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Found in ABC, PLC, ADS
All using "doctrine of the mean" as translation

Baidu Baike
中庸之道,汉语成语,拼音是 zhōng yōng zhī dào,意思是指不偏不倚,折中调和的处世态度。出自《论语·庸也》。

1) It's another term that can be understood as a sum of parts.

2) Re: "All using 'doctrine of the mean' as translation"
Keep in mind that both ABC and PLC are both largely derivative of
Wei Dongya, ed. 《汉英词典》A Chinese-English Dictionary.
It's not surprising that many of their definitions are identical or very similar.
# 中庸之道 中庸之道 [zhong1 yong1 zhi1 dao4] /doctrine of the mean/
+ 中庸之道 中庸之道 [zhong1 yong1 zhi1 dao4] /doctrine of the mean/moderation in all things/
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