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Not just 落枕[lao4 zhen3] and 落炕[lao4 kang4].
See GF.

落汗 落汗 [lao4 han4] /to stop sweating/(mahjong and card games) to mark the tiles or cards with one's sweat, fragrance etc/
落價 落价 [lao4 jia4] /(coll.) to fall or drop in price/to go down in price/
落炕 落炕 [lao4 kang4] /to be laid up in bed with illness/
落空 落空 [lao4 kong1] /to fail to achieve something/to be fruitless/
落埋怨 落埋怨 [lao4 man2 yuan4] /to get blamed/
落色 落色 [lao4 shai3] /to fade/to discolor/also pr. [luo4 se4]/
落棧 落栈 [lao4 zhan4] /see 落棧|落栈[luo4 zhan4]/
落枕 落枕 [lao4 zhen3] /to have a stiff neck after sleeping/(of the head) to touch the pillow/
落子 落子 [lao4 zi5] /see 蓮花落|莲花落[lian2 hua1 lao4]/
蓮花落 莲花落 [lian2 hua1 lao4] /genre of folk song with accompaniment of bamboo clappers/
- 落 落 [lao4] /see 落枕[lao4 zhen3] and 落炕[lao4 kang4]/
+ 落 落 [lao4] /colloquial reading for 落[luo4] in certain compounds/
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