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Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2020-03-21 07:28:20 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65954 - submitted by 'richwarm' >>
"clasp hands in greeting" is much too abbreviated and could give the mistaken impression that it's a handshake.

4:55 – 5:20

NC ~ make a deep bow with clasped hands out in front of one and moving in an action down to one's knees
K, LA etc.
PLC seems to be wrong: "hands clasped to one's chest" -- the hands are actually as far from the chest as possible during most of the bow.
- 長揖 长揖 [chang2 yi1] /to clasp hands in greeting/
+ 長揖 长揖 [chang2 yi1] /to bow deeply, starting upright with arms straight out in front, one hand cupped in the other, then moving the hands down to one's knees as one bows, keeping the arms straight (a form of greeting)/
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