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1 Chinese [as a subject of study or a means of communication]
| 他的语文怎么样?
| How good is his Chinese?

3. 〖陆〗中小学有关本国语言文字的课程名称。〖台〗今作「国文」(中学)、「国语」(小学)。

What do you have at school? I have Chinese and English.

那个男人是谁? →他是我的语文老师。
Who is that man ? → He is my Chinese teacher .

And what do we have after Chinese on Monday?

I study English Chinese math and some other subjects.

English is my favourite subject and I really like Chinese, too.
- 語文 语文 [yu3 wen2] /literature and language/
+ 語文 语文 [yu3 wen2] /literature and language/(PRC) Chinese (as a school subject)/
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