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Processed by: richwarm (2020-01-08 21:05:41 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65546 - submitted by 'pepe' >>
Could be argued that it's just a combination of 莞尔+一笑, but OCC and ABC both have this separate entry with "to give a faint/soft smile" as definition, which is different from 莞尔 = smiling.

Baidu Baike
莞尔一笑是一个汉语成语,拼音是wǎn ěr yī xiào,形容微笑。意思是说,于是互相展颜微笑 。出自《论语·阳货》:“夫子莞尔而笑曰:‘杀鸡焉用牛刀!”

1) Based on other dictionary definitions and examples of usage, I would say that "faint" is going a bit too far. As for "soft", I think a typical smile is "soft", so there isn't much difference between "to smile" and "to give a soft smile".

2) 莞爾 is a verb: "to smile" (or "to give a soft smile" if you prefer). It's effectively an abbreviated form of 莞爾一笑.

3) I'll accept 莞尔一笑, but I want to point out that, like previous submissions of yours, it's marginal in terms of the value it adds to the dictionary.
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# 莞爾一笑 莞尔一笑 [wan3 er3 yi1 xiao4] /to give a soft smile/
# Editor:
- 莞爾 莞尔 [wan3 er3] /smiling/
+ 莞爾 莞尔 [wan3 er3] /(literary) to smile/
+ 莞爾一笑 莞尔一笑 [wan3 er3 yi1 xiao4] /(literary) to smile/
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