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GI etc

1) Possibly a neologism, since it's not in dictionaries and doesn't appear in TP until 2007, but fairly frequently thereafter.

2) Almost as many results for trad as for simp, which suggests it may have originated in Tw.
trad 3.7 million
simp 5.8 million

3) It's interesting that when I search for 摆盘, Google shows, on the right side of the screen, some information headed "Food presentation (擺盤)", yet when I put the word into Google Translate, it translates as "wobble plate"! It seems Google Translate isn't as smart as Google Search.

4) It also means "balance wheel (of a watch or clock)" (see PLC, K)

5) TP
With a nice presentation, these "traditional" meals were very well received.

The food presentation and the service are imbued with a Zen sense of being and nothingness, of ebb and flow-so that diners experience a "baptism of the spirit."

Located on Taipei 101's 85th floor, Shin Yeh 101 has a hip feel to it, with authentic Taiwanese food, Western pacing of the courses, and Japanese presentation.

The kitchen at Steak Aka-oni is like a production line, a specialist in charge of cooking, another in charge of placing food on plates, and so forth. The result is fast service with few errors, as well as a high customer turnover rate.

The chain’s process checklist, which covers more than 100 items, is incredibly detailed. There are instructions on how to select, chop, and cook ingredients, as well as on seasoning, plating, and serving.

With its open kitchen design, diners can enjoy their meal while being able to watch the chefs at work.

After arranging the dish to look its most attractive, Lina takes photos,

6) Web examples of verb (v.o.) usage:
怎麼把煎餅卷大蔥擺盤得看起來值1000塊 ·

7) plate up: to put food on a plate, ready for serving
# 擺盤 摆盘 [bai3 pan2] /food presentation/
+ 擺盤 摆盘 [bai3 pan2] /to arrange food on a plate/to plate up/food presentation/(watchmaking) balance wheel/
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