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※ 监学


> During the first year of Xuantong, I was supervisor of studies right here at the local high school. My colleagues avoided me like the plague and the local officials watched me like a hawk. From one end of the day to the other, I was so isolated that I might as well have been holed up in an icehouse or standing on an execution ground. And if the facts be known, there was absolutely no reason for it-except that I didn't have a queue! (Lyell)
> At the start of the Xuantong era, when I was dean of our local middle school, my colleagues kept at a distance from me, officialdom mounted a strict watch over me. I felt as if sitting all day in an ice-house, or standing by an execution ground. And the sole reason for this was my lack of a queue! (Yangs)
> The year the last emperor came to the throne – 1909, that would be – I was in charge of student affairs at my local middle school. The other teachers treated me like a leper, while the local officials watched me like hawks. Every day I felt like I was stuck in an ice house, or waiting for my own execution. And just because I had no queue (Lovell)

在新式的小学中,我们固然可以随便到操场去玩着各样我们高兴的游戏,但那铃,在监学 手上,喊着闹着就比如监学自己大声喝吓,会扫我们玩耍的兴致。

当质夫跑近他们身边的时候,八九个人中最长的那学生就对质夫拱拱手说:“对不起,对不起,请老师不要惊慌,我们此次来,不过是为搬教务长和监学 的行李来的。”

※ 学监

It seems the most common translation is proctor but dean, supervisor, janitor, superintendent, warden... all can be found. I don't think any of these modern positions is equivalent to a late Qing 学监/监学 who is responsible for supervising the students' “饮食起居”.

n. 〈trad.〉 educational inspector; proctor

NOUN DATED proctor

| 《文明小史.第二四回》:「学监是顶要紧的差使,学生饮食起居一概要老兄照料。」

名 旧时学校中负责管理学生的专职人员。 (也说监学。)

同学一阵乱,把学监请了来,赶紧就打电话找医生,幸而医院路近,又是校医,不多大一会工夫,医生就来了。据他说是不要紧,给史科莲注射了一针,又灌了一小瓶药水,人就清醒些。学监 将她移到养病室里,让她好好的养了两天,也就复原了。

甚至于有的时候与同学们聚餐,“黄先生呢?”常在我的舌尖上;我总以为他是还活着。还不是这么说,我应当说:我总以为他不会死,不应该死,即使我知道他确是死了。他为什么作学监 呢?胖胖的,老穿着灰布大衫!他作什么不比当学监强呢?可是,他竟自作了我们的学监;似乎是天命,不作学监他怎能在四十多岁便死了呢!胖胖的,脑后折着三道肉印;我常想,理发师一定要费不少的事,才能把那三道弯上的短发推净。

+ 監學 监学 [jian1 xue2] /school official responsible for supervising the students (old)/
+ 學監 学监 [xue2 jian1] /school official responsible for supervising the students (old)/
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