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Editor: I don't know where you get "sumptuous" from.

M ~
1. 菜餚好吃有滋味。
2. 興趣很濃。如:「他看戲看得有滋有味兒。」


1) 这个城里的人生活着,就好比嚼槟榔,嚼时有滋有味的,吐在地上,嘴里便有些干燥与麻木。
People lived in this city the way you chewed a mouthful of betelnut – while you chewed the savor was strong, but when you spit it out it left your mouth dry and numb.

2) 她从胸口衣袋里摸出七星牌香烟,叼在嘴上,用打火机点燃,有滋有味地吐了一口。

3) 接着又问我有没有香烟,我抽出一支店长留下的“百灵鸟”递过去,女孩抽得有滋有味。

4) 没错。现在各类媒体都绞尽脑汁地开发市场,展开媒体大战,我们老百姓的选择余地也更多,生活也因此变得更有滋有味了。
That's right. These days, all kinds of media are racking their brains to open up markets. With this ``Media War," we ordinary folks have even more choices, and our lives will become even more colorful.
* Vocab: 有滋有味 yǒuzīyǒuwèi delightful and interesting

5) “那后来怎么样了呢?”丁宁听的有滋有味。

6) 本刊文稿副主編林欣靜卻將一般人覺得難懂的產經新聞,寫得有滋有味。
Taiwan Panorama’s deputy editor Lin Hsin-ching worked hard to bring her subject matter to life.

7) 從簡樸生活到樂活自在,從個人有滋有味的小日子到集結眾人之力的「社群共善」,花蓮吸納了一群「把握機會做自己生命的主宰」、追求內心平靜更甚於物質成就的理想家,在此實踐「日常生活的微型革命」。
Whether seeking simplicity or sustainability, a better individual lifestyle or the betterment of society, Hualien has attracted a group of idealists who want to grab the opportunity to take charge of their own lifestyles, and seek inner peace. They are practicing a minimalist revolution in everyday life.

8) 他每天都特別騰出時間研究會計學,一本厚厚的教科書唸得有滋有味,
Every day he sets aside time to study, poring over his thick textbooks, which he finds more and more fascinating as he goes along.
# 有滋有味 有滋有味 [you3 zi1 you3 wei4] /sumptuous, delicious/
+ 有滋有味 有滋有味 [you3 zi1 you3 wei4] /flavorsome/(fig.) delightful/full of interest/
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