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n. oily sweat

1 皮肤分泌的油脂和汗液的混合物。
| 鲁迅《风波》:忽然看见赵七爷满脸油汗, 瞪着眼, 准对伊冲过来。
2 方言。蚜虫。一种吸食植物的汁液的害虫。
| 《解放日报》1945.8.3:油汗, 昆虫学上叫蚜虫。

> Holding her child and still trembling with rage, Sister Bayi now shifted her gaze from Sister Sevenpounder to Seventh Master Zhao: his face was bathed in sweat, his eyes starting from their sockets, and as he lunged forward, his imaginary spear was aimed straight at her! Frightened out of her wits, Sister Bayi did not dare stay around to finish what she had to say. She turned and fled. (Lyell)
> Widow Ba Yi was trembling with rage as she held her child. But the sudden sight of Seventh Master Zhao bearing down on her with glaring eyes, his whole face oozing sweat, gave her the fright of her life. Not daring o say more, she turned and fled. (Yangs)
> Trembling with emotion as she clutched at her child, Mrs Ba Yi turned and fled without another word at the sight of Mr Zhao charging at her, his eyes bulging, his face running with sweat. (Lovells)

The vacancy thus created is filled at once by a sweat-covered oval face, generously caked with grime. (Lyell)
His place was taken by the oval face of a sweaty head caked with dust. (Yangs)
The space was filled next by an oval face streaked with sweat and dirt. (Lovell)

正午时分,虬髯公总是盘腿坐在花园里,顶着阳光,嘴里费力地嚼着鞋子,这时候他满脸都是油汗 。


人们叫的 油汗 是什么虫子,怎么去除。

+ 油汗 油汗 [you2 han4] /oily sweat/(dialect) aphid/
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