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This just jumped up to the front of my phone from Weibo.


The agency 文旅部 is known as Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China.

But it can also be used like:
文旅产业将是未来30年中国最好的投资- 知乎

Perhaps, Matic knows better?

1) We have an entry for 文旅部 now.

2) examples


Cultural Tourism文旅产业
On September 25, 2014, the China National Tourism Administration issued a list of 135 excellent tourism projects that year. More than 80 percent of projects on the list are related to cultural tourism. In some more developed Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the rate is almost 100 percent. Nowadays, the country's cultural tourism is no longer only about exploring existing cultural resources, but rather creating and producing resources for cultural tourism. Compared to existing cultural resources, the emerging new resources for cultural tourism feature technology, cultural diversity, and more eye-catching appearances.

China Cultural Tourism Global Forum
"For 19 years, initiated by China Hotel Magazine, the annual China Cultural Tourism Global Forum has become one of the most premium windows for discussing hot topics of global hotel and tourism industry, a “place” for perceiving cultural tourism and hotel developing direction, an ideal "ferry" for people to sail for a better life."
# 文旅 文旅 [wen2 lu:3] /cultural tourism/culture and tourism/
+ 文旅 文旅 [wen2 lu:3] /cultural tourism/
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