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Usually it's "communist" (in the adjectival sense).
(Not a person, as in "a communist".)

As a noun, it can be "communism".
K's definition is 1. Communism 2. Communist Party
Examples for "communism":
1) "[My grandmother] admonished me not to speak of communism 玩共产,命都没 because participating in communism could get one killed."
2) 基本上反對極權共產但又實事求是的香港人
"... how did people in Hong Kong-opposed to totalitarian communism but also very pragmatic as they are ..."

Verb (not very common usage, as far as I can see)
1) J ~ I was prepared to see my belongings rapidly 'redistributed'.
2) GR ~ Prendre la propriété d’autrui pour la faire entrer dans le domaine public, commun.
("Take the property of others to become common property.")
- 共產 共产 [gong4 chan3] /communist/
+ 共產 共产 [gong4 chan3] /communist (adjective)/communism/to collectivize ownership of property/
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