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"It's like a child learning to walk being smacked by a giant even before it takes its first step. You tell me: Is this child likely to get anywhere?"

father greeting his toddler son on returning home;

"Watching our youngest staggering and stumbling as she learned to walk, I got this sense of dread that this was going to be a long, long road, with no end in sight," she says.

Similarly, "Whether it's Queen's Pier or Guia Lighthouse, the protection of cultural and historical sites is a sign of rising civic consciousness, and for both Hong Kong and Macao--both still struggling to establish a civil society--these protection movements are particularly valuable," says Jin.

How can a small country that is still working its way up the learning curve deal with such an enormous challenge?

M ~ 幼兒用來學習走路的車子。裝有可活動的輪子,可避免跌倒。

Because “sensory deprivation” can have a big impact, parents should encourage and respect activities that children seek out or initiate. For instance, crawling is essential for cultivating infants’ tactile discrimination. If parents, out of fears that the ground is too dirty, or for reasons of safety or convenience, put them in baby walkers instead, it could result in impaired tactile development.

Safety requirements for baby walking frames
+ 學步 学步 [xue2 bu4] /to learn to walk/(fig.) to learn sth, making unsteady progress/to get started on the learning curve/
+ 學步車 学步车 [xue2 bu4 che1] /baby walker/baby walking frame/
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