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1) "inordinately" means "excessively", which isn't something implied by 愛之如命.

e.g. 每个女人都向往能够遇到一个对她一心一意,爱之如命的男人。
Obviously, 愛之如命 here doesn't imply that she perceives his love as excessive.

2) As the example illustrates, it's not necessarily "fond of sth": it can be "fond of sb".
- 愛之如命 爱之如命 [ai4 zhi1 ru2 ming4] /inordinately fond of sth/lit. to love it as one's life/
+ 愛之如命 爱之如命 [ai4 zhi1 ru2 ming4] /to love sb (or sth) as one loves life itself/
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