [nuan3 rong2 rong2] /comfortably warm/cozy/
- 申申 申申 [shen1 shen1] /cosy and comfortable/to repeat endlessly/
+ 申申 申申 [shen1 shen1] /cozy and comfortable/to repeat endlessly/

Change log entry 68507
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-21 20:50:18 GMT)
Comment: Just noticed that I inadvertently deleted this entry.
Reinstating it.
# 瑪德琳 玛德琳 [ma3 de2 lin2] /madeleine (French cake)/
+ 瑪德琳 玛德琳 [Ma3 de2 lin2] /Madeleine (name)/

Change log entry 68506
Processed by: monigeria (2019-10-21 12:40:55 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65076 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
+ 穆勒鞋 穆勒鞋 [mu4 le4 xie2] /mule shoes (loanword)/

Change log entry 68505
Processed by: monigeria (2019-10-21 12:40:28 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65075 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
B: 乐福鞋的英文原词是“Loafer”,“Loaf”一词的本意指的是一种闲散的生活方式,而Loafer就代表着一群拥有这种闲适自在的生活态度的人。

+ 樂福鞋 乐福鞋 [le4 fu2 xie2] /loafer shoes (loanword)/

Change log entry 68504
Processed by: monigeria (2019-10-21 12:39:24 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65099 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>

Now some photos of the figures in place on the middle gun deck without the roof on.
+ 人偶 人偶 [ren2 ou3] /puppet/figure/

Change log entry 68503
Processed by: monigeria (2019-10-21 12:38:40 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65077 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
LA: 發育成熟的女性,因子宮內膜週期性的脫落而產生出血等生理現象的期間。即月經期。
+ 生理期 生理期 [sheng1 li3 qi1] /menstrual period/

Change log entry 68502
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-21 06:28:52 GMT)
Comment: nonprofit
American dictionaries don't use the hyphen.
- 非盈利 非盈利 [fei1 ying2 li4] /non-profit/
+ 非盈利 非盈利 [fei1 ying2 li4] /nonprofit/
- 非營利 非营利 [fei1 ying2 li4] /non-profit/not for profit/
+ 非營利 非营利 [fei1 ying2 li4] /nonprofit/not for profit/
- 非盈利的組織 非盈利的组织 [fei1 ying2 li4 de5 zu3 zhi1] /non-profit organization/
+ 非盈利的組織 非盈利的组织 [fei1 ying2 li4 de5 zu3 zhi1] /nonprofit organization/
- 非盈利組織 非盈利组织 [fei1 ying2 li4 zu3 zhi1] /non-profit organization/
+ 非盈利組織 非盈利组织 [fei1 ying2 li4 zu3 zhi1] /nonprofit organization/

Change log entry 68501
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 02:56:06 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65097 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

农友是一个汉语词语,拼音为nónɡ yǒu,释义为我国民主革命初期对贫苦农民称呼。


The period 1840 to 1919 forms a complete cycle of China’s Old Democratic Revolution, which finally toppled the Qing Dynasty, China’s last imperial and feudal dynasty, and made the country a republic.

For example, a farmer named Chu from Meinung Village, Peinan, planted an orchard of 1,000 atemoya trees.

He recruited 150 association farmers who got along well to create a "core" farm,
+ 農友 农友 [nong2 you3] /our peasant friends (political term used in the early years of the Old Democratic Revolution, 1840-1919)/(Tw) (coll.) farmer/

Change log entry 68500
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 02:23:41 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65096 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
- 新民主主義革命 新民主主义革命 [Xin1 Min2 zhu3 zhu3 yi4 Ge2 ming4] /New Democracy Revolution/
+ 新民主主義革命 新民主主义革命 [Xin1 Min2 zhu3 zhu3 yi4 Ge2 ming4] /(Maoism) New Democracy (aka New Democratic Revolution)/

Change log entry 68499
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-21 01:50:42 GMT)
Comment: + (martial arts)
- 風火輪 风火轮 [feng1 huo3 lun2] /wind-and-fire wheel, weapon used in hand-to-hand fighting/(Daoism) a magical pair of wheels on which one can stand to ride at great speed, used by Nezha 哪吒[Ne2 zha5]/(fig.) never-ending treadmill/
+ 風火輪 风火轮 [feng1 huo3 lun2] /(martial arts) wind-and-fire wheel, weapon used in hand-to-hand fighting/(Daoism) a magical pair of wheels on which one can stand to ride at great speed, used by Nezha 哪吒[Ne2 zha5]/(fig.) never-ending treadmill/

Change log entry 68498
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 01:12:25 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65091 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
+ 速度滑冰 速度滑冰 [su4 du4 hua2 bing1] /speed skating/

Change log entry 68497
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 01:12:15 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65093 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
TP ~ 她喜歡競速輪椅時與風追逐的快感。
She loves the thrill of the wind chasing her when racing her wheelchair.

