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New HSK 7-9 #633

This is a small gift for you, please accept it! I've come here today to seek your advice. Please grant me your wisdom.

The phrase "Pu-p'ai legislator" appeared in the article "Young Turk Administrator Jaw Shau-kong" in issue no. 2, volume 17. I'm stumped. What does that mean? Please enlighten me.

Also, the character li in li-min-kuan on line 3 of page 247 should be written with the jade radical, I believe. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
# 賜教 赐教 [ci4 jiao4] /to grant instructions, to condescend to teach, to enlighten/
+ 賜教 赐教 [ci4 jiao4] /(honorific) to impart one's wisdom/to enlighten/
+ 不吝賜教 不吝赐教 [bu4 lin4 ci4 jiao4] /to be so kind as to enlighten me/
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