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Baidu hanyu

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Though I heard that last year the construction industry laid off more than 100,000 workers. Amazing, more than 100,000 people, just think! Such a group of ants-when the boss says live you live, and when he says die you die.

Oh, boy. The groom's guests are all his business associates .
乖乖! 新郎的客人都是些和他有工作关系的人。

Great Godfrey! Uncle Willie is sitting on top of the flagpole.

"Lordy, what did you do?
# 乖乖 乖乖 [guai1 guai5] /Good gracious!/
+ 乖乖 乖乖 [guai1 guai5] /goodness gracious!/oh my lord!/
+ 乖乖 乖乖 [guai1 guai1] /(of a child) well-behaved/obediently/(term of endearment for a child) darling/sweetie/
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