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Processed by: richwarm (2021-06-20 23:52:02 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 68780 - submitted by 'goldyn_chyld' >>
i know there were discussions in the past but after continually hearing zi5 any time i hear this word in the context of a girl, i really think we should at least include Taiwan pr.!

1. I’ve never actually heard anyone use zi3, at least not in Taiwan
2. Also common in rap songs, they always use zi5 (at least in Tw)
3. Wiktionary, K and LA all suggest ma3zi5 in this context is actually Tw use (i believe HK also)
4. https://youtu.be/TQG8Z-i6T9E >>> clearly a mainland video and they use zi5 too, listen at 0:45

i don’t have much experience of this word from mainland to suggest we should change the main py tone to zi5, but should imo at the very least include Taiwan pr.
- 馬子 马子 [ma3 zi3] /(slang) girl/chick/babe/
# + 馬子 马子 [ma3 zi3] /(slang) girl/chick/babe/Taiwan pr. [ma3 zi5]/
- 馬子 马子 [ma3 zi5] /bandit/brigand/gambling chip/see 馬桶|马桶/
+ 馬子 马子 [ma3 zi5] /bandit/brigand/gambling chip/chamber pot/(slang) girl/chick/babe/
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