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The first opening under the three small links was to allow religious pilgrims to go to Fujian Province directly from the mainland. On January 2, the first group left to much fanfare, with expectations that these new ties would bring all kinds of exchanges and economic opportunities. But in the three months since, there haven't been huge flotillas of boats coming and going. In fact, when you ask people on Matsu streets about the "three small links," they often quip in a deadpan style: "What links?" It's clear that the links are more important to politicians than they are to the people.

Ex: 你是咧看啥潲? { 你在看什麼?}
華: 什麼

Q. What does the Chinese expression “三小” mean in English?
A. It’s Taiwanese, actually, pronounced “sa(n) xiao” (the “sa” is a nasal sound; talk through your nose instead of your throat when you say it). It’s an extremely vulgar way of saying “what”. The actual term for saying “what” in Taiwanese is xia mi. We can compare the differences in the examples below:

Koah(n) xia mi? = “What are you looking out?” (asking out of curiosity)

Koah sa xiao = “What the FUCK are you looking at?! You wanna fight?!” (very provocative)

In addition, I want to point out that the other users who correctly identified what 三小 means didn’t point out how severe it is. Some say it’s just something you joke around with your friends with, but I strongly do NOT recommend you to joke around using 三小. I believe the original meaning of 三小 is actually referring to ejaculating semen, and in the old days (50 to 100 years ago), using the term 三小 on somebody else was actually so offensive that the police could get involve. At least, this is the case in Taiwan; I can’t say if it’s the same in Fujian or Southeast Asia.

- Back in the old days, 三小 used to be spoke only by gangsters. Nowadays, every edgy teenager likes to say it to be cool.
- The vulgar term in written form is actually 啥潲… however, 三小 is an alternative (easier to write) word replacement for the original form. Agree that this kind of profanity should not be used if one wishes to maintain social grace and dignity.
A2. If you mean “三小” as in what taiwanese use, it means “what”, a Sounthern-Min language/dialect slang. Do notice that it has a provocative connotation when it’s used upon complete strangers, as it has a similar meaning to “wtf”.

“你是在看三小?” - “Dafuq you lookin at?” [extremely provocative]
“你这是三小意思?” - “What in the f*** do you mean?”/ “Dafuq is you on about?” [extremely provocative]
“三小??” - “WTF???” [extremely confused, could be playful at times]

Editor: per discussion
# 三小 三小 [san1 xiao3] /(Tw) (vulgar) what? (Taiwanese, POJ pr. [siánn-siâ], equivalent to Mandarin 什麼|什么[shen2 me5])
+ 三小 三小 [san1 xiao3] /(Tw) (vulgar) what the hell? (from Taiwanese 啥潲, Tai-lo pr. [siánn-siâ], equivalent to Mandarin 什麼|什么[shen2 me5])/
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