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it would be nice if CC-CEDICT started documenting these kinds of crosslinks to related phrases

We started using cross-links many years ago.
For example, our definition of 注音字母 is "see 注音符號".
And we define 奸滑 as "variant of 奸猾".

As for 草芥人命, it's pretty rare compared to 草菅人命, so it's reasonable for its entry to link to the more common phrase, just as HDC does.

But anyway, I'm more interested in getting the definitions right, and our current definition of 草菅人命 is a bit of a mess. The phrase doesn't mean "to mow people down", nor is it a noun meaning "politician" (of any sort). It means "to have disregard for human life".

Example: 黑社会九龙组和政府官员勾结,草芥人命获得利益

Adding a cross-link to 杀人如麻 is going too far (for cc-cedict), IMO. It's not a synonym or a variant; it just uses a similar metaphor. You can add things like that to Wiktionary, if you like. Wiktionary is ambitious: entries can include etymologies, example sentences, cross-links to words that use a similar metaphor, and so on. But it seems like with that approach, they are overstretched, because they lack entries for many basic Chinese words.
# 草芥人命 草芥人命 [cao3 jie4 ren2 ming4] /Synonym for 草菅人命; see also 杀人如麻/
+ 草芥人命 草芥人命 [cao3 jie4 ren2 ming4] /see 草菅人命[cao3 jian1 ren2 ming4]/
- 草菅人命 草菅人命 [cao3 jian1 ren2 ming4] /human life as grass (idiom); to kill people like scything grass/a politician acting with total disregard for the life of his countrymen/
+ 草菅人命 草菅人命 [cao3 jian1 ren2 ming4] /to have disregard for human life (idiom)/
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