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* 富人 — not necessarily male
* 有钱人 — not necessarily plural
* These three words are often used to refer to “the rich” in general.

n. rich person; the rich

| ~的孩子跟穷人的孩子大不相同。

| 《文明小史.第三一回》:「那黄老前辈,不是我说他,碰着几个阔人,或是中堂、尚书有权势的,一般低颜下膝的恭维。」

Her parents coerced her into marrying that rich man.

Robin Hood and his merry men hated the rich and loved and protected the poor.

Narrative biography? That's the kind done for well-heeled people rich enough to make it into the official histories, and Ah Q certainly wouldn't be at home in that crowd. (Lyell)
“Official biography?” This account will obviously not be included with those of many eminent people in some authentic history. (Yangs)
Allow me to dance down through the list, beginning at the beginning. What place could the life of the miserable Ah-Q have next to the glorious, official biographies of the rich and famous installed in our hallowed court histories? (Lovell)

So many people have been brought here that the burial mounds on either side of the path now lie row upon row in great profusion like so many mantou set out for a rich man's birthday feast. (Lyell)
The serried ranks of grave mounds on both sides looked like the rolls laid out for a rich man's birthday. (Yangs)
Both sides bulged with grave mounds, like the tiered crowns of steamed bread with which wealthy families celebrated their birthdays. (Lovell)
* * *

富人发动的战争, 穷人来抵命.
When the rich wage war, it is the poor who die.

It is unfair to tax rich and poor equally.

They ought to stop the rich from robbing the poor.

The poor are actually giving aid to the rich.

* * *

Jesus is thirsting for our love, and this is the thirst of everyone, poor and rich alike.

The rich have nothing but money.

Going by her clothes, she must be very rich.

Why was she working anyway? She's rich.
+ 闊人 阔人 [kuo4 ren2] /rich person/the rich/
- 富人 富人 [fu4 ren2] /rich man/
+ 富人 富人 [fu4 ren2] /rich person/the rich/
- 有錢人 有钱人 [you3 qian2 ren2] /the rich/the wealthy/
+ 有錢人 有钱人 [you3 qian2 ren2] /rich person/the rich/
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