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动 校勘并注释(多用于书名)
| 《墨经校释》
| 鲁迅做过大量的古籍校释工作。

| 戈宝权《无产阶级的战斗风格》:鲁迅的校释是为了帮助译者校改译文和为了让日本读者更好地理解这部作品而加的。

The Analects of Confucius: Collated and Annotated is compiled specially for middle school students.

Then we collated the materials of Bamboo Inscriptions of Yingwan exactly and comprehensively in the hope that it might provide the possibility of further studies for other scholars.
+ 校釋 校释 [jiao4 shi4] /to collate and annotate/(on book titles) collated and annotated/
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