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LA includes a verb sense:
1. 交談;說話。
例 「那一對戀人正在談話,你別去打擾」。
2. 透過談話發表的主張或指示。
例 「書面談話」、「他的重要談話很鼓舞人心」。

> speak (with sb)
Speaking with him, I found that his thinking patterns were very unique.

> have a conversation
Imagine trying to hold a conversation in an exceptionally crowded and loud restaurant.
- 談話 谈话 [tan2 hua4] /talk/conversation/CL:次[ci4]/
+ 談話 谈话 [tan2 hua4] /to talk (with sb)/to have a conversation/talk/conversation/CL:次[ci4]/
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