On the other hand, for speed competition on even track surfaces, [(bike) manufacturers are concerned mostly with the frame's aerodynamics]

With [remote-control] cars the focus tends to be on the exhilaration of racing.

+ 競速 竞速 [jing4 su4] /(sports) to race/racing/

Change log entry 68496
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 01:12:02 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65092 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
+ 競速滑冰 竞速滑冰 [jing4 su4 hua2 bing1] /speed skating (Tw)/

Change log entry 68495
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 01:10:12 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65094 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>

Picture of 哪吒 (Nezha) on the Wind Fire Wheels:

After his resurrection, Nezha came to wield magical weapons granted him by his teacher, such as the wind and fire wheel, flaming spear, silk of the primordial heavens, and ring of the trigrams qian and kun.

and the Third Prince Nezha wears a suit of armor and flies in the sky riding on the Wind Fire Wheels with a golden hoop in one hand and a fire spear in the other.

fig. sense
"Entrepreneurs don't 'marry' their jobs, they are born to work. They have a high need for accomplishment. So as long as the business keeps running, it is like they are on a treadmill, and will never stop,"

It's as if everyone has put on racing wheels, and you can't slow down--lest you get knocked over and trampled by the hordes behind you.

the whole industry seems to have been caught up in a never-ending cycle.
+ 風火輪 风火轮 [feng1 huo3 lun2] /wind-and-fire wheel, weapon used in hand-to-hand fighting/(Daoism) a magical pair of wheels on which one can stand to ride at great speed, used by Nezha 哪吒[Ne2 zha5]/(fig.) never-ending treadmill/

Change log entry 68494
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-21 01:07:15 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65095 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
verb - see GF, LA defs and examples

It turns out that about two-thirds of the names examined were suitable for either women or men.

Can one suit all?

The most commonly accepted definition of online literature is:

In a similar vein, Alexander's deployment of a "one card equals global access" strategy ingeniously links the Taiwanese and mainland markets.

"interchangeable" example - see PLC
- 通用 通用 [tong1 yong4] /common (use)/interchangeable/
+ 通用 通用 [tong1 yong4] /to use anywhere, anytime (card, ticket etc)/to be used by everyone (language, textbook etc)/(of two or more things) interchangeable/

Change log entry 68493
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-20 23:53:59 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64977 - submitted by 'monigeria' >>
Heard a discussion about this on tv.

# 偶像包袱 偶像包袱 [ou3 xiang4 bao1 fu5] /to duty of maintaining one's "celebrity" image/
+ 偶像包袱 偶像包袱 [ou3 xiang4 bao1 fu5] /burden of having to maintain one's image as a pop idol/

Change log entry 68492
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-20 12:07:25 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65087 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
+ 生酮飲食 生酮饮食 [sheng1 tong2 yin3 shi2] /ketogenic diet/

Change log entry 68491
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-20 12:06:10 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65085 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
+ 亞硝胺 亚硝胺 [ya4 xiao1 an4] /nitrosamine/

Change log entry 68490
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-20 12:04:57 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65086 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
+ 羽衣甘藍 羽衣甘蓝 [yu3 yi1 gan1 lan2] /kale/

Change log entry 68489
Processed by: richwarm (2019-10-20 11:52:13 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65088 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
M: 收聽廣播節目的聽眾。如:「這個廣播節目很受歡迎,聽友遍及全省。」

Editor: I left a msg in the comments.
+ 聽友 听友 [ting1 you3] /listener (of a radio program etc)/

Change log entry 68488
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2019-10-20 11:41:43 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65090 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
startling the many ducks on the surface of the river. . . .

Even ten days after the typhoon, the river's surface is still iron-grey,
+ 河面 河面 [he2 mian4] /surface of a river/

Change log entry 68487
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Although they would still come back to Keelung harbor to search for food, it was not a hopeful scene: At the mouth of the water pipe running from the market into the harbor, bits of meat and intestines floated in a thick layer of black oil; a strange smell filled the air.

The theater was full of all kinds of strange odors--tobacco, sweat, urine and the acrid stench of edibles of every description.

She says that apart from the physical pain ichthyosis sufferers have to endure, their appearance and the odor caused by their condition cause other people to react with disdain and avoid contact with them, and this causes psychological trauma too.

It is only recently that the residents of Hsiachuotsu, unable to stand the smell, have begun to protest.

