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v.o. violate a taboo
| 有很多事情在他们家是犯忌的。
| Many things are taboo in their household.

violate a taboo; touch on an unpleasant topic
| 几年前犯忌的话题, 我们现在可以谈论了。
| Now we can discuss topics that would have been taboo a few years ago.

| 入乡随俗,切勿~
| 过年就图个吉利,说话做事都不要~。


动 触犯禁忌。旧时民俗中有许多禁忌, 说了禁忌的话、做了禁忌的事就叫犯忌, 被认为大不吉利。

Any mention of politics is taboo in his house.

What makes certain topics taboo?

> At this point it usually seemed as if those whatchamacallits up there on his head had been transformed into grand and glorious Scars de Scabie, not at all to be confused with the ordinary variety. But as I have said before, our Ah Q was a man of keen insight, and therefore he would realize immediately that he was on the verge of violating his own taboo and would catch himself up in midsentence. (Lyell)
> At this juncture it seemed as if the bald patches on his scalp were noble and honourable, not just ordinary ringworm scars. However, as we said above, Ah Q was a man of the world: he knew at once that he had nearly broken the “taboo” and refrained from saying any more. (Yangs)
> At moments such as these, Ah-Q's ringworm suddenly struck him as a badge of honour for which no sacrifice was too great; far superior to your average, run-of-the-mill dermatological defect. As has been amply demonstrated, however, Ah-Q was a man of exceptional prescience: sensing an imminent breaking of his cherished taboo, he said no more. (Lovell)

The few tribesmen of the village who can still remember the traditional songs are a precious resource, and it was a member of the school's parents association who provided the songs for this performance. Even if the lyrics were in Ami (to avoid breaking taboo), it was at least a step in the right direction.

小千呵呵一笑:“犯忌 呀!破了戒,施法就不灵活了!”
+ 犯忌 犯忌 [fan4 ji4] /to violate a taboo/
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