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New HSK 4 #897

when she starts she feels drowsy, but the more she writes the more energetic she feels.

When Chou was admitted to an intensive care unit early this year, Chang naturally went to visit. "He was OK. When he shook my hand, his was still as warm and strong as ever."

What's so great about that? I say it stinks. I thought we had a rule that we could run around screwing anyone we wanted, just so we didn't get screwed in the process."
Well, I think it's a good idea. What rule? We're playing for thrills.
# 有勁 有劲 [you3 jin4] /to have great strength/vigorous, energetic/
+ 有勁 有劲 [you3 jin4] /vigorous/energetic/interesting/amusing/
By MDBG 2021
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