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n. kibitzer's comment

| onlooker's unsolicited comments; kibitzing
| 说现成话
| kibitz; unwanted advice

| 《红楼梦.第一回》:「封肃每见面时,便说些现成话。」

1 名 原来就有的话; 套话
| 那篇稿子里净是些从报上抄来的现成话。
2 名 冠冕堂皇但不能解决实际问题的漂亮话
| 提具体建议, 别总说现成话。

> Sevenpounder himself was well aware that he was the star attraction of this little show and that it would be unseemly to simply allow his wife to curse him out in front of all his neighbors without letting out a peep. Sevenpounder raised his head and began to speak slowly. “It's easy enough for you to talk now, but at the time you-” (Lyell)
> Sevenpounder knew how unseemly it was for a prominent citizen to be cursed in public like this. by his wife. So he raised his head to retort slowly: “You've plenty to say today, but at the time....” (Yangs)
> Conscious that he had a reputation to maintain around the village - a reputation that was somewhat tarnished by submitting to such a public dressing down — Seven-Pounds forced himself to look up. 'With hindsight -' he ponderously began. (Lovell)

我写东西总是尽量少用字,不乱形容,不乱用修辞,从现成话 里掏东西。

如果认为集体领导就是集体负责,个人没有什么责任,结果就会造成无人负责。真正搞好集体领导,党委每个成员都要按照分工,独立负责地、切切实实做好自己承担的工作。不要光说现成话 ,只知照搬上面的东西。不要遇事都要求书记点头或摇头。要敢于负责,敢于根据中央的精神和党委的决议,结合本地区或本单位的实际情况,大胆地研究和解决工作中的问题。

I think it's a neutral expression ("ready-made phrase") that can be used in a commendatory context, not necessarily pejorative like "cliche" and "useless nice words".

Exhibit 1:
Selected Chinese Idiom Stories (Colorful Illustrated Edition for Teenagers)
Idioms are the "readily available terms" in Chinese language. If comparing them to friends, they have "readily available" shapes, looks, personality, eye expressions and temperaments which cannot be changed randomly. If comparing them to wealth, they are the precious life experience and clever language wisdom left by our predecessors to us. Such "readily available terms" are simple and profound; as long as you are familiar enough with them, you might as well use freely.

Exhibit 2:
# 現成話 现成话 [xian4 cheng2 hua4] /unsolicited comments/unwanted advice/cliché/useless nice words/
+ 現成話 现成话 [xian4 cheng2 hua4] /ready-made phrase/unhelpful comment/
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