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/to hire/to employ/
That would be a mistake for 錄 as in 錄取 or 錄用.

/to record/to tape/to write down/
That would be a mistake for 錄 as in 記錄 or 筆錄 or 錄製 etc.

"laborious" is probably from 勞碌, so that's not an outright error.

"small stone" -- GR has "gravier" (gravel) and M has something similar.


In my opinion, it's wrong for dictionaries to define 碌 as if it's a free word. It's not: it's a bound form, and it's a bound form that has no clear, consistent meaning across each of its compounds. It's not like the bound form 緻, which has a consistent meaning that can be inferred from its compounds. Compounds containing 碌 can be defined, but defining 碌 itself seems pointless.
- 碌 碌 [lu4] /laborious/small stone/to record/to tape/to write down/to hire/to employ/
+ 碌 碌 [lu4] /(bound form used in 忙碌[mang2 lu4], 勞碌|劳碌[lao2 lu4], 庸碌[yong1 lu4] etc)/
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