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cf. 鱼松 https://cc-cedict.org/editor/editor.php?handler=QueryDictionary&querydictionary_search=%E9%B1%BC%E6%9D%BE; 肉松 https://cc-cedict.org/editor/editor.php?handler=QueryDictionary&querydictionary_search=%E8%82%89%E6%9D%BE

b.f. dried minced meat/fish/etc.

NOUN dried meat floss; dried minced meat
| 猪肉松
| dried minced pork

5. 用肉、鱼等做成的纤维状或碎末状的食品。
| 肉~
| 鱼~。


5 名 用肉、鱼等做成的纤维状或碎末状的食品
| 肉松。
- 鬆 松 [song1] /loose/to loosen/to relax/
# + 鬆 松 [song1] /loose/to loosen/to relax/dried minced meat or fish, etc/(meat or fish, etc) floss/
+ 鬆 松 [song1] /loose/to loosen/to relax/floss (dry, fluffy product made from shredded, seasoned meat or fish, used as a topping or filling)/
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