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Comment: << review queue entry 65541 - submitted by 'pzelchenko' >>
i've heard this used in various parts of speech including 她的报复, 他很报复

Otherwise there is nothing on a search for vindictive*

1) I don't think 報復 can mean "vindictiveness".
她的报复 could mean "her revenge", and we have "revenge" in the definition already.
报复心 means "vindictiveness" or "vengeful nature" – but I don't think 报复 does.

2) I doubt that 報復 can mean "vindictive".
"他很报复" does not appear on any webpage according to the Baidu search engine, and Google has only 7 results for that phrase.

3) 报复性 retaliatory
e.g. 国会中的许多议员仍然希望美国采取主动权,对中国实施报复性关税。
("Many in Congress still want the administration to take matters into its own hands and impose retaliatory tariffs.")
# - 報復 报复 [bao4 fu4] /to make reprisals/to retaliate/revenge/retaliation/
# + 報復 报复 [bao4 fu4] /to make reprisals/to retaliate/revenge/retaliation/vindictiveness/to be vindictive/
# Editor:
+ 報復性 报复性 [bao4 fu4 xing4] /retaliatory/
+ 報復心 报复心 [bao4 fu4 xin1] /vindictiveness/
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