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I think it can be better expressed.

They throw themselves into the work of nest building with all their energy.

The delicate-featured Ju was a hard worker with a simple, honest manner.

the teacher was at center stage, drumming explanations into the students.

they vigorously set to work

begins to assiduously sop up the water

"This is the first time we've participated, so we're putting a lot of effort into practicing,"

This is the dream that Lucifer Chu is working so hard to make real.

They are working hard to keep up with the teacher's rhythm and moves,

"Right now, there is a strong trend to cutting back on staff and so it's much easier to find workers than it was. And workers are willing to work harder," says Chang.

Although some men are trying to change, and there has been progress toward gender equality, the overall situation remains far from ideal.
- 賣力 卖力 [mai4 li4] /to really put out energy for/
+ 賣力 卖力 [mai4 li4] /to work hard/to do one's very best/to throw oneself into the task at hand/
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