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B: 黑白切是台湾地区的一道小吃,主要原料有猪肉,主要辅料/调料有豆干、青菜等。

Wiktionary: heibaiqie (“miscellaneous plate”, a Taiwanese snack)

also in LAC.. says it's a Tw vocab


Editor: Matic, I removed the simp from 烏白切|乌白切.
We have been inconsistent in other "from Taiwanese ..." entries -- some have the simp, others don't.
# 黑白切 黑白切 [hei1 bai2 qie1] /a plate of randomly sliced foods containing ingredients such as dried bean curd and eggs, braised pork etc (Tw)/
+ 黑白切 黑白切 [hei1 bai2 qie1] /(Tw) heibaiqie, side dish of ingredients selected from a range on display, sliced up and served together on a plate (from Taiwanese 烏白切, Tai-lo pr. [oo-pe̍h-tshiat], where 烏白 means "as one pleases")/
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