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To add an entry:
簡易 简易 [jian3 yi4] /simple; easy/

To delete an entry, prefix it with a dash followed by a space:
- 簡易 简易 [jian3 yi4] /simple; easy/

To correct an entry, delete the incorrect entry first and add the corrected entry afterwards:
- 簡易 简易 [jian3 ji4] /zimple; eazy/
+ 簡易 简易 [jian3 yi4] /simple; easy/

To correct / delete an existing entry, find the entry from the Search CC-CEDICT page and click the edit icon.

This entry will be submitted anonymously. To submit these entries using your account:

Segmentation marks for every 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 added entries. A batch will be stored in multiple review queue entries when segmentation marks are added.

Comment to the editors (optional, will be publicly visible in the change log after the entries are accepted):

These entries will be queued for reviewing by the CC-CEDICT editors.

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