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Web ~ My grandmother was an uneducated peasant from Dongguan, Guangdong. She probably didn’t know what Communist ideology was, beyond 收地、分地 or to confiscate land and distribute it. She also admonished me not to speak of communism 玩共产,命都没 because participating in communism could get one killed. That was all I remembered her telling me as a child.

J ~ 使他们管辖许多人,又为贿赂分地与他们。
and he will make them rulers over the mass of the people, and will make division of the land for a price.

J ~ For distribution carried out over a vast area, if conditions permit and the masses demand it, we should lead them in completing land distribution and, at the same time, correctly differentiate the classes and remedy our shortcomings.
+ 分地 分地 [fen1 di4] /to distribute land/
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