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it's in various dictionaries

By studying it again and again she came to appreciate the tremendous ingenuity of many aspects of Su Song's original design,

they thought up names for the dishes: "Castrated Chicken Dismembered by Dong Fang Bu Bai"; "Guanyin's Willow-waisted Flowers"; "Japan's First Exploding Bullets."

Wu originally ran a stall outside the city god temple selling meat rice-dumplings, and came up with the idea of taking the rice-dumpling filling, which was made from red onions, lard and ground meat, and wrapping it into the form of a palm-sized pasty.

demonstrates the ingenuity the palace ladies of the time displayed in making their own entertainment.

Some people think my taste in clothes is pretty good, but in fact what I really care about is comfort, and clever details of design.

Some people may see these bikes as rather cheesy, but they are in fact the result of Chang's imaginative thinking.

Their situations have compelled them to use their own labor, materials and ingenuity to build "homes" for themselves in spaces that are technically off-limits.

With a little thought, we can discover endless creative possibilities for our performances.
+ 巧思 巧思 [qiao3 si1] /innovative thinking/ingenuity/
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