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1) 大和 also refers to various other things.

2) "3rd century"
That's misleading -- it continued up to the year 710.
"While conventionally assigned to the period 250–710, including both the Kofun period (c. 250–538) and the Asuka period (538–710), the actual start of Yamato rule is disputed."

3) "before written records ..."
Gratuitous information.

4) "its real dating is controversial"
I think this is supposed to express "the precise date is disputed".
Again, superfluous IMO.
- 大和 大和 [Da4 he2] /Yamato (possibly 3rd century AD), Japanese state before written records began in 7th century AD, its real dating is controversial/
+ 大和 大和 [Da4 he2] /Yamato, an ancient Japanese province, a period of Japanese history, a place name, a surname etc/Daiwa, a Japanese place name, business name etc/
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