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Taiwan's anti-infiltration bill (反渗透法) is making a lot of headlines recently.

反渗透 is in a few dictionaries:

ZMC: reverse osmosis
ADS: antiosmosis
HDD: Umkehrosmose
CF: Osmose inverse
CedPane: reverse osmosis; RO
MOE: 針對敵人滲透我方而行的防制措施。乃以嚴密組織、管制、調查、檢查、偵破,以及運用檢舉、自首為主要方法。以間諜人員組織、陰謀叛亂分子、一切反政府之敵對者為對象。

Originally I was going to add the entire: 反渗透法, but I think the above should suffice.


VoA: Taiwan’s Anti-Infiltration Bill Sends Relations with China to New Low
SCMP: Taiwan’s new anti-infiltration law seeks to curb Chinese communist influence, but it may end up hurting democracy

VoA: 台湾陆委会主委:《反渗透法》是反渗透,不是反交流

Editor: I'm taking out "prevade" in the definition of 渗透 – I think that's off the mark.
(I was responsible for putting it in, back in 2008.)

TP examples of usage of 滲透:
We're No. 1! The Reality Behind Taiwan's Insurance Penetration Ranking

Taiwan's world-leading insurance penetration rate reflects the relative maturity of our insurance market and the fact that our insurance industry contributes far more to our economy than the insurance industries of other nations do to theirs.

The third of the series features the complex components of a reverse osmosis water filter as his performing tool, with an alarm clock on top of the machine and a barrel of cooking oil alongside. As Chiang carefully cuts up the machine's components with a pair of scissors, he looks like an emergency worker dismantling a bomb.

The fact that services are still expanding in this mature market reflects the penetration of convenience stores into daily life

Because cable alleviated reception problems and provided a much greater variety of programming, it quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the island. Even before the passage and promulgation of 1993’s Cable Radio and Television Act, cable TV had a 70% penetration rate in Taiwan. Today, Taiwan has a penetration rate of 80%—high by global standards—and more than 100 cable stations.

The culture of thinking creatively has penetrated all aspects of Wow­prime’s operation.

the new MOC needs to be like a sugar cube in water, dissolving into every ministry and department of the government.

Are you one of those people always glued to their smartphone? Or do you use apps to live a smarter life? Whether for good or ill, cloud technology now permeates almost everything we do. How aware of it are you?

Over the last 20 years Internet technology has seeped into every aspect of human life.

Films are like fireworks, but a series can penetrate the culture more thoroughly

All of this is testament to the massive cultural power of television.
# 反滲透 反渗透 [fan3 shen4 tou4] /anti-infiltration/reverse osmosis/
# Editor:
- 滲透 渗透 [shen4 tou4] /to permeate/to infiltrate/to pervade/osmosis/
+ 滲透 渗透 [shen4 tou4] /(of a liquid) to permeate/(lit. and fig.) to seep into/(of a product or idea) to penetrate (in a population)/(of hostile forces) to infiltrate/(chemistry) osmosis/
+ 逆滲透 逆渗透 [ni4 shen4 tou4] /reverse osmosis/
+ 反滲透法 反渗透法 [Fan3 shen4 tou4 fa3] /(Tw) Anti-infiltration Act (2020), which regulates the influence of entities deemed foreign hostile forces/
+ 反滲透 反渗透 [fan3 shen4 tou4] /anti-infiltration (measures taken against subversive external forces)/(chemistry) reverse osmosis/
By MDBG 2020
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