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Found in ADS

9. 我们都是奇迹的见证者
We are all witnesses of miracles!

10. 但在他短暂的一生中,他不仅仅是历史性变革的见证者,而且还是它们的创造者。
But in his short life he did not just see historic changes, he brought them about.

11. 你需要支持你说法的见证者。
You'll need to have witnesses to back up your story.

1) Typo: the word is 见证者, not what you submitted (见证这).

2) It doesn't really add much value to have a word like 见证者 since we have 见证 ("to be witness to ...") and 者 ("one who ..."), so 见证者 is "one who is witness to something", i.e. a witness.

3) The fact that something is in ADS isn't necessarily relevant. They have all sorts of bits and pieces in Adso, if I recall correctly.
# 見證這 见证这 [jian4 zheng4 zhe3] /witness/
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