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adv. according to an agreed amount

ADVERB of exactly the number (or amount)
| 如数偿还
| pay back in full
| 如数到齐
| all present and correct

| ~给付
| 欠你的钱,月底~奉还。

| 《文明小史.第三五回》:「說得毓生滿面羞慚,只得如數給他。」

副 按照规定的或原来的数目
| 如数赔偿
| 欠款已如数还清。

The bequest would be found in his will, and would be paid over.

The registered capital of the applying enterprise has been fully paid in within the prescribed period of time and has been increased in accordance with the law.

As orders from abroad for this Brand are so heavy, we are unable to satisfy your requirements in full.

In line with this decision, 12 000 additional loans were made available by the HKHA to replace an equal number of flats originally planned for sale over the period.

I happen to be in urgent need of $300. I wonder if you could lend me this amount to help me tide over the difficulty. I promise to return you the money on pay day next month. Looking forward to an early reply.

My father will repay you on my behalf within a year. You know my father well and I'll be most grateful to you for any assistance you can give me.

If you're not 100% completely satisfied with any Meguiar's product, just return the unused portion to Meguiar's along with your receipt and we will gladly refund you money.

It's just that everywhere's being affected by the war and a depression's setting in. Every consignment we sent out last week has simply been returned intact.
+ 如數 如数 [ru2 shu4] /in the amount stipulated (by prior agreement)/in full/in the same amount/
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