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Comment: << review queue entry 62832 - submitted by 'monigeria' >>
Heard this being yelled in the street last night.

My question is: what's the locus classicus for 'niubi?' How does one get from the various '-bi' compounds (装屄 = 'poser cunt'; 事儿屄 = 'whiny cunt'; 看谁谁长得这个屄样儿 = 'look at so-and-so's unattractive countenance' etc.), which as far as I can think of are entirely negative, to 'cow cunt' acquiring a positive meaning?

Editor: noun rather than adjective


# 屄樣兒 屄样儿 [bi1 yang4 r5] /slovenly/
+ 屄樣兒 屄样儿 [bi1 yang4 r5] /(vulgar, offensive) a person's repulsive appearance/
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