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Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-08-01 14:01:01 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 66629 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
I think it's just reduplication of 劳碌 with the sense I just submitted (separately) as the new definition of 劳碌: to work hard; to toil.

K says 劳劳碌碌 means "toiling and laboring"
GR says "travailler dur" (which means "to work hard").

So I think each of our 3 glosses is either wrong or off the mark.
All in all, a pretty useless entry.

When can we rest?
- 勞勞碌碌 劳劳碌碌 [lao2 lao2 lu4 lu4] /tiring/difficult to get by/painful/
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