+ 異味 异味 [yi4 wei4] /unpleasant odor/

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"barbershop" - 89 million
"barber shop" - 75 million
"barber's shop" - 0.5 million
- 髮屋 发屋 [fa4 wu1] /barber's shop/
+ 髮屋 发屋 [fa4 wu1] /barbershop/
- 理髮店 理发店 [li3 fa4 dian4] /barber's shop/hairdresser's/CL:家[jia1]/
+ 理髮店 理发店 [li3 fa4 dian4] /barbershop/hairdresser's/CL:家[jia1]/
- 理髮廳 理发厅 [li3 fa4 ting1] /(Tw) barber's shop/hairdresser's/CL:家[jia1]/
+ 理髮廳 理发厅 [li3 fa4 ting1] /(Tw) barbershop/hairdresser's/CL:家[jia1]/
- 理髮院 理发院 [li3 fa4 yuan4] /barber's shop/hair parlor/
+ 理髮院 理发院 [li3 fa4 yuan4] /barbershop/hair parlor/
- 理容院 理容院 [li3 rong2 yuan4] /hairdresser and beauty parlor/barber shop/massage parlor/
+ 理容院 理容院 [li3 rong2 yuan4] /hairdresser and beauty parlor/barbershop/massage parlor/

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Comment: Editor: wrong trad. 板
- 風浪闆 风浪板 [feng1 lang4 ban3] /(Tw) windsurfing/sailboard/
+ 風浪板 风浪板 [feng1 lang4 ban3] /(Tw) windsurfing/sailboard/

Change log entry 68484
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+ 風浪闆 风浪板 [feng1 lang4 ban3] /(Tw) windsurfing/sailboard/

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+ 露華濃 露华浓 [Lu4 hua2 nong2] /Revlon (American brand of cosmetics)/

Change log entry 68482
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Comment: Taiwan —> Tw
- 理髮廳 理发厅 [li3 fa4 ting1] /(Taiwan) barber's shop/hairdresser's/CL:家[jia1]/
+ 理髮廳 理发厅 [li3 fa4 ting1] /(Tw) barber's shop/hairdresser's/CL:家[jia1]/

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# 秒秒鐘 秒秒钟 [miǎomiǎozhōng] /constantly; always; right away; in a couple of seconds/
# Editor:
- 秒秒鐘 秒秒钟 [miao3 miao3 zhong1] /swiftly/rapidly/
+ 秒秒鐘 秒秒钟 [miao3 miao3 zhong1] /in a matter of seconds/swiftly/rapidly/

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Subdialect (from Latin prefix sub- / "under" and Ancient Greek word διάλεκτος / "conversation") is a linguistic term designating a dialectological category between the levels of dialect and idiolect.

Has Victor Mair not coined subtopolect yet?
+ 次方言 次方言 [ci4 fang1 yan2] /subdialect/

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Editor: example ~
未来如果有人对着自己或者别人的手机屏幕吐口水,他可能不是蛇精病,也可能不是在嫌弃你,很可能会是拿手机测DNA 哦。
# 蛇精病 蛇精病 [shéjīngbìng] /(neologism, humorous, slang) mad person/
# Editor:
+ 蛇精病 蛇精病 [she2 jing1 bing4] /(slang) (pun on 神經病|神经病[shen2 jing1 bing4]) crazy person/nutjob/

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Editor: You copy-pasted from the Wiktionary definition:
1. (chiefly Cantonese) constantly; always
2. right away; in a couple of seconds

The first sense doesn't seem to be used much in Mandarin, and I'm going to leave it out of our definition.
Feel free to resubmit with Mandarin examples of that sort of usage.

The second part of the Wiktionary definition sounds like it could mean "soon" or "straight away".
(i.e. implying that an action or change will *start* soon or immediately).
That's not what 秒秒钟 means however.
秒秒钟 refers to the (brief) amount of time the action or change *takes*, not the amount of time before it *starts*.




# 秒秒鐘 秒秒钟 [miǎomiǎozhōng] /constantly; always; right away; in a couple of seconds/
# Editor:
+ 秒秒鐘 秒秒钟 [miao3 miao3 zhong1] /swiftly/rapidly/

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+ 我肏 我肏 [wo3 cao4] /(vulgar) fuck/WTF/
+ 我操 我操 [wo3 cao4] /(substitute for 我肏[wo3 cao4]) fuck/WTF/

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ed: as per discussion.
# 我曹 我曹 [wo3 cao2] /(archaic) we/us/
+ 我曹 我曹 [wo3 cao2] /(archaic) we/us/(Internet slang) (substitute for 我肏[wo3 cao4]) fuck/WTF/
+ 臥槽 卧槽 [wo4 cao2] /(Internet slang) (substitute for 我肏[wo3 cao4]) fuck/WTF/

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+ 頭胸部 头胸部 [tou2 xiong1 bu4] /cephalothorax/

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It isn't referred to as "national painting" except when giving a literal rendition of the two characters.

