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Editor: There's not much point in a definition like "break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly" -- the literal meaning of 破茧成蝶 is obvious.

BB ~ 指肉虫或者毛虫通过痛苦的挣扎和不懈地努力,化为蝴蝶的过程。用来指重获新生,走出困境。

"[Xi] used this 成语 [i.e. 破茧成蝶] to explain that while there might be short-term pain from such reform, the pain would be temporary and result in something more beautiful."

The stream of history will change for her? She could break a cocoon into butterfly, and break the curse of the past for the happiness of this life?

冬天像结茧的虫,为了新生积累能量,过程也许是痛苦的,但能磨练人的意志,最终得到破茧成蝶的喜悦! !
Like worm cocoon in winter, in order to accumulate new energy, the process may be painful, but it can hone the will of the people, eventually get the joy of broken cocoon into a butterfly!

At the risk of ruining the ending, on the final page the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.
# 破繭成蝶 破茧成蝶 [po4 jian3 cheng2 die2] /to break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly/
# Editor:
+ 破繭成蝶 破茧成蝶 [po4 jian3 cheng2 die2] /lit. to break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly (idiom)/fig. to emerge strong after a period of struggle/to get to a better place after going through difficult period/
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