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saw it today in a Line chat

see also my entry 65153 down the RQ


Wp: 伴手禮,亦作紀念品或手信[1],在台灣亦稱作 omiyage(日語:お土産),是出門到外地時,為親友買的禮物,一般是當地的特產或是諸如地標模型、裝束等富含特色的產品。這包括從外地帶回家鄉的伴手禮,以及從家鄉帶到外地的伴手禮。

是帥帥的魯夫公仔~ 日本帶回來的就是不一樣 做的好精緻耶

Having both "omiyage" and おみやげ is redundant. They are both indications of the pronunciation. (The usual written form is お土産.)
I think it's better to use just the romanized form "omiyage". There is no loss of accuracy in pronunciation, and it's readable by far more people than おみやげ is.
# 歐咪呀給 欧咪呀给 [ou1 mi1 ya1 gei3] /(Tw) a gift (typically a special local product) or souvenir brought to sb upon visiting them (loanword from Japanese おみやげ omiyage)/
+ 歐咪呀給 欧咪呀给 [ou1 mi1 ya1 gei3] /(Tw) gift given when visiting sb (esp. a local specialty brought back from one's travels, or a special product of one's own country taken overseas) (loanword from Japanese "omiyage")/
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