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cf. 大半

n. less than half; lesser/smaller part

NOUN less than half; lesser (or smaller) half

| 这张葱油饼很好吃,我切一~让你尝尝
| 这份报告大半都是出自他的手笔,只有~是我写的。


Beijing’s aim is to generate 20, 000 megawatts of solar energy by 2020 — or less than half the capacity of coal-fired power plants that are built in China each year.

Men who drink less than half a glass of wine a day may live up to five years longer than teetotallers, and could have less chance of a heart attack, a study has found.

There is a possibility that the enemy will occupy the greater part of Chinese territory south of the Great Wall, and only the smaller part will be kept intact.
# 小半 小半 [xiao3 ban4] /less than half/the lesser part/the smaller part/
+ 小半 小半 [xiao3 ban4] /a portion smaller than a half/the lesser part/the smaller part/
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