<<Painting in the traditional style is known today in Chinese as guóhuà (simplified Chinese: 国画; traditional Chinese: 國畫), meaning "national" or "native painting", as opposed to Western styles of art which became popular in China in the 20th century.>>

GR ~ peinture chinoise traditionnelle
- 國畫 国画 [guo2 hua4] /national painting/Chinese art/
+ 國畫 国画 [guo2 hua4] /traditional Chinese painting/

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based on dicts, J, and the TP examples below

But in New Zealand's North Island, the broad swathes of grassland are still green,

Early this year, the Associated Press news agency released a picture of a swimmer in a practice session at the World Swimming Championships in Perth, Australia. But the real subject of the photo was a duck flying through the air: seeing the clean water of the swimming pool from on high, this freshly arrived fowl made an imperturbable beeline for it.

On a sunny day in late August, a breeze carries the soothing strains of a gentle melody across the tree-shaded lawn of Forshang Garden on the outskirts of Honolulu.

The city was enclosed by a broad moat lined with weeping willows-the green of which contrasted beautifully with the red of the city gates.

Matisse was a painter who saturated the canvas with shimmering swaths of color. For example, one of his works shows a woman languishing amid the brilliant reds and greens of carpet and upholstery, with a backdrop of bright yellow-and-blue wallpaper.

the dark green oriental plane trees in the European gardens in front of the western-style houses on Huaihai Road,

In Taoyuan County in late September, the poinsettias, which should have been turning red, were still stubbornly green in their pots.

this reporter saw him in a bright orange, turquoise and yellow shirt matched with a colorful tie

The green and sour mangoes on the trees have been transformed instantaneously, becoming lusciously red and ripe.

Tall green bamboo poles of various lengths that held up lanterns swayed in the winds.

The graceful and resonant Arita ware only uses four basic colors--red, yellow, green, and dark blue
+ 青綠 青绿 [qing1 lu:4] /lush green/dark green/turquoise/

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But actually there was tremendous diversity in Northern Song painting styles. The Northern Song took the figure paintings, bird-and-flower paintings and blue-and-green landscapes of the Tang dynasty and brought each of them to new heights. They made the transition from the rich colors of palace ornament to the world of literati paintings.
+ 青綠山水 青绿山水 [qing1 lu:4 shan1 shui3] /blue-and-green landscape (genre of landscape painting originating in the Tang dynasty, in which blues and greens predominate)/

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* Based on Chinese dictionaries 青虾 is one specific species of shrimp, not just any freshwater shrimp (Wikipedia: "Freshwater shrimp is shrimp which lives in fresh water")
* I didn't check how common 日本沼虾 and 河虾 are, it may be appropriate to add these two names also.

n. freshwater shrimp

NOUN freshwater shrimp



名 虾的一种。体长4—8厘米, 青绿色, 头胸部较粗大, 额剑上下缘有锯齿, 前两对步足呈钳状。

拉丁学名: Macrobrachium nipponense

Macrobrachium nipponense is a species of freshwater shrimp found in Asia that was first described in 1849.

Vernacular name "oriental river prawn":
The oriental river prawn Macrobrachium nipponense (Decapoda, Palaemonidae), is widely distributed in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Myanmar. It is also an important commercial fishery resource for aquaculture in China with an annual cultured production of about 265,061 tons and an annual cultured output value of near 20 billion RMB in 2015.

All farmed freshwater prawns today belong to the genus Macrobrachium. Until 2000, the only species farmed was the giant river prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii, also known as the Malaysian prawn). Since then, China has begun farming the Oriental river prawn (M. nipponense) in large quantities, and India farms a small amount of monsoon river prawn (M. malcolmsonii).

In conclusion, the nutritive quality and nutritional composition of "Taihu No. 1" is the same as the wild oriental river prawn from Taihu Lake.

For family style dishes. shrimps can be substituted.

他们诚意的告诉他,小马褂不是人穿的。假如出城去掏麻雀或捞青虾 ,可能穿着马褂吗?

沿湖乡镇在大小湖汊套养青虾8万余亩,年产优质青虾 4000多吨,畅销江苏、浙江、上海等地。

Compared to the Oriental river prawn, grass shrimp, and hunter shrimp, the cherry shrimp is the most sensitive, most widespread, and of the greatest ecological value.

Species Comparison Table
(Common Chinese name - Chinese name - common name - Latin name)
草虾/青虾 - 日本沼虾 - oriental river prawn - Macrobrachium nipponense
+ 青蝦 青虾 [qing1 xia1] /oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense), a species of freshwater shrimp/
# Editor: adding ~
+ 日本沼蝦 日本沼虾 [Ri4 ben3 zhao3 xia1] /oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense), a species of freshwater shrimp, also called 青蝦|青虾[qing1 xia1]/

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1、失溫症(Hypothermia,源自希臘文「ὑποθερμία」),又稱低溫症、低體溫症。描述當人體核心溫度低於35.0 °C(95.0 °F)時的現象。|https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E5%A4%B1%E6%BA%AB%E7%97%87


+ 失溫症 失温症 [shi1 wen1 zheng4] /hypothermia/

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