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The Chinese spokesperson Hua Chunying said: I have seen reports on that topic [Trump saying that China goes back on his word.]. I just want to say "He He".

"He He" (ironically) = "A likely story!", "Oh, really?", "How interesting!"


For example: Somebody does something cool (but it is not). The other person says "he he" (how impressive!, 嘲讽的味道). I have heard it used this way at least.

Editor: That sense is already part of the meaning of "chuckle" and "laughter".
Laughter can be good-natured or malevolent, or somewhere in between.

As Merriam-Webster states, laughter can express scorn:
"laugh : to show emotion (such as mirth, joy, or scorn) with a chuckle or explosive vocal sound".

I don't think anyone would have any problem understanding what "chuckle" means in the Hua Chunying example.

Here's another example of 呵呵:
A: 你快把我爸爸和斯琴的哥哥,还有你们囚禁的所有的人都放了!要不然别怪我不客气!
"Hurry up and release my Dad and Siqin's big brother, and everyone else you've imprisoned! Otherwise, it's no more Mister Nice Guy!"
B: 呵呵!你这个手无缚鸡之力的家伙,能把我们怎么样?不过,放了他们倒是可以,但是要用你们来做交换!
"Ha-ha! You weak, wimpy little guy, what do you think you can do? Still – we can let them go...but we'll need you in exchange!"

Your suggestion "How interesting (ironically)!" doesn't really work here. So do we need to add yet another sense?
"Do you think you scare me? (dismissively)"

I'm sure we could make the definition very long covering the various types of laughter.

Or we could keep it simple – as they say, less is more.
# - 呵呵 呵呵 [he1 he1] /(onom.) gentle laughter/chuckle/
# + 呵呵 呵呵 [he1 he1] /(onom.) gentle laughter/chuckle/How interesting (ironically)!/
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