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According to the Foundation's survey, 11% of students view writing lines as corporal punishment, compared to around 6% of parents and teachers.

In Tainan, a primary school teacher was found to have made pupils who forgot their books kneel on the ground and do written exercises.

When he was in the third grade, Kuo-chun had an extremely strict teacher who punished misbehavior by having the class write lines--20 lines for each item on their vocabulary list. Since each lesson in their Chinese text contained 17 new words, that meant 340 lines.

Thereafter, the teacher gave Kuo-chun the cold shoulder and his classmates ignored him. The teacher also never acknowledged the painstaking work Kuo-chun put into his lines, the late nights spent writing in tear-stained workbooks. Instead, he just handed them off to the head of Kuo-chun's row to check. Huang is still angered by the memory.
+ 罰寫 罚写 [fa2 xie3] /to make a student write sth out many times, as a punishment/writing lines/
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