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MOE: ​比喻有錢人家縱使變窮了,還是比本來就窮的人家有錢。

I consulted
# 瘦死的駱駝比馬大 瘦死的骆驼比马大 [shou4 si3 de5 luo4 tuo2 bi3 ma3 da4] /a scrawny camel is still bigger than a horse (idiom)/even after a loss, a rich person is still richer than normal people/
+ 瘦死的駱駝比馬大 瘦死的骆驼比马大 [shou4 si3 de5 luo4 tuo5 bi3 ma3 da4] /lit. even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse (idiom)/fig. even after suffering a loss, a rich person is still better off than ordinary people/a cultured person may come down in the world, but he is still superior to the common people/
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