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J, e.g.
and because there is so much of it the function would seem to be important.

Now that the price has gone up they naturally feel there ought to be something in it for them. On a price of NT$15 they [the paper carriers] demand a cut of NT$4.5,

When the price of food began to rise in recent years, buying fruit cut his profit margins in half,

Named Divination Before a Hunting Adventure, it depicts a pre-hunt fortune-telling ritual conducted by Paiwan shamanesses. Where one might expect the main focus to be on the hunters, they only appear at the bottom of this two-meter-tall panel, with the majority of the space occupied by the shamaness.

The first SKB pen was made in 1959. A year later they introduced the classic streamlined SKB 22. Eric Lin, an assistant manager at SKB Wen Ming Manufacturing, explains that the Type 22 pens sold for NT$75 apiece back when a civil servant’s salary was only NT$300. It represented a fourth of their monthly income.

The pens occupied a large portion of the shelves of stationery stores

These “new immigrants” account for most of his current 20 students.

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# 占去 占去 [zhan4 qu4] /to take up (one's time etc)/to occupy (one's attention etc)/to account for (a proportion of sth)/
+ 佔去 占去 [zhan4 qu4] /to take up (one's time etc)/to occupy (one's attention etc)/to account for (a proportion of sth)/
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