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Processed by: richwarm (2020-01-05 04:58:46 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65537 - submitted by 'pepe' >>
Found in PLC, OCC, ADS, GF


Editor: Technically, we already have it, but in the variant form 算帐.
Since 算账 is more common and is considered a more correct form (at least by some), I'll make it the headword of our entry.
# 算賬 算账 [suan4 zhang4] /settle or balance accounts/get even with sb./
- 算帳 算帐 [suan4 zhang4] /to reckon (accounting)/to balance an account/fig. to settle an account/to get one's revenge/
+ 算賬 算账 [suan4 zhang4] /(accounting) to work out accounts/to balance the books/(fig.) to settle an account/to get one's revenge/
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