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s[tative].v[erb]. worthwhile
| 买新车不上算。
| It's not worthwhile buying a new car.
v[erb]. fall into a trap

| 不~
| 自己亲手做菜,挺~
| 搭公车比开车~许多。

1. 合算、占便宜。
| 《二十年目睹之怪现状.第八四回》:「那和尚与流痞,以为一只指头的地,卖他四十元,很是上算的。」
2. 上当,中人的计谋。
3. 上等的计策。
| 《隋书.卷三七.梁睿传》:「所以周无上算,汉收下策,以其倏来忽往,云屯雾散,强则骋其犯塞,弱又不可尽除故也。」
| 《文明小史.第三九回》:「还仗老父台设法,请他们移营到高家集去,实为上算。」

Anything that brought in cash with the least amount of effort was a good bargain.

我给你想想看:你要是娶了她,在外面租间房,还是不上算; 房租,煤灯炭火都是钱,不够。
Here's my idea. You can't afford to marry her and rent a room outside, because rent, coal and lamp-oil all cost money and you wouldn't have enough.

It has been rather costly to install the machinery, but it should pay off in the long run.

Perhaps we may not, as a result, get another president from such a disadvantaged background. But perhaps we will have thinkers, artists, writers, and athletes, from all kinds of social backgrounds. Or perhaps we needn't become any particular thing; maybe each individual can find stability and satisfaction in his or her own space, no matter what they are doing and where. Perhaps, like Zhu Xi, the Song dynasty thinker whose life we also examine in this issue, we can just feel the pure joy of learning. Wouldn't that be the best choice of all?

'Because cutting it off is just not worth the trouble.' (Lyell)
“It's not worth it . Better not cut them off—wait a while.” (Yangs)
"It's not worth the trouble, right now. Just wait a bit. (Lovell)
+ 上算 上算 [shang4 suan4] /to be worthwhile/to be worth it/
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