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Processed by: richwarm (2020-01-07 00:37:12 GMT)
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various dicts
if you check 加时 at J, it's mostly examples of 加时赛 actually

加时 appears to be an abbreviation of 加时赛
e.g. J ~ Martin miss a 24-footer as time expired to force a second overtime.

Wp ~ 加时赛是在比赛的常规时间中,为了在需要决出胜负的比赛中打破平局而进行的额外一段比赛。
- 加時 加时 [jia1 shi2] /overtime/
+ 加時 加时 [jia1 shi2] /(sports) overtime/extra time/play-off/
+ 加時賽 加时赛 [jia1 shi2 sai4] /(sports) overtime/extra time/play-off/
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